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Does the older brother think that the recent online loan collection is much less, they don’t want money?

Time: 2017-12-18         Source: Yi Ming Gongzi         Author: Yi-ming, son

In recent days, there is a "old brother" consultation Xiaobian, why after the overdue, the daily "collection" call hits the explosion, "bombing address book" to the madness, especially the days when the new rules for online loans just landed, In order to withdraw funds, the big platform is even more mad as “collection”. Recently, not only has “violent collection” been reduced, but even the most basic ordinary “collection” has disappeared.

There is a "old brother" who said that in the past week or so, a platform that he overdue was still playing dozens of calls every day.To threaten to "bomb the address book", in recent days, a phone has disappeared, what a ghost?Even the "old brother" believes that this is a compromise of the lending platform, admit defeat, money is not, as charity, is this really true?


If you think so, everyone "old brother" is really a big mistake, because many lending platforms are actively embracing the new rules, but they are also playing a big game. To be precise, they also begin to understand. The law is gone. The new rules do not allow "violent collection", they responded, not only not "violence", but also "collection", why? Because they are docking "Internet arbitration"!

Perhaps many "old brothers" still don't know what "Internet arbitration" is. Here, let's spread the knowledge first. Arbitration refers to a method for dispute resolution in which a third party agrees to submit a dispute (with a recognized status) and the third party judges and decides on the merits of the dispute. Internet arbitration refers to all or the main part of the arbitration process, which is carried out on the network.

The most important thing is that both the "arbitral award" and the "court judgment" have enforcement power. After the arbitration of the loan platform is successful, the "arbitral award" is obtained, and as the application executor, the person to be executed (the borrower) can The Intermediate People's Court where the property is located applies for enforcement. At that time, it will be enforced by the court of the borrower's location. There are wages, houses, cars... everyone knows! Nothing, sorry, you will have a new name - the untrustworthy executor.

Therefore, Xiaobian persuaded you "old brother", debts still need to be returned, otherwise join the list of bad faith, the consequences are more serious than you think!

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