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He applied for more than 20 loans, the amount of more than 5000

Time: 2017-09-07         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Small and

Last week, the small and initiated the recruitment of a lender (so apply for a loan, Meng sister gave you cash red envelopes) activities, by everyone's positive response. The first phase of the test trainer experience, experience sharing, but also by everyone's positive response, today to bring you the second phase to share.

Nickname: Jane

Occupation: Private owners (bakery)

Revenue: Monthly net income of 20,000

Line mouth declaration: 5000 below the hole, do not give me.

As a private owner, although the higher income, but need to turn around when more, so the need for simple, fast, high amount of loan product turnover.

Jane before and after a total of more than 20 holes, the amount of all in 5000 or more, in his own words is "less than 5000 I do not want to borrow."

Small and selected a few of them, and now share their product information for everyoneDisclaimer: This information by the enthusiastic clerk recalled oral, specific product information we prevail):

China Construction Bank fast loan

Required information: as long as there are in the use of CCB cards can be

Application amount and final amount: 10,000

Interest: support with the loan also, the annual interest rate of 6.5%

Loan period: 1 year

Review time: 5 minutes

Loan time: 5 minutes

It is worth noting that the loan is not on credit, but overdue

Flash silver speed loan

Required information: ID card, sesame seeds, simple information

Application amount and final amount: 5000

Loan Term: Available in December

Review time: 1 hour

Loan time: half an hour

The United States borrowed

Required information: ID card, Alipay sesame seeds, simple information

Application amount and final amount: 7000 (single period 3000, staging 4000)

Loan Term: Expendable 6

Review time: within 12 hours

Loan time: half an hour

It is worth noting that there is a pre-loan review

Small and that Jane is the reason why the line so chic, the most important two reasons: his income situation is very good; although a lot of holes and a lot of holes, but he never overdue;

Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned WeChat public number "love to play money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid to borrow money.

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