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I received a text message saying that I can borrow 75,000. Is it true?

Time: 2017-12-04         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: light

Last week, I shared some knowledge about micro-credit, and many people are asking how to open micro-credit, and then stressing it to everyone: At present, micro-credit is implemented by white-list invitation system, and only those who have received the invitation SMS can be opened.

In fact, in addition to these good quality mouths to implement the whitelist invitation system, we will find out after receiving the small network loan, we can often receive information from some loan platforms, telling you that because of the excellent qualifications, you have already obtained the XX quota. Click on the link to apply:

I believe that everyone often receives such a text message. Is it really possible to click on the link to borrow money? Today, my brother will talk to you about how these text messages are going on!

The 75,000-point instalment mentioned in the text message should be the theoretical maximum amount. If the average person clicks to go, even if it can actually lend, the amount of the first application must not be so high.

Not long ago, Mouth received a text message from the Bank of Communications saying that I could make a credit card with a quota of 50,000. Because I needed to turn around at that time, I clicked on the test and the result was rejected. I also suggested that I apply for a Puka first, and I decided to give up.

Since you can't really handle the SMS users, why send text messages? Because this type of text message just wants to attract everyone to the past, get a batch of accurate users who need money. This is why many people receive similar short-term interest rates and apply for loans but are directly rejected. Have your information, even have trading

Of course, it is not all blunders to receive text messages with similar credits and credit cards. Most of the text messages sent by the platform are true:

I have recommended Wanda with everyone before, but it implemented a whitelist invitation system, and I was not invited at the time. Soon after, I received a text message from Wanda (probably the reason for watching a movie at Wanda Cinema). After the download, there will be 10,000 credits!

Mouth reminder

Receive SMS messages that can be similar to loans and can handle cards. If the source of the number is unknown, it is best not to click on the link in the SMS to avoid Trojans, viruses, etc.

Run your own credit situation and learn more about the good invitation mechanism, so the possibility of receiving a real invitation will increase greatly;

Here (public ID: zhaokouzi) there is a small loan that is easy to pay, and there is a practical Raiders, welcome to follow us!


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