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Handling too many flower, micro-credit, white bars and other consumer financial products

Time: 2017-11-20         Source: Consumer Finance Industry Review         Author: consumer finance industry comment

Along with the strong push of Internet finance, the consumer finance market has also experienced explosive growth. At the same time, with the rise of the 80s and the 1990s as the backbone of the society and the backbone of the workplace, they have also become the backbone of the consumer finance user base.

According to the data of "2016 China Consumer Finance Industry Development Trend Analysis", consumer credit accounts for 47% of all consumption scales in China, breaking through the 22 trillion yuan mark, and has become one of the mainstream consumption forms in China.

Nowadays, the acceptance of consumer financial products by young people is becoming more and more common. Consumer financial products such as ant flower buds, micro-particle loans, and Jingdong white bars have penetrated into people's lives. However, do you know that consumer finance products such as flower buds and white bars are handled too much, and may “accidentally hurt” your credit? When you apply for a credit card, it is easier to be rejected...


Explosive growth of consumer financial products such as flower buds and white bars

In the fourth quarter of 2016, Ali added 43 million mobile monthly active users, with a total of 493 million monthly active users. Jingdong’s financial report shows that as of December 31, 2016, the number of active users of Jingdong in the past 12 months increased by 46% year-on-year to reach 226.6 million.

Looking at the data, the number of ant flower users is over 100 million, which means that one of the 13 people has a quota. Among them, the data shows that in China's nearly 170 million 90-year-old, more than 45 million opened the flower garden, and an average of one person after every four 90s is using the flower bed for credit consumption. This change in consumption habits is more evident in younger people. Nearly 40% of the 90s were set as the preferred payment method for Alipay, which was 11.9 percentage points higher than before 85.

In the past, "double eleven", the major e-commerce companies have also handed out bright transcripts, but in addition to the e-commerce turnover compared with last year, the number of installment transactions has also exploded.           

Ant Financial said that this year's "Double Eleven" provided loans for more than 10 million merchants, with a total increase of more than 60 billion yuan, and provided temporary appropriations for about 80% of users, with a per capita amount of 2,200 yuan. Compared with the same period last year, the average growth rate was 80%. On the mobile phone side, the proportion of flower shop transactions has exceeded 40%.

In the first hour of the start of the “Double Eleven”, Jingdong Baizhi’s payment transaction amount increased by 450% year-on-year. In just 7 hours, the amount of white-strip transactions exceeded the “double eleven” all-day last year.

According to Suning’s data, the number of “Double Eleven” Suning Financial’s arbitrarily paying interest-free squats has increased by over 600% year-on-year. In just one hour, Suning paid more than 200,000 new real-name users, and the number of applications for arbitrary paying exceeded 5 million.


In addition to e-commerce consumer finance products, there are many consumer finance companies that bring consumer financial products to credit whites, such as: Gitzo, staging, useful staging, squatting, wealthy...

Credit card was rejected for thousands of reasons, and consumer financial products added fire

"Hello, thank you very much for your application! Your application has not been approved because the comprehensive score is not up to standard." Do you think this sentence is particularly familiar? After the application fails, it will be sent by the bank with this sentence. Specifically, which part of the problem is wrong, only the bank knows.

Why do some people take five or six credit cards and still apply for new cards from other banks. Some people only have one or two credit cards, but they are often rejected? Responding to the user, he was rejected when applying for a bank credit card, guessing or related to consumer financial products such as Huayuan, Micro-credit, Jingdong Baizhi.

According to informed sources, in addition to the common reasons for overdue records, there are still many details that people tend to ignore, but financial institutions are very valued.

Consumer financial products such as ant flower buds and Jingdong white bars, as long as the credit is reported, like the bank credit card, intensive applications or excessive applications over a period of time may be considered by banks to have the risk of long-term borrowing.

For example, a person's credit card and consumer financial products add up to a total of 400,000 yuan. He usually uses more than 50,000 yuan, but the bank can't see the daily consumption from the credit information system. You can only see that you already have 400,000. With the dollar amount, the bank will worry that the additional amount will exceed the cardholder's repayment ability.

The bank is also breaking the heart for everyone~~~

The reason why banks are strictly controlled is that banks are cautious in risk control. At present, banks participate in consumer finance business by participating in consumer finance companies, and gradually reach a large number of sub-optimal customers from the high-quality customer base to expand more consumer scenarios. However, for small and medium-sized banks, the scenes and customer groups of consumer finance business are not the same as their previous businesses, and banks lack experience in the risk control of consumer finance business.

Indeed, the bank’s recent risk control is becoming more and more strict, not only for the individual customers, but also for the banks themselves. On September 12, the Chongqing Banking Regulatory Commission of the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued an administrative penalty information. The Chongqing Branch of Bank of China Co., Ltd. was arrested for “violation of credit card automobile installment business, illegal payment of working capital loans, loan tying insurance, deposit and loan linkage” The fine was RMB 800,000.

Banks must start with their own people? Yes, you are not mistaken, this risk control is not limited to individual customers, even the bank itself has increased the insurance factor. We have sent an article before, the bank's data in the second quarter of this year showed that the credit card overdue for half a year did not return the amount of up to 65 billion yuan, which has become a pain that banks can't bear.

Therefore, the bank's risk control will become more and more strict and it is also a trend.

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