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The particle loan quota has risen to 11,000, I only used this trick.

Time: 2017-11-21         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: light

Mouth brother (public account: zhaokouzi) suddenly received the information on the amount of particulate loans (up to 11,000). I didn’t believe it at first, because the notice of the micro-loan interest rate reduction was sent to WeChat and has not received it. SMS.

Looking at the micro-loan with suspicion, it really rose. Although the quota has only increased by 3,000, it is still quite happy. After all, the amount has finally exceeded 10,000.

Although my micro-credit has a long-term 8000 credits, but my brother has never used it, because the interest rate of micro-credit is fifty thousand, and the flower is four thousand. In May of this year, the daily interest rate of micro-loan was changed to 3.5%, and then the frequency of using micro-credit was increased.

From May to the present, I did not deliberately use the WeChat wallet to pay the phone bill, credit card, wealth management and other functions, so the main reason for the amount of money should be the use of particulate loans, and they are fully repaid in advance.

Just now, I also received a call from Wanda. I said that at the end of the year, they should adjust the quota according to the user's usage and encourage me to lend. It seems that the logic of loan products and credit card withdrawal is the same: multi-purpose, on time !

Friends who don't have a high amount of micro-credit, you can try this simple and rude method!

Mouth reminder

In addition to multi-use, on-time, and more use of WeChat payment, transfer, collection, credit card and other financial functions, it is also beneficial to the opening and lifting of micro-credit;

Even if you don't need to raise the amount, you can't make the full repayment in advance, you must also make sure that you pay back on time, because once you overdue, you may lose the qualification to use the good product of the micro-credit;

Here (public ID: zhaokouzi) there is a small loan that is easy to pay, and there is a practical Raiders, welcome to follow us!

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