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I have a quota for online loans but I can't borrow money. Am I being routine?

Time: 2017-12-18         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: JA

To understand this problem, you must first understand the risk control logic of online lending companies. In general, online lending companies divide them into three parts: pre-lending, lending, and post-lending.

Pre-lending risk control

Information is submitted, some information will be verified in real time, and some information will only be collected to facilitate the subsequent links to do risk control. In the real-time verification, the most basic one is the real-name authentication and the verification of the application.


Information review, after obtaining user submission information, system crawling information, and third-party data, run various types of risk control rules based on these data to filter out users who do not satisfy the rules.

Obtain the quota, and after filtering out the fraudulent users in the auditing stage, conduct risk pricing for the users who pass the audit, including the quota and the fixed rate. In this regard, some cash-selling products are very simple to do, and they are priced directly through sesame seeds. The so-called standing on the shoulders of giants is a very easy way.The general approach is to score users based on internal and external data through a credit scorecard model. For example, common sesame seeds, small white credits, Tencent credits, etc.General cash lending companies have their own scoring system and models, such as pat credit credits. In addition, according to the user's personal credit ladder, different loan quotas and interest rates are given for risk pricing.

Loan control

1. The loan application is the process of selecting the amount, duration, and use of the loan.

The loan review is mainly based on two aspects:

1)See if the amount of funds is sufficient or notTo control the order volume. If the platform funds are insufficient, the order review will be based on certain rules and the pass rate will be lowered.

2) Go through it againVarious blacklists and greylistsIn the period from the time the credit is granted to the time the loan application is initiated, the user is blacked out.

3) If it is a loan-assisting platform, after the assets are pushed to the cooperative funder, the funder also has its own set of risk control rules to check whether the assets meet their own risk control requirements, mainly through various blacklists.

Your problem is that after the pre-lending review, you have given the amount of credit, but there is no review in the loan. So you can't lend money. It comes down to three reasons. For one reason, two points are related to online lending companies.

First, the online lending platform itself has sufficient funds when granting credits, and insufficient funds when lending.

Second, during the time you credited to the loan,Some sort of blacklist has been used, or a large amount of loans have been borrowed, and some online lending platforms will look for long-term loans..

Third, the funds of the online loan platform are cooperating with other companies through the loan-to-loan model. When the money is released, the blacklist of the fund will be run. You are not the blacklist of the online loan platform, but within the blacklist of the funder.

Usually, borrowing users are divided into three categories:

The first category, I call it a quality customer, both those who have normal flow and good reputation. These customers are generally pre-emptive by major banks. After all, regardless of channel, interest rate, bank is the best choice!

The second category, I call customers, those who need funds, but have certain difficulties, reputation is more or less spotted, such customers are generally owned by some commercial banks or private capital institutions, after all, such customers have There is still a certain potential for risk, and it is still possible to avoid some risks through strict risk control measures! But such customers pay more for the first class of customers.

The third category, I call it a junk customer, why? I can only be called by customers who have been screened by major banks and private formal lending institutions! Such customers, regardless of their assets and reputation, are often in the middle of various online lending companies. Because the approval procedures are simple, or they can be faked, etc., such customers are relatively free to make online loans without choice. Interest rates are good, and management and control methods have to pay a lot more!

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