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Suddenly received Bank of Communications raised 100,000 messages! Surprise surprise surprise
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The credit card I wanted to put a quota, the result received a message on the bank raised 100000 SMS! Is this a timely rain?

Surprise surprise too surprise, sudden surprise, let my heart opened.

Can want to pay is everyone's favorite line, and lift the span is very large, some quotas directly from 500 yuan to more than ten million. There are still some brainstorming is not to mention the amount, and some in order to raise the amount of money, specifically to the branch of the Mainland for credit cards, the last few cards into a card, it becomes a large amount of credit cards.

Credit cards have become an integral part of our lives, but many of our partners suffer from this amount of credit, which will not give me a raise of 100,000 each time.

For just apply for a credit card, do not give up the amount of low, there are many credit card lifts tips, the most important is to see how you use to use more repayments on time using the amount up, like me. Even the usual do not use, too low animosities, the direct Bentilding skills to go, certainly will not work, as building a house, there is no basis for the practical value, but the foundation is the foundation of stable and practical value.

  In addition, these few methods to raise the amount of money you have to know:

Save money: go to the credit card to save money, then consumption, enough water to prove that you have demand, if your quota is 500, save a 2000 is enough, if it is 1000, you can save 4000, so insist on a few months Nature will give you a raise.

Select Bank: At present, the credit quota of major banks ranges from 2,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. Different banks also have quite different policies. It is suggested that you choose banks that will pay wages on their behalf and help to obtain a higher quota.

Provident fund, social security deposit proof: If the credit limit, still can not meet the demand, you can provide provident fund, social security related deposit proof.

Take the initiative to raise the credit card credit line: There are many ways to take the initiative to express to banks the hope of raising the credit card credit limit, and take the initiative to provide relevant asset proofs.

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