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A bitter experience! 4.8 million consumer loans were investigated and the buyer was reimbursed for a limited time

Time: 2017-10-13         Source: Home Finance Plus         Author: family wealth plus pipe

The thunder is loud and the rain is not small.

Since the down payment of home purchases has been broken, the supervision has been frequent. Many citizens said that they had received a spot check from the bank. In addition to asking about the loan situation, they also reminded them not to use consumer loans to invest in real estate.

Really: The owner’s 4.8 million consumer loans were recovered, and the repayment was made within a time limit.

Shenzhen's crackdown on consumer loan purchases and other violations is very strong. In addition to strict investigation of personal consumer loan use, many Shenzhen banks have taken the lead in shortening the term of consumer loans, and the longest period has been shortened from 30 years to 5 years.

Shenzhen consumer loans are facing an unprecedented investigation.

Yesterday, some netizens in the real estate mortgage loan exchange group hot discussion, a Shenzhen owner used 4.8 million consumer loans to buy a house, just by the bank spot check, caught a positive, this can make the owner anxious, hit the gun in an extraordinary period mouth.

The consumer loan that was found to be used to buy a house will be rescinded in advance and the bank will repay the loan. If the loan cannot be paid off within the time limit given by the bank, it may face bank litigation.

In desperation, the owner can only sell the house in order to pay off the consumer loan in advance.

In addition to the owners who operate illegally, banks that provide loans to them will also be punished. Because in most cases, the lending bank and the developer are colluding with illegal lending, and after the violation operation, the bank will be subject to administrative penalties.

For banking financial institutions, 2017 is undoubtedly a strong supervision and strong accountability year. Not only must we strictly review consumer loans, but we must also trace all financial leverage that may be used to buy a home. Under such a severe encirclement, how can buyers continue to increase leverage?

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