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Staging time! When will your credit card be the best for you?
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Credit card staging help to raise the amount, but not all of the staging operations can make you wish!

Say credit card staging operation will help to raise the amount, so the prospective hope that you will play a staging idea. But this period is also points, but the amount is not up, do the staging of the amount of eggs and no use? It is not the case, but you did not choose a good time for the staging.

Since the card sister to do a line of credit cards, one after another received the customer service staging harassment, which makes the card sister is very difficult! Mercilessly refused to be derated, agreed to stage and do not need, so often see a line of calls refused to answer. So the progress of the amount of the upgrade can be imagined ... ...

A good time to install

Card sister hands have a 5 million amount of credit card, the use of more than six months this amount is really a point did not sacrifice. So when the bank customer service once again call to invite the staging, the card sister's phone is the second, the stall is the second to do, to see the amount of the bank is not the second mention of the.

As the credit card in good condition and do not want to dig more fees, card sister to do a more than 2000 points of the three operations, and sure enough the bank's preference has come back, not stingy to the card sister raised the amount of a substantial amount.

Do not need staging

Friends A Jun just a few days ago to apply for a card, the amount of a lot more than the card sister, the next card is 1.5w. See the card sister for the staging after the amount of work rose 3000, it can not restrain the consumption of 7,000 yuan after the rapid processing of the staging. But the card sister wanted to say, in fact, this did not have any effect, but to bring their own a certain impact.

First, to increase their own cost;

Secondly, it is easy for the bank to doubt that you are making money;

Finally, to the banks left a weak impression of spending power.

Summary is concerned, just do the card does not require you to use the staging operation, the card has not been busy to mention what amount of money? But those who do card N months, no matter how you do not use the amount of people who can consider the phased operation, perhaps on the amount of help it!

for example:

Card sister to apply for Merchants Bank's credit has been a year, six months ago, but little trick is not hesitate to mention the amount, since the card sister once again rejected its staging, the amount of no longer rose over. Then had to take the initiative to go to their own stages. Carefully calculated a bit, the staging of 2300 yuan 3 operation, and finally in exchange for a small trick unique "pet", the amount suddenly rose a grade, we can see this stage of the operation of the charm is infinite ah. Of course, A Jun's hairline and card sister's situation is the same!

So, the card sister wanted to say, in the period of time to the bank a little sweet to increase their probability of mention, even if you have some sensitive operations, but also because of staging and avoid. But there is no need for the sub-period can not be divided, and not the stage will be able to raise the amount, but help to mention the fills.

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