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After the online loan is overdue, what should I do if I encounter a phone call and bombardment?

Time: 2017-12-17         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: JA

With the development of the entire society, progress. Personal credit consumption. Including some wealth management insurance bank loans, car loans and other aspects of credit loan loans, has been deep into thousands of households. But in China, the overall start is still late.

Therefore, it is inevitable that irregularities will occur. These irregularities are mainly divided into the following aspects:

First, the lender is not standardized. At present, various personal consumer loan consulting service companies have sprung up. Most of the starting time is not long, so there are some marginal balls, etc., which are not standardized behaviors.

Second, laws and regulations are not perfect. Especially in China, because there is no personal bankruptcy law, it becomes a lingering dream of every lender and borrower on this issue.

Third, personal understanding of consumer loans and personal credit is not standardized and is not profound. Even deliberately, defrauding super powers.

The above points have caused many credits to be overdue.


Overdue will naturally be collected. Collection is also divided into two situations.

  First, short-term overdue.That is, the time just happened is very short. In this case, only the company or bank that gave you the loan at the time will contact you and urge you. Repay the debt as soon as possible. And pay a certain amount of compensation interest according to the agreement.

Then if this happens, in general, you can negotiate with these companies. Explain the situation. Determine the new repayment time and more. There is still some room for it.

  In another case, it is a long overdue period.In this case, many small companies will ask relevant professional companies to collect them.

Contacting you or repaying according to the new plan will often go to a professional promoter company. This time you are more troublesome.

At this time, you should keep calm. Don't panic for a moment. Or unbearable psychological pressure to do things that are not good for all.

The second is to remain sensible. Correctly face this situation of dishonesty. Everything has two aspects, and there are gains and losses. Since you have spent money on others. Repayment is inevitable. Once you don't return it on time, you will inevitably suffer losses in all aspects. For example. Life circle. Friends and relatives, work, certain aspects of future life, etc., will be greatly affected. Therefore, this time must be faced correctly. It is mainly within the scope of the law and should be accepted. Must also be accepted. Never be able to respond with new lies and fraud. That way the rope will be tighter and tighter.

The third is to use the right method to protect your legitimate rights and interests. Worldwide, there are hundreds of millions of people every day, that is, you are not alone. Even if it is overdue, you have certain legal rights. In other words. Any party should act within the limits permitted by law. Learn to protect yourself with legal weapons. This is the right choice.

Ok, let's talk about the following points. The situation really happened. There is really no way to return, how to hide.

  The first is to delay.Of course it is taken within the scope of the law. Try to communicate with each other as much as possible. Strive to postpone. Generally speaking, it can be dragged for a year and a half. This matter will not be a very urgent matter anymore.

  The second is that there is really no way to escape. Move, change the number. Mismatch.

  Third, you can run. How far can I run, run far, naturally, can't catch up with you.

The above points seem to be helpless. But it is also effective, within the scope of the world. For thousands of years. Has been used by people. And sometimes it can even turn rotten into magic. I believe everyone has heard of the story of the white-haired girl. As long as you can persist, there may be times when you are still there, and this company no longer exists...

As a company that gives you a loan, if they can't find you or find you, although you can't pay back, but the attitude is better, and the amount is relatively small, for example, tens of thousands of pieces within 100,000, in addition to threatening you Generally not, suing the court I really take what hurts your personal safety behavior. Because in terms of itself, although you are arrears, they may not be standardized, and they can withstand the scrutiny of the law. Moreover, the time and economic cost of legal means to solve is also quite high. Many companies are unable to bear such costs. I believe everyone has watched it recently. The judge is sleeping in the court. This is the reality.

Therefore, many times, when a debt is long, it is what people say is yellow. Even if it is really solved by law, it will give you a long buffer period and you can also fight for rights again, such as relief. In fact, from the current legal point of view, in the process of actual operation, it is often beneficial to the debtor.

Of course, we are not encouraging this to be an untrustworthy person.

Therefore, in the process of conducting, personal consumption, loans, insurance, investment and financial management must also be able to do a little bit of risk, one point of gain can not be obtained in vain.

Even if you rely on your account, you may have to bear other losses, such as credit, etc. Life is long, and maybe you will regret it when you are.

Therefore, I hope that everyone can rationally consume, rationally lend, repay on time, and be an honest and trustworthy person!

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