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note! Can't provide this kind of proof, your loan may be fully recovered!

Time: 2017-10-11         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Recently, the news that “the credit information was checked too much and the mortgage was rejected” has sounded the alarm for many people who want to buy a house. So, is the rumor true? Is the personal credit report being queried too many times, will it really lead to bank refusal? If so, can you continue to apply for consumer loans? Will the mortgage be rejected because there are too many applications?

In the China Securities Journal report on the news, we saw that the reason for the mortgage was rejected was “suspected that the “down payment” was refused by the bank. The report also stressed that "the bank refuses to lend is not plain." In combination with the recent regulations on consumer loans that are strictly prohibited from entering the property market, we can see that the reason for the real rejection of mortgages should be that the credit was inquired many times. There are more applications for consumer loans, which has led banks to suspect that the down payment for homebuyers comes from these consumer loans.

Therefore, what is certain is that the number of times the credit is queried is not the direct cause of the mortgage refusal. Even if you apply for multiple consumer loans, as long as you can provide proof of consumption and show the bank a reasonable loan use, then the number of credit investigations and The number of consumer loan applications does not theoretically affect the mortgage application.

However, it should be noted that personal credit letters are frequently inquired by banks and other financial institutions for short periods of time due to loans, credit card applications, etc., and certainly have adverse effects.

The most direct, will affect Shenkashen loan.

If the user query record shows that no new loan has been obtained or the credit card has been successfully applied, the bank or other financial institution will consider the user's financial situation to be poor, thereby rejecting the user's application for the application for credit card.

If it shows that many loans and multiple credit cards have been obtained in the short term, the recent user's debt should increase, to a certain extent, representing a decline in solvency. Banks or other financial institutions should be carefully considered whether to grant loans to the user.

Recently, it will affect mortgages.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, because the number of credits was too many, and the number of consumer loan applications was too many, the bank suspected that the user would use the consumer loan to pay for the down payment, which caused the mortgage to be rejected.

This kind of influence is mainly concentrated in the period when the country prohibits consumer loans from entering the property market, and can also be regarded as the period of “enhanced wind control”. At this time, the review of loan use will be stricter, and most of them will require users to provide proof of consumption.

However, with the above news, Xiajie reminds the borrower that in the process of using the consumer loan, it is necessary to keep the consumption certificate to prove that the funds are not used for other investments. If the bank is chasing and the user cannot provide it, the bank may ask the user to pay the interest in one lump sum and withdraw the loan.

Here, Xiajie (pikuanxia) needs to knock on the blackboard: What are the consumer credentials?

Generally speaking, unless the definition of the consumption certificate is clearly specified in the loan contract, any material sufficient to prove the consumption of the lender can be regarded as a consumption certificate, such as an invoice, a small ticket, a contract, a credit card purchase order, a delivery note, etc. .

So, do you have a few loans for your hand, are the consumer vouchers retained? If you don't do well, the next one that is urged is you.

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