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I received a text message saying I can loan 75,000. Is that true?

Time: 2017-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: light

Last week, we shared some micro-lending knowledge. Many people are asking how to open micro-lending. Then we will emphasize it again: Micro-lending is implementing a white-listing invitation system. Only people who receive an invitation message can open it.

In fact, in addition to the white list invitation system, we have discovered that we can often receive information from some loan platforms to tell you that you have obtained XX credits for outstanding qualifications. Click on the link to apply:

I believe we often receive such text messages. Is it really possible to click on the link to make a loan? Today, Kokoko talks to everyone about how these messages are.

The 75,000 instalments mentioned in the short message should be the theoretical maximum, and even if the average person clicks on it, even if he can really make a loan, the quota for the first application will definitely not be able to reach this high level.

Not long ago, his brother received a text message from a self-proclaimed Bank of Communications, saying that I could make a credit card with a quota of 50,000. Because at that time we needed to turn around, we clicked and tried. The result was rejected at the time. I also suggested that I first apply for a card. I decided to give it up.

Since you can't really handle the SMS users, why do you have to send text messages? Because this type of text message just wants to attract everyone to get a group of precise users who need money. This is why many people receive a similar short-term interest, but the reason for applying for a loan is directly rejected. Have your information and even have transactions

Of course, not all sms that receive similar credits and can apply for a credit card are flamboyant. Most of the messages sent by the real platforms are really:

The boy had recommended Wanda Loan before everyone else, but it implemented a white list invitation system and I was not invited at the time. But soon after receiving the SMS of Wanda Loan (which may be the reason for watching a movie at Wanda Cinema), after the download, there are 10,000 credits!

Brother reminds

If you receive a message similar to a loan or a card, if the source of the number is not known, it is best not to click on the link in the text message to avoid encountering Trojans or viruses.

Manage your own credit status and learn more about the good invitation mechanisms. As a result, your chances of receiving a genuine invitation will increase greatly.

Here (public ID: zhaokouzi) is easy to make the next loan, as well as practical Raiders Raiders, welcome to pay attention to us!


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