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Brother did not think the recent network credit collection a lot less, they do not want money?

Time: 2017-12-18         Source: Yi Ming son         Author: Yi-ming, son

In recent days, there is a "brother" consulting Xiaobian, why after the expiration of the daily "collection" call hit the explosion, "bombing address book" to crazy, especially the new rules that network credit has just landed a few days, each In order to withdraw funds, the big platform is even more "catching up" like a crazy one. Recently, not only has "violent collection" been reduced, but even the most basic ordinary "catching up" has disappeared.

A "brother" said that more than a week ago, he overdone a platform more than a dozen calls a day,To threaten to "bomb mailing list", in recent days, a phone is gone, what the hell?Even "brother" that this is a compromise lending platform, throw in the towel, do not want money, as a charity, really is it?


If you think so, you "brother" is really a big mistake, because many lending platform to actively embrace the new regulations at the same time, also under a big game of chess, to be exact, they also began to "understand Act ". The new regulations will not allow "violent collection", they respond, not only not "violent", but also not "collection", and why? Because they are docking "Internet arbitration"!

May be a lot of "brother" do not know what is "Internet arbitration", here, popularize knowledge. Arbitration refers to a method of dispute resolution that is submitted by the parties to a third party (of a recognized status) in an agreement that will allow the third party to judge and decide on the merits of the dispute. Internet arbitration refers to all or a major part of the arbitration proceedings, all conducted online.

Most importantly, both the "arbitration award" and the "court verdict" are enforceable. After the arbitration of the loan platform is successful, an "arbitration award" is obtained and, as the executor, the arbitrator may provide the arbitrator (the borrower) The Intermediate People's Court, where the property is located, applies for compulsory execution. By then, will be borne by the court where the borrower came forward to enforce, there are wages, housing, a car ..., we understand! Nothing, I'm sorry, you will have a new name - dishonest be executed.

So Xiaobian advise you to "brother", debt still need to be returned, or join the list of dishonesty, the consequences more serious than you think!

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