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After the overdue online loan, what happened to the bombing of the telephone?

Time: 2017-11-08         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: JA

With the whole society, development has progressed. Personal credit consumption. Including some financial insurance bank loans, mortgages, car loans and other aspects of credit loan loans, has gone deep into thousands of households. However, in China, the start is still relatively late.

Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be irregularities. These irregularities are mainly divided into the following aspects:

First, lenders are not standardized. There are currently various types of personal consumer loan consulting services. Most of the starting time is not long, so there are some non-standard behaviors such as rubbing the ball.

Second, laws and regulations are not perfect. Especially in China, because there is no personal bankruptcy law, this issue has become a lingering magical dream that haunts every lender and borrower.

Third, individuals’ understanding of consumer loans and personal credit is not standardized and not profound. Even consciously, cheated loans with super power.

The above points have caused many credits to be overdue.


Overdue will naturally have a collection. Collection is also divided into two situations.

  One is that the short term is overdue.That is, the short-term overdue period just occurred. In this case, generally only the company or bank that gave you the loan will contact you and urge you. Repay debts as soon as possible. And according to the agreement to pay a certain amount of compensation interest.

Well, if this happens, in general, some negotiation with these companies is possible. State the situation. Determine the new repayment time and more. There is still a certain amount of room.

  Another case is long overdueIn this case, many small companies will ask related professional companies to collect.

Contacting you or remaining unpaid under the new program will often shift to professional promoters. This time you are in trouble.

At this time, you should stay calm. Do not panic for a moment. Or can not afford the psychological pressure to do things that are detrimental to all aspects.

The second is to keep reason. Correctly face this kind of dishonesty. Everything has two aspects. Since you have spent other people's money. Repayment is inevitable. If you do not return it on time, you will inevitably suffer losses in all aspects. For example. Life circle. Circles of friends and relatives, work, certain aspects of future life, etc., will all be greatly affected. So this time must be correct to face. Mostly within the scope of the law, they should all accept it. Must also accept. Nothing can be countered with new lies and fraud. That way the rope will get tighter.

The third is to use the right method to protect their legitimate rights and interests. As far as the world is concerned, there are thousands of people every day, which means that you are not alone. Even if you are overdue, you have certain legal rights. That is to say. Each party should act within the limits permitted by law. Learn to use legal weapons to protect yourself. This is the right choice.

Well, there are the above points. Let's focus on the conversation below. This really happened. There is really no way to return, how to hide.

  The first is to delay.Of course it is taken within the law. Try to communicate with each other. Strive to postpone. In general, it can drag a year and a half. This matter will no longer be a very urgent matter.

  The second is that there is no way to escape. Move, change number. All kinds of missing links.

  Third, you can run. How far you can run, how far you run, how far you run, and naturally, you can't catch up.

The above points seem helpless. But it is also effective in the context of the world. For thousands of years. Has been used by people. And sometimes it can even turn rot into magic. I believe everyone has heard of the story of the White Haired Girl. As long as we can persist, there may be times when you may still be, and this company is no longer there...

As a company that gives you loans, if they can't find you or find you, although you haven’t been able to repay, you have a good attitude, and the amount is relatively small. For example, if you don’t find 100,000 within 100,000, they will not only threaten you. Generally it is not going to sue to the court what I really take to harm your personal safety behavior. In itself, although you are the defaulter, they are not necessarily normative. They stand the scrutiny of the law and say that the legal means to solve the time and economic costs are also quite high. Many companies are unable to bear such costs. I believe everyone has also watched that recently. The judge is in court to fall asleep. This is the reality.

Therefore, many times, when a debt is long, it is what people say. Even if it is really solved by law, it will give you a long period of time and you can also fight for your rights, such as relief. In fact, from the current legal point of view, in the actual operation process, it is often beneficial to the debtor.

Of course, we don’t encourage people to be honest

Therefore, in the process of personal consumption, loans, insurance investment and financial management, it is also necessary to do one-point risk and one-point gain. The gains cannot be made in vain.

Even if you relied on your account, you may have to suffer other losses, such as credit, etc. Life is a long one. Maybe when you will regret it.

Therefore, we hope that everyone can rationally consume, rationalize loans, repay on time, and be an honest and trustworthy person!

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