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Particulate loan quota rose to 11000, I only use this trick

Time: 2017-11-21         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: light

Kouko (zhaokouzi): I suddenly received the message of particle loan (up to 11000) today. I did not quite believe it at the beginning because the notice before the particle loan interest rate was sent to WeChat and it has not been received SMS.

Open the particles with suspicion of a loan, really rose. Although the limit has only risen 3000, but still more happy, after all, the quota is over ten thousand.

Although my fine-grain loan had a quota of 8000 yuan long ago, I have never used it since the interest rates on fine particles were RMB5,000 and the cost of flowers was RMB4,000. In May this year, when the daily interest rate of particle loans became 3.5%, I used more loans to the particles.

From May to now, I did not deliberately use WeChat wallet phone bill, but also credit card, financial management and other functions, so the main reason for raising the amount of particles should be used more frequently, and are fully repay in advance.

Just recently, I also received a call from Wanda Credit, saying that by the end of the year, they would adjust their credit quotas based on the user's usage and encourage me to borrow. It seems that the logic of loan products and credit card raises is the same: Multipurpose and on time !

Particle loans are not high friends, you can try this simple and crude method!

Brother mouth to remind

In addition to multi-use, on time and more use of micro-channel payment, transfer, payment, but also credit card and other financial functions, the particle loan opening and raising certainly affirmative;

Even if you do not need to raise the amount, can not do full repayment in advance, but also ensure that repayments on time, because of an overdue, you may lose the use of particles of this good product qualifications;

Here (public ID: zhaokouzi) has a small loan easy under the money, as well as practical Raiders Raiders, please pay attention to us!

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