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These holes, the maximum period of 24 months

Time: 2017-08-31         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Loan products are dazzling, do not know which is more suitable for their own? Do not worry, the recent Merchants Bank has launched a loan intelligent recommendation engine - Yi Chi loan, to solve the borrower can not find the right product embarrassment. Let's take a brief look, what kind of product is this?

What is it?

E is the smart consumer credit recommendation engine, not a product, itself does not involve any bills, quotas, fees, loans and other issues, mainly to help customers recommend credit products.

What is the main product recommended?

At present, e credit will be recommended for the user e loan, e number of loans, cash staging, e flash credit, and handheld cash and other products, that is, the borrower through e-credit to fill the basic information, According to the actual situation of the individual, recommend the appropriate product.

How is it used?

1. Download version 6.0 or above Pocket life app

2. Click "Featured - e Chi"

3. Choose "to borrow money" and wait a few seconds

4. Enter the amount of the loan application and the repayment method, click to submit

In fact, there are many products like Merchants e Chi-chun, the borrower can refer to the relevant intelligence search engine, access to the system for its recommended matching with its qualifications related products, for the borrower, it is time-saving Effort.

Speaking of choice of loan products, many borrowers said, in addition to look at the level of interest, but also depends on the repayment period. Many people said that most want to borrow is the kind of longer term products, relatively speaking, the repayment pressure will be much smaller. Today Xiajie (aiwanqian360) give you recommend several repayment period longer products, the maximum period of 24 months.

1. music flower - stage music

Borrowing amount: up to 20,000 yuan

Repayment period: 3-36 period

Application process: download koala credit app

Xiajie Tip: There are friends said, enter the name, identity card number, add two contacts can be, the legend can be 10 minutes to account.

2. There are stages

Loan amount: up to 8,000 yuan

Repayment period: the highest can be divided into 24

Application process: mobile phone QQ Tencent credit public number - Tencent credit points - credit privilege - that is, staging

The picture is as follows:

Xiajie Tip: This is Tencent credit two days before the new line of the hole, mainly used in consumption, similar to chanting or white bars. It should be noted that only the opening of the Tencent credit points users can see that there are stages of the entrance.

Music loan

Borrowing amount: up to 20,000 yuan

Repayment period: 3/6/12 months

Application process: download music loan app

4. Merchants Bank e loan

Loan amount: up to 300,000

Repayment period: 3/6/9/10/12/18/24

application process:

(1) mobile banking: after landing, select "my → credit card → cash credit → E loan → apply immediately".

(2) handheld life: after landing, select "card payment → E loan", you can try to apply, the system real-time audit results.

(3) online banking: landing public version or professional version, select "credit card → philanthropy → E loan loan → E loan application."

Finally, Xiajie to remind you that investment e-credit can recommend the current product is limited, there are many similar to the market recommended engine, intelligent products can be recommended, so whether it is high on the interest rate or pay more attention to the repayment period, These recommended engines should be able to meet, can solve the borrower to pick the product can not start the embarrassment.

Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public "love to play money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid to borrow money.


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