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Network credit can not borrow money, I am not a routine?

Time: 2017-12-15         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: JA

To understand this problem, you first need to know the debt control logic of net loan companies. General net credit company in accordance with the common way, it is divided into pre-loan, loan, loan three links.

Loan before the wind control

Information submitted, and some information will be done in real-time verification, and some information collected only to facilitate the back part of the risk control. The real-time calibration, the most basic is the real-name authentication and verification of my application.


Information audit, access to user information submitted, the system crawl information, third-party data, based on these data run all kinds of wind control rules, filtering out users do not meet the rules.

Get quotas, in the audit stage to filter out fraudulent users, for the audit of the user, the risk pricing, including the amount to the fixed rate. In this respect, some cash loans are simple and straightforward, priced directly through sesame seeds. It is a very easy way to stand on the shoulders of giants.It is a common practice to rate users based on internal and external data, using a credit scorecard model. For example, we all sesame points, white credit points, Tencent credit rating, General cash lending companies have their own scoring system and model, such as pat credit loan points. Then according to the user's individual credit ladder, giving different loan lines and interest rates, risk pricing.

Credit stroke control

1, loan application, is the choice of amount, duration, the process of borrowing.

Loan audit, mainly for two reasons:

1)Look at the amount of funds or not, To control the amount of orders. If the platform lack of funds, order audit based on certain rules, reduce the pass rate.

2) Repeat againVarious types of blacklist, gray list, To avoid the black line from the time when the credit line was granted until the loan application was initiated.

3) If it is a loan-helping platform, after the assets are pushed to the cooperative funds, the funding parties also have their own set of risk control rules to examine whether the assets meet their own risk control requirements and mainly look at various types of blacklists.

Your problem is that after the pre-loan audit gives you the credit limit, but there is no over-loan audit. So can not lend, boiled down, there may be three reasons. A little for their own reasons, two points and network credit company.

First, the net loan platform itself sufficient credit when the credit, lack of funds when lending.

Second, you are lending money to this period of time,On a blacklist, or borrowed a lot of loans, and some loan platform will check long loan.

Third, the network loan platform funds through the credit-lending model and other companies to cooperate in the loan funds will run when the blacklist, you are not a blacklist of network loan platform, and in the funding side of the blacklist.

Loan users are usually divided into three categories:

The first category, I call high-quality customers, both those who flow properly, the credibility of high-quality customers, such customers are generally preempted by the major banks, after all, regardless of channels, interest rates, banks are the best choice!

The second category, I call the defective customers, both those who need funds, but some difficulties, more or less credible reputation of some of these customers are generally owned by some commercial banks or private financial institutions, after all, although such customers have There is still some potential risk, through rigorous risk control measures or to avoid some of the risks! However, such customers pay the first class of customers more than the price

The third category, I call garbage customer, why? By the major banks, folk financial institutions to filter out the regular customers, I can only be called! Such customers regardless of assets, reputation are not much, often by the various types of network credit company phase, because the approval process is simple, or can be forged and other factors, relatively speaking, such customers in the absence of choice for network loan, of course Interest rates Ye Hao, control methods Ye Hao have to pay high and more!

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