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note! Can not provide this proof, your loan may be all recovered!

Time: 2017-10-11         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Recently, the "credit was too much investigation, resulting in the mortgage was rejected," the news, to a lot of people who want to buy a house, sounded the alarm. So, is it true? Personal credit report was too many inquiries, will really lead to bank refusal? If so, can I continue to apply for a consumer loan? Will it be because the application is too much, causing the mortgage to be rejected?

In the China Securities News report on the news, we see the reason for the refusal of the mortgage is "suspected" down payment 'by bank refusal.' The report also stressed that the "bank refusal is not plain", combined with the recent state of the consumer loan is strictly prohibited into the property market, the relevant provisions, we can see that the real cause of the mortgage was rejected, should be a number of inquiries, personal Consumer loans to apply more, resulting in banks suspected to buy a house down payment from these consumer loans.

Therefore, it is certain that the number of inquiries is not the direct cause of the failure of the mortgage, even if the application for multiple consumer loans, as long as they can provide proof of consumption, to show the bank a reasonable loan purposes, then, The number of applications for consumer loans does not, in theory, affect mortgage applications.

However, it should be noted that the individual credit for loans, apply for credit cards and other reasons by banks and other financial institutions within a short time frequent inquiries, certainly have its adverse effects.

The most direct, will affect the Shen card Shen loan.

If the user search records show no new loans or successful application for credit cards, then the bank or other financial institutions will think that the user's financial situation is poor, thus rejecting the user's application for credit card.

If you show that you have received multiple loans and multiple credit cards in the short term, the liabilities of the nearest user should increase, and to a certain extent, the solvency is reduced. For loans that are approved by the user, banks or other financial institutions should be considered carefully.

Recently, it will affect the mortgage.

Initially mentioned, because the number of inquiries were too many times, the number of consumer loans to apply too much, leading to the bank suspected users will be used to pay for consumer loans down payment, resulting in the mortgage was rejected.

This effect is mainly concentrated in the current state is strictly prohibited consumer loans into the property market, can also be regarded as "wind control to strengthen" period, this time the use of loans will be more stringent audit, the majority will require users to provide consumer certification.

However, by the news, Chivalrous Secretary to remind the borrower, in the use of consumer loans in the process, be sure to retain a good consumer certificate to prove that the funds are not used for other investments. If the bank to catch up, the user can not provide, the bank may require users to pay a one-time payment, to recover the loan.

Here Xiajie (pikuanxia) need to hit the blackboard is: What are the consumption vouchers?

In general, unless the loan contract clearly defines the definition of consumer vouchers, any material sufficient to prove the lender's consumption can be regarded as consumer vouchers, such as invoices, small tickets, contracts, credit card purchase orders, delivery orders, etc. The

So, the hands of several loans you, consumer vouchers are retained it? Well, the next one is urging you.

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