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Sesame credit rating of 600 or more, these next paragraph I can staging staging!

Time: 2017-10-19         Source: Greek Finance Network         Author: New Greek Finance Finance

Now there are many stages in the credit industry. Among these sutras, many only look at sesame seeds and do not look down on the people's credit. Xiao Bian (ID: qiansousou360) Here to introduce you to a few staging hole, sesame credit rating of 600 or more can apply, I hope to give loans to friends to provide more choices.

Fun shop

Fun shop is the recent listing of the United States in the mouth of the loan, you can provide loans for staging shopping service. Sesame points more than 600 friends can purchase a variety of digital products through the fun shop, such as computers, mobile phones and so on. In addition, everyone can also use their own sesame points to get cash loans from the fun shop.  

Speed ​​borrow

Speed ​​borrow is a sesame divided into more than 600 points, can provide you with a maximum of 6 months of installment loan service. The hole is not a large amount of credit, up to 5,000 yuan, at least only 500 yuan, but still more wage earners to buy their own needs in phases, such as mobile phones, jewelry and so on.

Countdown loan

Counting credit is sesame points more than 600 points, support borrowers repay loans 1-24 period, the lowest monthly interest rate of only 0.72%. The amount of credit to the hole to force, up to 50,000 yuan. Currently, the second credit only provides services to people over the age of 22.

Letter and rich cash loan

Letter and rich cash loan is a short-term installment loan hole, the longest period of only 3 months. The amount of loans in the hole between 500-6000 yuan, the daily interest rate was 0.06%. Because the PBOC's creditworthiness will not affect the letter and the rich cash loan audit, so the PBOC's bad credit friend can also try the letter and rich cash loan.

Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public number "money search" (ID: qiansousou360), no longer afraid to borrow money.


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