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Handle too much flowers chant, particles loans, white bars and other consumer financial products to apply for a credit card be rejected

Time: 2017-11-20         Source: Consumer Finance Industry Review         Author: consumer finance industry comment

With the strong promotion of Internet finance, consumer financial markets also ushered in explosive growth. At the same time, with the 80s and 90s rising to become the backbone of the society and the backbone of the workforce, they have also become the backbone of the consumer finance user base.

According to "2016 China Consumer Finance Industry Trend Analysis" data show that consumer credit accounts for 47% of all consumer spending in China, breaking the 22 trillion mark, it seems to have become one of the mainstream forms of consumption in our country.

Nowadays, the acceptance of consumer financial products by young people is also becoming more and more popular. Consumer financial products such as ant flower, particle loan and Jingdong white bar have infiltrated people's lives. But do you know flowers chanting, white bars and other consumer financial products handled too much, may "hurt" your credit it? When applying for a credit card, it's easier to be denied ...


Flowers chanting, white bars and other consumer financial products explosive growth

Ali added 43 million mobile monthly active users in the fourth quarter of 2016, with a total of 493 million active users. Jingdong's earnings report shows that as of December 31, 2016, the number of active Jingdong users in the past 12 months rose 46% to 226.6 million.

Look at the data, ant flower chant user volume Bai, means that among the 13 individuals, there is a flower chanting quota. The data show that nearly 170 million 90 in China, more than 45 million opened the flower chanting, an average of every 4 90 after there is a person chanting flowers for credit consumption. This change in spending habits, the more obvious in the younger population. Almost 40% of the flowers after the 90 set Alipay preferred payment method, higher than 85 before the 11.9 percentage points.

Just over the "double eleven", the major e-commerce has also handed over dazzling transcripts, but in addition to significant turnover of e-commerce compared to last year, each of the phased consumption transactions also showed explosive growth.           

Ant Financial said that this year, "Double Eleven" provided loan credit to more than 10 million merchants, with a total increase of more than 60 billion yuan and a provisional increase of about 2200 yuan for about 80% of users. Compared with the same period last year an average increase of 80%. In the mobile phone side, flowers Bai accounted for more than 40% of transactions.

In the first hour of "Double 11," Jingdong Baizhai paid 450% more transactions in just 7 hours. The transaction volume of white bars surpassed that of last year's "Double 11th".

Suning data show that "double eleven" Suning financial self-service pay-free coupons snapped more than 600% increase over the same period. In just one hour, Suning paid more than 200,000 new real-name users, and the unsolicited payroll application entry hit more than 5 million hits.


In addition to e-commerce consumer financial products, there are a lot of consumer finance companies to bring consumer credit for small financial products, such as: Gitzo, staged music, useful staging, Bai Qian, Jiu Fu ...

Credit card was denied tens of millions of consumer financial products added to the fire

"Hello, thank you very much for your application! Your application has not been approved because of the composite score." Did you think this sentence is particularly familiar to you? Which link is a problem, only the bank knows.

Why do some people hold 56 credit cards in hand and can still apply for new cards from other banks? Some people even have only one or two credit cards, but they are often rejected? Reflected by the user, he refused to apply for a bank credit card, speculation or with intensive treatment of flower chant, particle loan, Jingdong Baishia consumer financial products and so on.

According to informed sources, in addition to previous overdue records such common reasons, there are many details that people usually easy to ignore but very valued financial institutions.

Similar to the ant flower chant, Jingdong Baishou such consumer financial products, as long as the credit is reported, and bank credit cards, in a period of intensive application or application too much, may be regarded as the risk of bank lending.

For example, a person's credit card and consumer financial products together have a total amount of 400,000 yuan, he usually used more than 50000 yuan, but the bank can not see daily consumption from the credit information system, can only see that you have 40 million Yuan amount, the bank will worry about the additional amount will exceed the cardholder's repayment ability.

Bank is also broken for everyone heart it ~ ~ ~

There are also reasons for bank strict control, the bank's risk control on the cautious. At present, banks engage in consumer finance businesses through participating consumer finance companies, gradually reaching out to consumers with a large number of sub-optimal customers from high-quality customer bases. However, for small and medium-sized banks, the scene and customer base of the consumer finance business are not the same as their previous businesses, and banks lack experience in the risk control of the consumer finance business.

Indeed, the bank's recent wind control is also getting more and more stringent, not only for the individual customers, it has extended to the bank itself. On September 12, China Banking Regulatory Commission, Chongqing Regulatory Authority released an administrative penalty information, Bank of China Chongqing Branch for "illegal credit card car staging business, illegal issuance of working capital loans, lending tying insurance, deposit and loan linked to" Fined 800,000 yuan.

Banks even "own people" must start? Yes, you're right, the risk control has not only limited to individual customers, and even the bank itself has increased the insurance factor. We have sent an article before, the bank in the second quarter of this year's data show that credit card overdue six months over the amount of up to 65 billion yuan, which has become the bank can not afford the pain.

Therefore, the bank will be more stringent wind control is affirmative, but also a trend.

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