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Sesame credits are above 600, and these next paragraphs can be staged!

Time: 2017-10-20         Source:         Author: New Greek Finance Finance

Now, there are many stages in the credit industry. Among these, many of them only look at sesame seeds and don't look at people's credit. Xiaobian (ID: qiansousou360) is here to introduce you to several stages, and you can apply for a sesame credit of more than 600, hoping to provide more choices for friends who need loans.

Fun shop

The fun store is a loan that has been listed in the US in recent days, and can provide customers with loans for installment services. Friends with more than 600 sesame seeds can purchase various digital products, such as computers, mobile phones, etc. through the store. In addition, you can also get cash loans from the fun shop with your own sesame seeds.  

Extremely fast

The speed of borrowing is a sesame split of 600 or more, which can provide you with up to 6 months of installment loan service. The loan amount of the mouth is not very large, at most 5,000 yuan, at least only 500 yuan, but it is still relatively used by wage earners to purchase their own needs, such as mobile phones, jewelry and so on.

Countdown loan

The countdown loan is also a shard of 600 points or more, supporting the borrower to return the loan in 1-24, and the monthly interest rate is only 0.72%. The loan amount of the mouth is relatively strong, and the maximum can reach 50,000 yuan. Currently, countdown loans are only available to people over the age of 22.

Credit and cash

Xinfufu Cash Loan is a short-term instalment loan with a maximum period of only three months. The loan amount is between 500-6000 yuan and the daily interest rate is 0.06%. Because the good or bad of the people's bank will not affect the review of the letter and the cash loan, so friends who have bad credit information can also try to get rich and cash.

Urgent use of money? We have reviewed hundreds of microfinance products! Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Qian Sou Sou" (ID: qiansousou360), no longer afraid of borrowing money.


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