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Staging sometimes! When is the credit card staged best for you?
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Credit card staging helps to raise the amount, but not all staging operations will get you what you want!

It is said that the credit card installment operation helps to raise the amount, so you can't hope that you will have a staging idea. It’s just that this period is also divided, but the amount is not rising. Is there no use for the amount of the installment? Actually it is not, but you have not chosen a good time for staging.

Since the card sister has set up a credit card for a certain bank, it has received arbitrarily harassment from the customer service, which makes the card sister very embarrassed! I am reluctant to be afraid of being derated, and I don’t need to agree to the installment, so I often see a call from a certain bank refuse to answer. So the progress of this amount can be imagined...

A good time to increase the amount of the installment

Card sister has a credit card of 50,000 yuan in hand. After using it for more than half a year, this amount is really a matter of no giving. Therefore, when the bank customer service calls again to invite the installment, the card sister’s phone number is second, and the installment is second, it depends on whether the bank’s quota is second.

Since the card swift situation is good and I don't want to pay more fees, the card sister has set up a operation of more than 2,000 points in three phases. Sure enough, the bank's preference has returned, and the card sister has been given a large amount of credit.

No need to install instalments

Friend A Jun just applied for a card a few days ago, the amount is much more than the card sister, the card is 1.5w. After seeing that the card sister had gone through the phased operation, the quota increased by 3,000, and he quickly applied for the instalment after consuming 7,000 yuan. But Kajie wants to say that in fact, this has no effect, but it has brought a certain impact to himself.

First, increase your own cost issues;

Secondly, it is easy for the bank to suspect that you are in the set of money;

Finally, the bank has the illusion of weaker spending power.

In summary, the person who just used the card does not need you to go through the staging operation. What is the amount of the card that has not been brushed yet? On the contrary, those who do the card for N months, no matter how you use it, you can consider the staged operation, perhaps it will help the amount!

for example:

Card sister has applied for the credit of China Merchants Bank for a year. The small-scale move of half a year ago is not worth mentioning. Since the card sister refused its installment invitation again and again, the quota has never risen. Later, I had to take the initiative to go to the stage. After careful calculation, I completed the 3rd operation of 2300 yuan, and finally got the unique "favorite" of the small move. The amount suddenly increased by a grade. It can be seen that the charm of this stage operation is infinite. Of course, the situation of A-June’s Pufa Card and Ka-Sister is the same!

Therefore, Kajie wants to say that at the time of the staging, the bank will increase its own probability of raising the amount of money. Even if you have some sensitive operations, it will be avoided by staging. But the unnecessary staging can be divided without distinction. It is not necessary to increase the amount in the installment, but it will help to raise the amount.

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