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He borrowed 33 in two months. How did he do it?

Time: 2017-09-20         Source: Beijing News         Author: Beijing News reporter Luo Yidan

He saw that the interest written on the small advertisement was not high, and he felt that he could afford it, but later discovered that there were various management fees. He slowly found that he was still not on...

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"The first contact with the campus loan was because the tuition was lost, and I didn't dare to tell the family. I was afraid that the family would know what to do." This year's senior college student Henan Peak (a pseudonym) told the Beijing News reporter that it was just at school. When you have a variety of small advertisements, think about it, and write interest rates that are not high enough to be paid in installments. I feel that I can afford it. But later discovered that there are various management fees.

The peak slowly found that he was still not on the platform, and borrowed other platforms to dismantle the east wall to make up the Western Wall, and to repay the loan. Most of the living expenses given by the parents were also used to repay the account. In this way, the loan was borrowed from 38 online lending institutions within half a year, and the amount of debts was also from the first 7,000 to the current 52,000.

Since August, I have been unable to make up for the peak of the Great Caves and I have received many collections. “I’m afraid to contact teachers and parents all the time. Through this experience, I realized that I have to remember to discuss with my family, especially I can't touch the online loan. I was still thinking about how stupid and ridiculous people in the news. It really happened to myself and found that one step was wrong and step by step was wrong."

I don't know if you remember, on June 28 this year, the China Banking Regulatory Commission, the Ministry of Education, and the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security jointly issued the "Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of Campus Credit Regulations", clearly mentioning that online lending institutions engaged in campus online lending business were suspended. The new campus online loan business target, according to its own stock business situation, develop a clear exit rectification plan.

As a college student, the peak can still borrow money from many online lending institutions after the ministry has banned campus loans.

This situation is not the case. On September 16, senior student Zhang Li (pseudonym) applied for a quota of 12,000 yuan in the installment, of which the credit amount of the music card was 6,000 yuan. When she opened the music card, she chose "I am not working", and the academic qualification was "undergraduate reading."

On the same day, Zhang Li also applied for a loan amount of 1,500 yuan in the shop, and the store did not verify her identity.

The Beijing News reporter found that after June 28, many college students were still involved in the borrowing crisis. At present, the door to many loan apps is still open to college students. Some platforms evade the borrower's student status, and some platforms still issue credit lines to students when they know the borrower's student status. For example, after completing the “undergraduate reading” in the staging period, there are “important friends” in the personal information, and “roommates” and “same classmates” can be selected. Ai Mi also has the steps of the verification letter network in the application.

▲On September 16th, a student registered his or her academic qualifications and school status when registering music cards in the installment music app. The options for classmates and roommates also appear in the “Emergency Contacts” section.


Those platforms that are still lending to college students

At present, the main customer group is young people, and the large-scale online loan platform includes staged music, love and meters, and fun shops. The Beijing News reporter found that many students can borrow from the above platforms.

On September 12th, the senior student in the school, Shu Tong (pseudonym), registered the installment account with the mobile phone number. The “Luka” column of the app shows that as long as the service is opened, the loan with a daily interest rate of 0.049% can be obtained.

Shu Tong told the Beijing News reporter that after clicking “Opening the Music Card”, the installment music app jumped out of the “I am a student” and “I have graduated” options. After selecting “I am a student”, you need to fill in the name and ID card. No., school and academic information, emergency contact information, and personal bank card number. Finally, after the face authentication, the loan amount was 8,000 yuan.

It is worth noting that in the process of obtaining loans from Shutong, the option of “I am a student” was explicitly chosen, and in the end, the loan quota was successfully obtained.

It is understood that the staged music has received Jingdong strategic investment, its official website, the staged music is "popular fashion stage shopping malls welcomed by young people." The Android platform installation page shows that the installment of the installment music app on the Android machine has exceeded 4.47 million.

The reporter found that on September 13, the installment music app was updated and changed the option after "opening the card" to "I have worked" and "I have not worked". On September 16th, senior student Zhang Li chose “I am not working” when applying. When I filled out my information, I chose the “education level”. I chose “undergraduate reading” and filled in the school and enrolled as required. Time, the subsequent "emergency contact" information, in addition to the immediate family members of the father, mother, and "uncles and aunts" to choose, and "important friends", you can choose "roommates", "same classmates", " Male/girlfriend." In the information filling page, you can “select contact” to import from the phone address book.

