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Now I urgently need 300,000, but no car, no room, where should I go for a loan?

Time: 2017-11-29         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Kenneth Small

The netizen asked Xiaobian:Now I urgently need to use about 300,000 yuan, but there is no car, no room, can I borrow?First of all, Xiaobian wants to tell everyone, don't believe that online ads that can only be paid by ID card, you know, 300,000 yuan is not a small amount, it is impossible to give you money with an ID card. Many friends who don't know much about online loans think that loans are actually very easy, but in fact, either they are cheating on your money, or the usury is not clear. Anyway, when I meet this small advertisement, my friends are going around.

After turning to think again, 300,000 is not a small number. The first reaction of everyone is to go to the bank to borrow!

 Bank loan threshold

No room, no car, only work, then only unsecured loans can apply. Unsecured loans can be obtained without personal collateral. Overall, banks are more trusted by lenders because of their high level of interest in professionalism and interest compared to the high interest rates of other lending companies.

However, although traditional banks have increased their emphasis on consumer loans in recent years, there are many different types of products in different banks, and the thresholds vary. Take the Bank of China, the maximum credit limit for credit loans is 300,000, but if the lender's annual income after tax is 200,000, it can only lend 150,000. Therefore, many ordinary users have higher barriers to entry for credit and loan business. What's more, some banks have one credit loan standard, and local housing is one of the barriers to entry.

  Loan companies are emerging

However, nowadays, various consumer finance companies and online loan companies have emerged in an endless stream. “Unsecured, unsecured, and extremely fast lending” has become standard. If you have a regular job (ie, you have a social security or provident fund) or have commercial insurance (you are a policyholder), if you don't have a good credit, you can apply to a local consumer finance company.

In addition, some banks have also introduced credit-credit products with lower thresholds and lower quotas, usually tied to credit card business. For example, the financial wisdom of Guangfa Bank, the universal fund of Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, and the investment bank of China Merchants Bank. The maximum amount of universal funds and e loans can reach 300,000. However, in addition to the quota, it is necessary to provide the same as the ordinary credit loans, such as provident fund and social security.

  Guaranteed loans are the most worry-free

If you don't have a car without a car, but your immediate family members or relatives and friends have a car and a house, you can ask them to make a secured loan for you. The premise is to be able to convince relatives to cooperate, and there are also thresholds for secured loans, such as the borrower's economic ability and the borrower's credit qualifications.

However, Xiao Bian reminds everyone to learn to protect their legitimate rights and interests according to law. If you make a secured loan to relatives and friends, it is best to ask him to have collateral. In this case, even if he does not run the money, the bank can also auction him. The collateral to ease your repayment burden.

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