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What if the amount of Alipay is not enough? These methods can easily help you increase your quota.

Time: 2017-11-27         Source: Sweet Cocoa         Author: Sweet Cocoa

Since Alipay launched the flower garden, it has been well received by users. Especially for those who like to slap on the Internet, the opening of the flower bed is equivalent to an additional credit card, in case of a tight situation. At the time, Huayuan also supports instalment repayment, which can be said to be a very conscience function. Many people in Double 11 have received a certain amount of temporary quota. After the completion of the double 11 ,, I believe that many people are now negative, such as the following picture:


Then the result is that this month can not use the flower, so how to permanently increase this amount? This small series brings you several methods:

Use more flowers to consume

If you use the quota of the flower buds every month, the system will judge that your quota is not enough, and then there is a great possibility in the monthly adjustment of the amount to increase your quota. The common consumption methods of flower buds include Taobao shopping, living payment, etc., and more than one month, you can increase your spending limit.


Increase sesame credits

The amount of flower buds is also largely related to the sesame credit score. The higher the credit score, the higher the credit in the Alipay system, and the amount will follow. If you want to increase your quota, it is also a way to increase the sesame credit score. In the sesame credit, more perfect information, such as real estate information, vehicle information, and provident fund information, can increase the sesame credit score, and it can also increase the amount of flowers.



If you can repay in advance, the system will feel that you have the ability to spend more money, so it will also give you a certain amount of credit. Normally, the next month is still on the 10th. It is recommended that you pay back the wages at the end of this month, so that the amount of spending will continue to go up.


Enhance the total assets of Alipay

The more total assets in Alipay, the more you will feel that you have money, so it will also give you a boost. If you have spare cash, you can save it to Alipay, so that the amount of spent on the total assets will increase accordingly.

The above methods can be carried out at the same time, and your quota will be greatly improved.

It is said that the number of flower beds in Xiaobian has reached 11,000. How many people do you have?

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