After completing a series of applications, Zhang Li received a quota of 12,000 yuan from the installment. From the application to the amount of 12,000 yuan, Zhang Li only spent 11 minutes. In the music loan period “borrowing”, it is recommended to use the music card loan, the loan amount is 6,000 yuan, the single loan can be 100 yuan-2000 yuan, the daily interest rate is 0.049%, with the loan, the longest can be staging 36 months, and showed "small loans, 3 seconds to account."

At the same time, in the loan page, other borrowing software is also recommended, which can be borrowed from 10,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan. In the final loan, you need to scan your ID card and complete the real-name certification to get the account.

Sophomore student Xiaojie got the loan amount on another network staging platform.

On September 13th, the sophomore student Xiaojie registered the Ai Mi platform account. After filling in the basic information such as name, ID number, mobile phone number and contact person, he obtained a loan amount of 3,000 yuan. Xiaojie told the Beijing News reporter that in the process of filling in the information, the love and meters platform prompts, if the bank card and hand-held ID card photos are filled in and the credit information network is verified (China Higher Education Student Information Network is the designated qualification of the Ministry of Education. Query the only website.) Three items can increase the loan amount, and the self-service audit is expected to receive a maximum of 20,000 yuan.

The slogan of the network staging platform love and meters is "a safe and reliable consumer financial platform for young people." Formerly known as "Love Learning Loan", the app was once "a website dedicated to providing instalment consumption services for college students in mainland China." According to its website, Ai Mi business completed the user in 2016. The extension of the group, the number of registered users of the platform exceeded 10 million, the annual sales exceeded 10 billion, and completed the C round financing of Zhongshunyi.

Xiao Wang, a student who has been using Ai and Mi, said that she had to identify her student when she applied for a loan on the platform a year ago. The platform customer service would call her guarantor and roommate to confirm that she was still attending school.At present, her "old account" has not been returned, but she can still borrow new loans.

▲On September 13th, the student’s student Xiao Wang borrowed 100 yuan from Love and Rice.

Senior student Zhang Li chose “Ungraduate-Undergraduate” in her academic level on September 16th. She needs to choose her own school, qualification type and enrollment time, and then enter “Science Network”. “Verification”, you need to submit the credit card account and password. If you don’t have a credit card account, you can choose “Register Now” and say “Love and Meter promises to protect information security”. After the final step of “Face Face Verification”, “Handheld ID Photo” and “Study Network Information”, Zhang Li received the customer service phone number and application reminder of “Love and Meter APP”, which has already generated an order for you. Please keep the phone open and the approval will receive a credit limit of up to 12,000 yuan."

▲ Zhang Li fills in the undergraduate graduation and school, after the school time, and also confirms the information of the student letter network.

Yesterday, the reporter called the installment customer service phone, which said that 18 years of age and older can be applied for business under 45 years of age. The reporter said that he is a junior, can you pass the review, customer service answer can apply for a try.

The reporter called Ai Mi customer service phone, said that as long as it is 18 to 40 years old, college education or above, you can apply. Can a junior student not apply for graduation? The customer service said that as long as the above basic conditions are met, the loan can be applied for. If the application is successful, it depends on the audit result.


Lending to college students without verifying their identity

On September 13th, junior student Xiao Wang downloaded the fun store application. After filling in the name and ID number, and verifying the credit using the mobile phone number and mobile phone service password verification information, he obtained a loan amount of 1,500 yuan.

Xiao Wang tried to borrow 100 yuan, and the loan period was one month. The platform showed that the loan needed 103 yuan for the loan, including a "service fee" of 3 yuan. According to this calculation, the monthly interest rate is 3%. From the time of registration to the successful application for the loan, the fun shop did not verify the student status of Xiao Wang.

On September 16th, senior student Zhang Li also downloaded the fun shop application. At 10:43 in the morning, she began to register information and bind the real-name authentication Alipay account and sesame credit. At 10:53, the application was approved. 11:06 The sub-division completed the "basic credit", Zhang Li and Xiao Wang received the same amount of 1,500 yuan, the credit process is 23 minutes. It took another 10 minutes, and Zhang Li successfully borrowed money from the fun shop.

