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Bitter experience! 4.8 million consumer loans were investigated and dealt with buyers are repayment within a time limit

Time: 2017-10-13         Source: Family Finance plus         Author: family wealth plus pipe

Thunder, raindrops are not small.

Since the first mortgage loan was burst, the supervision of heavy blows. Many people have received a call from the bank to check the phone, in addition to asking the loan situation, but also focused on reminded not to use consumer loans to invest in real estate.

Dynamic real grid: 4.8 million consumer loans were recovered, deadline repayment or was sued

Shenzhen, for the purchase of loans and other illegal phenomenon of the crackdown is very large, in addition to thorough investigation of personal consumption loans, a number of Shenzhen Bank to shorten the duration of consumer loans, the longest time from 30 years to 5 years.

Shenzhen consumer loans, is facing an unprecedented thorough investigation.

Yesterday, there are friends in the real estate mortgage loan group hot, a Shenzhen owners with 480 million consumer loans to buy a house, just by the bank checks, caught a positive, which can be anxious owners, in the extraordinary time hit the gun mouth.

Was found for the purchase of housing loans, the bank will lift the loan contract in advance, asked to pay back the money. If the bank can not pay off the loan within the time limit, there may be bank litigation.

In desperation, the owner can only sell the house, in advance to pay off the consumer loans.

In addition to the owners of illegal operations, the banks that provide loans to them will also be punished. Because in most cases, the loan banks and developers are collusion illegal lending, after the illegal operation, the bank will be subject to regulatory punishment.

For the banking financial institutions, there was no doubt that there was no strong supervision in 2017. Not only to crack down on consumer loans, but also to trace all the financial leverage may be used to buy a house. So harsh under the encirclement, the buyers can also continue to add leverage?

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