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These few mouths can be staging up to 24 months.

Time: 2017-08-31         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Loan products are dazzling, don't know which one is better for you? Don't worry, China Merchants Bank recently launched a loan intelligent recommendation engine, e-civil loan, to solve the problem that borrowers can't find suitable products. Let's take a quick look at what kind of product this is.

What is e-smart?

E-smart is a smart consumer credit recommendation engine. It is not a product. It does not involve any bills, quotas, fees, loans, etc., mainly to help customers recommend credit products.

What products does e-suggest recommend?

At present, e-smart will recommend e-credit, e-loan, cash staging, e-selling, and cash withdrawal, etc., that is, the borrower fills in the basic information through e-smart, e-credit According to the actual situation of the individual, recommend the appropriate product.

How to use e-credit?

1. Download the Pocket Life app above version 6.0

2. Click on "Features - e-Smart"

3. Select "to borrow money" and wait a few seconds

4. Enter the amount of the loan to be applied and the method of repayment, click Submit

In fact, there are quite a few products similar to China Merchants e-Intelligence Loan. Borrowers can use the relevant smart recommendation search engine to obtain relevant products that the system recommends for their qualifications. For the borrower, it can save time and save time. Labor saving.

When it comes to choosing loan products, many borrowers said that in addition to the interest rate, they also need to look at the repayment period. Many people say that the most wanted product is the long-term product. Relatively speaking, the repayment pressure will be much smaller. Today, Xiajie (aiwanqian360) will recommend several products with a longer repayment period, up to a maximum of 24 months.

1. Lehua - Staging

Borrowing amount: up to 20,000 yuan

Repayment period: 3-36

Application process: download the Koala credit app

Xiajie Tip: Some friends said, enter the name, ID number, add two contacts, the legend can be reached in ten minutes.

2. There is a staging

Borrowing amount: up to 8,000 yuan

Repayment period: up to 24 periods

Application process: mobile QQ QQ Tencent credit public number - Tencent credits - credit privileges - that is, staging

The illustration is as follows:

Xiajie Tip: This is the new line of Tencent's credit two days ago, mainly used in consumption, similar to flower or white. It should be noted that only users who have opened the Tencent credit can see the entry of the installment.

3. Loan loan

Borrowing amount: up to 20,000 yuan

Repayment period: 3/6/12 months

Application process: Download the loan app

4. China Merchants Bank e loan

Borrowing amount: up to 300,000

Repayment period: 3 issues / 6 issues / 9 issues / 10 issues / 12 issues / 18 issues / 24 issues

application process:

(1) Mobile banking: After logging in, select “My → Credit Card → Cash Credit → E Loan → Apply Now”.

(2) Pocket life: After logging in, select “Card Payment → E Loan”, you can try to apply, and the system will give the audit result in real time.

(3) Online Banking: Log in to the public version or professional version, and select “Credit Card → Instalment Management → E Loan → E Loan Application”.

Finally, Xiajie wants to remind everyone that China Merchants e-Intelligence currently has limited products, and there are many similar recommendation engines on the market, which can intelligently recommend the required products, so whether it is high on interest or more on repayment period, These recommendation engines should be able to meet the requirements of the borrower's choice of products.

Urgent use of money? We have reviewed hundreds of microfinance products! Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Love Money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid of borrowing money.


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