▲The college student Zhang Li borrowed 100 yuan from the fun shop to the account.

In the “Internet Credit Assessment” section of the store review, the user is authenticated according to the user's mobile phone information, and collects information such as identity, bill, and call information for authentication, and informs that “the operator will send a text message to inform you that we are online. The business hall has inquired about your detailed list, which is the normal process of authenticating your information.” However, during the application and review of Zhang Li, the fun shop APP did not verify her “whether it is a student”.

The fun shop (original campus staging platform "fun stage") has received investment from a number of companies including Ant Financial, and is an early-stage campus lending platform in the context of increased campus lending supervision. In July 2016, “Functional Stage” was upgraded to the Fun Shop Group. In September 2016, the Fun Store Group announced that it had suspended the campus push business and focused on the consumer finance business. At present, its profile is “a domestic financial service platform for providing young people with installment consumption.”

There are also online loan platforms that focus on young people’s groups, which have closed the door for college students to borrow.

On September 13, Xiaoliang, a sophomore student, applied for a loan on a platform. After identity verification, mobile phone authentication, and binding of bank cards, Xiaojuan was told that “the information did not meet our requirements” and the certification failed. Xiaojuan asked the customer service why the certification failed. The customer service replied that Xiaojuan did not meet the auditing standards. “You can go to another microfinance platform of our company. The condition is that you are 18 years old and have joined the work, and the students cannot apply.”

“After around 2009, the bank closed the 'main entrance' to provide credit services to students, but the demand for student credit still exists. The “side door” of various campus loans under the market rules was opened to students. In the past year, the Ministry of Education issued Many documents, until June of this year, the policy set to close the non-bank institution campus loan this 'side door'. But now the full opening of the 'main entrance' of the bank campus credit service will take a long time, so under a large demand It is not surprising that many credit platforms continue to provide loans to college students in a roundabout way." Shi Pengfeng, co-founder of the online loan home, told the Beijing News reporter.

In his view, some online lending platforms do not verify the identity of college students to issue loans, which may involve the lending institution not doing the KYC (full understanding of your customers) principle, but to what extent the understanding is sufficient, to what extent Insufficient understanding, there is no and no clear standard.

Campus loan "put on" the young loan "vest" continues to borrow money from college students, is it illegal? Chen Yongwei, a researcher at the Peking University Market and Network Economy Research Center, said that "it is a behavior to fight the ball."

At present, many online lending platforms are aimed at young people over the age of 18, how to distinguish between college students? "18 years of age and student status is difficult to define. 18 years old may be a social worker, and 25 years old or older may be The doctoral students who are studying are still on campus. So the campus and the young people are the concept of harmony. It is difficult to clarify the two at present.” An industry insider said, “So many online lending institutions do not recognize themselves as campus loans. Or the camouflage of the campus loan, do not screen the user, the loan cycle is 7 days to three months, the interest is very high."

According to the industry insider, "The biggest problem with campus lending at present is that online lending institutions do not check the consumption use. Most of the students' normal consumption is benign. The problematic campus loans are mostly in long-term loans. If students fall into gambling Or gambling, it fell."


Student loan APP is still quite a lot, and some "special three books" do not do

In the Android App Store and Apple Store, the reporter simply searched for the keyword “student borrowing money” and still searched for a large number of related loan apps, many of which were directly named after “college borrowing”.

For example, the “University Loan Staged Speed ​​Edition” is described in the introduction as “a college student’s borrowing money artifact, which can be borrowed with good credit”; “Zero-time installment micro-loan” claims to be “college student mobile phone cash credit wallet lightning loan”; “99 Staging” means that it is a “scheduled shopping app for college students”. Easy to borrow student version, it is easy to lend to the undergraduate college students fast mobile phone loan platform, only for college students to provide urgent money for loans, and in the APP to export the number "let the youth do not regret." The microfinance APP also indicates in the terms of the loan that “the user who is over 18 years old can borrow money from the ID card”. “Specialty loans” and “I am lending” mean that they are dedicated to serving young people. “The fastest loan is 30,000 yuan in 3 minutes”.

