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Suddenly received a text message from the Bank of Communications to raise 100,000 yuan! Surprise surprise
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I wanted to give my credit card a quota, and I received a text message of 100,000 from the Bank of Communications! Is this timely rain?

Surprise surprises are too pleasant surprises, sudden surprises, let me have fun.

I think that it is the favorite of everyone, and the amount of the amount is very large. Some of the quotas have been raised from 500 yuan to hundreds of thousands. Some people still try their best to not raise the amount. In addition, in order to raise the amount, they go to the transportation branch of the foreign country to apply for a credit card. The last few cards are combined into one card, which becomes a large credit card.

Credit cards have become an indispensable part of our lives, but many partners have suffered from this amount, which does not give me a loan of 100,000.

For those who have just applied for a credit card, don't dismiss the credit limit. There are a lot of credit card withdrawal techniques. The most important thing is to see how you can use it. If you use the repayment amount on time, you will come up, like me. Actually, I don’t usually use it. If the amount of dissatisfaction is too low, I will go straight to the lifting skills. It will definitely not work. Just like building a house, the foundation has no practical value, but the foundation is the foundation of stable and practical value.

  In addition, these few methods of raising the amount you need to know:

Saving money: first save money in the credit card, then spend, the water is enough to prove that you have demand, if your quota is 500, save 2000 is enough, if it is 1000, you can save 4000, so insist on a few months Naturally will give you a higher amount.

Bank selection: At present, the credit card quotas of major banks range from 2,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. Different banks have different policies. It is recommended that you choose banks that pay wages to help you obtain higher quotas.

Provident fund and social security deposit certificate: If the credit card amount is still unable to meet the demand, you can provide the relevant deposit certificate for the provident fund and social security.

Proactively apply for an increase in credit card credits: There are many ways to actively express your hopes for increasing credit card credits to banks, and proactively provide relevant asset certification documents.

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