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The ant borrowed a sudden sudden amount of money suddenly disappeared? You can borrow money like this in Alipay.

Time: 2017-12-11         Source: Sweet Cocoa         Author: Sweet Cocoa

When many people use Alipay, they will find that the ants borrowed a sudden amount of money. Is it that his right to borrow money has been cancelled? Xiaobian also encountered this problem, open the ants to borrow this page:


Is it that you are doing bad things, and the right to borrow money has been cancelled by Alipay? Click on the FAQ below and the results are very vague:


Many people do not have credit problems at all. How can they suddenly borrow money? So Xiaobian found out the reason, the original ants borrowed money from Alipay to another function: online business loans.


Open the last page of Alipay → online business loans, and then you can see the amount of money you can borrow:


Xiaobian's quota has reached 8W or more is still very good. Of course, the above method is for those users who have not violated the regulations and the amount is missing. If there is a credit violation, the amount of the ants borrowed will also be recovered by Alipay.

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