In addition, an app called “Famous School Credit” was introduced as “a reliable college student loan staging”. An app called “No Wallet” has an advertisement on the homepage that focuses on “small loan services for college students”.

The Beijing News reporter found that the loan amount of the “Famous School Credit” APP is about 500 yuan to 2,000 yuan, and the monthly interest rate is 3%. The necessary step before applying for loan is to carry out the letter network certification.

On September 12, when the reporter of the Beijing News asked the student to consult the wallet APP customer service, the customer service clearly stated that the student could borrow, but “the three can not do it, but also need to provide information such as school, grades, overdue, etc. strict". And asked the reporter for the password of the student letter network account, after being rejected by the reporter, the customer service said "you are so careful not to do online loans."

After seeing the reporter hesitate, the customer service said that as long as the reporter provides basic information and photos, it can help to apply for another loan “on-line loan”, and said that “the loan amount is 8,000 yuan, divided into 12 periods, and each period is still 887.64 yuan, after receiving the account we charge a 20% handling fee, which is 1,600 yuan, you actually get 6400 yuan, the pass rate is very high."


Some "annualized interest rates" are higher than usury, and high is over 500%.

Under the multi-departmental joint ban, although the campus loan has been significantly tightened since June this year, students can still “remove the East Wall to make up the Western Wall” from many online loan apps. The Beijing News reporter found that some online lending rates and hidden fees have far exceeded the standards set by the state.

At the beginning of the article, the 38 loans that are loaned to the peak are all small loans, with a maximum of 4,000 yuan and a minimum of only 300 yuan. In order to raise money by loan, he sometimes applies for ten consecutive applications in a month. Some of these borrowings occurred after the ministry explicitly banned campus loans. He borrowed for the first time on February 11 and borrowed more frequently after June of this year. He borrowed 24 in July and 9 in August.

An industry insider told the Beijing News reporter that "for online lending institutions, students are very good customers. Because they are in school, they are not worried that they will run away. Every month, parents have to pay for living expenses. The campus has low credit threshold, short cycle, fast return, and high frequency of consumption. Therefore, the online loan targeting this group has exploded, and several large platforms that were first involved have also earned a lot of money."

"A lot of students who borrow online loans may initially only want to buy a mobile phone, or a computer. It can be borne by a few hundred dollars per month. If it is a reasonable consumption, it is controllable. I am afraid that students will be fascinated. If you gamble and gamble, you will be caught in long-term borrowing, and the more you borrow, the more you will borrow.” The insider said, “The problem is that the risk control of each platform is also very loose, and some students can borrow 40 or 50.”

The Beijing News reporter saw in the peak loan list that he borrowed a total of 52,655 yuan from 38 loan platforms, including the longest period of 2 months, the shortest one week, and most of the borrowing time was 1-3. Zhou’s short-term loans, and the reasons for the new loans are all “return loans”. So far he has repaid RMB6886.14, plus the interest unpaid amount is 53110.37 yuan. In the first half of the year, the principal is exempted from the interest of 7341.51 yuan. At the beginning of August, there was a loan of 1,000 yuan in the "first spending money" APP for 7 days. The handling fee is 98 yuan, and it is 902 yuan, which is equivalent to 9.8% of the weekly interest rate, and the annualized interest rate is 509.6%. At present, the average daily interest rate of credit card loans is 0.05%, and the annual interest rate is about 18.25%.

On September 13, Xiao Wang successfully loaned a 100-yuan loan on the Ai and Mi platform, and paid off it in one month. The result showed that the amount should be 105.83 yuan. According to this calculation, the monthly interest rate of the platform is as high as 5.83%, and the annualized interest rate is as high as Nearly 70%.

According to the provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Laws in the Trial of Private Lending Cases, the interest rate agreed by the borrowers and the lenders does not exceed 24% per annum. If the lender requests the borrower to pay interest at the agreed interest rate, the people's court shall support it. . The interest rate agreed by both the borrower and the lender exceeds the annual interest rate by 36%, and the excess interest agreement is invalid. If the borrower requests the lender to return the interest that has been paid more than 36% of the annual interest rate, the people's court shall support it.


Can the “regular army” of the bank “complement”?

From September 10 to 14, the Beijing News reporter visited a number of colleges and universities in Beijing and Tianjin. There were few small advertisements on campus billboards.

“When I started school in the first two years, I often saw advertisements for campus loans. Now the campus is much cleaner.” Xiao Yang, a junior, told the Beijing News reporter.

At the beginning of the school, colleges also took the “first lesson” on campus loans for students. On August 31, Tsinghua University issued a notice to inform parents and school authorities about the incidents of students participating in bad campus loans, and to do emergency work with parents and relevant parties to eliminate the hazards in their initial state. Without the approval of the school, it is strictly forbidden for anyone, any organization to conduct campus loan business promotion and promotion on campus, and encourage faculty and students to report the bad campus loans found.

In June of this year, the online borrowing management platform “now borrowed” launched the “Jinji Plan” to find Sunshine investors and rescue college students who were caught in long-term loans. At the beginning of the program, there were 3,121 students seeking help. Ma Weidong, the person in charge of the platform, said that the number of new campus loan cases after July this year has dropped significantly. Before that, more than a dozen students asked for help each day, and now they are reduced to two or three students per day. This is related to multi-sector supervision and social media. It is related to the disclosure of campus loan cases and has a strong vigilance effect on college students who are not deeply involved. “The most important thing about campus lending is to move toward standardization and face the reasonable consumption needs of college students.”

A survey of college students in Jiangsu shows that 86.2% of college students oppose campus loans, and the proportion of support is still 13.8%. College students who use 1 to 2 times a month reach 6.2%, and use it 1 or 2 times in three months to reach 15.7%. Compared with overdraft credit cards, the convenience of campus loans is the main reason why these advanced consumer students have repeatedly cashed in.

On April 21 this year, at the analysis meeting of the first quarter of the economic and financial situation held by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Banking Regulatory Commission, rethought the vicious incident triggered by the campus loan. At the meeting, it was proposed to strengthen the prevention and control of Internet finance and information technology risks, and continue to promote the special rectification of the risk of online lending platforms (P2P), and improve the financial services of commercial banks to college students while doing a good job of cleaning up and rectifying.

Since then, CCB, BOC, China Merchants Bank, and Qingdao Bank have launched “campus loan” related products.

On May 17, CCB Guangdong Branch announced the launch of “Golden Bee Campus Fast Loan” with a quota between 1,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan. The product can be fully cashed out, and it can be used for one year. At the initial stage of product launch, the quota will be controlled within 5,000 yuan, and the future will gradually increase the amount with the student's own good credit record.

BOC launched the "BOC E-loan and campus loan" products. According to reports, the product business can be up to 12 months at the beginning and extended to 3 to 6 years in the future, covering the post-graduation entry stage. At the same time, a grace period service will be provided, and only the interest period will not be repaid during the grace period. The loan amount can be up to 8,000 yuan.

On September 11, ICBC officially announced the launch of a personal credit consumer loan “college students”.

Can the “regular army” of the bank play the role of “replacement”? “Most of the current users of campus loans are some children in two or three higher vocational colleges. How can the reasonable demand of these students be met? This function is the best." Chen Yongwei said, "But at present, the banks that undertake campus loans are actually aimed at college students. These students have better credit. For reasons of risk control, some college students who need money, The demand is still not met."

"Currently, illegal campus loans need to be rectified, but it is not realistic across the board." Chen Yongwei believes that "if the campus loan is completely banned, the loan demand of these students may turn to a more underground, more subtle 'campus loan'. The harm will be even greater."

"To change the current status of various types of campus loan platforms is still active, to achieve the government's regulatory purposes, unless the bank's 'main entrance' is enough to open. But now the bank has just resumed the campus loan business, the distance needs to meet the market requirements. Time. According to my experience, banks are still unable to meet the credit needs of current college students in China within at least one year." Shi Pengfeng said.

On September 6, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to clarify that “the school loan business was banned, and any online lending institution is not allowed to grant loans to university students.”

Finally, put a picture to explain the risk of campus loans. After reading it, you will find that there are so many college students who don't know what is a loan shark... If you have college students in your home, welcome to forward or collect, we will prevent it.

Urgent use of money? We have reviewed hundreds of microfinance products! Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Love Money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid of borrowing money.

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