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Urgent need 3000 turnover, what ways can borrow it?

Time: 2017-08-30         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: light

Unexpected situation, people have a bad fortune, who have tight hands, need to turn around. So when we need short-term cash flow, what are the ways to find money?

The specific circumstances of each person are not the same, so according to their own actual situation, choose their own way. The so-called suitable way, first of all have to get the money way, then consider the interest, repayment period, the next paragraph speed.

Today, play money brother borrowed 3,000 yuan, for example, with you lying there are all ways, and what are the conditions for each way.

Find friends and family to help

Tube relatives and friends borrow 3,000 dollars, under normal circumstances are able to succeed, because the work and income for those who come up with 3,000 emergency is still relatively easy.

However, I believe many people, like their counterparts, prefer to bear the interest on loans and not to borrow money from relatives. In addition to loving their faces, they also fear that money will not be able to withstand feelings.

Bank loan

If your credit has no problem, but also a stable job, you can apply for a local bank credit card. Borrowing can be short-term, you can use the credit card cash withdrawal; turnaround time longer, you can choose the credit card where the consumer loans, such as China Merchants Bank e lending, Pudong Development with the borrowing of gold.

Not only the bank's own loans, many of the loan products need to verify the credit card email, so playing money brother recommended credit is not bad friends can apply for one or three credit cards, for emergency use.

Better quality credit consumer loans

Ants borrow chanting, Jingdong gold bars, grain loans, Wanda loans belong to such loans, they not only high-value, low interest rates, but also with the borrow with the return; but they are all white-list invitation system, the user's personal credit and Other qualification requirements are also high.

For most people, having such a passport is enough for routine cash flow. Credit and qualification is not bad friends, you can look at these few products.

General network of small loans

There are many such loans on the market, but also we use the most. The advantages and disadvantages of the network of small loans are obvious, the advantage of less information required, fast audit, under the fast; disadvantage is the higher interest rates, the term is relatively short, late collection of low quality.

The materials needed for online mini loans (certification) are the most common:

Credit Card E-mail: The platform to check your credit card bill by credit card, repayment situation;

Sesame credit points: sesame points is a highly accepted credit system, many of the holes will see the borrower's sesame seeds, sesame points generally reached 600 or more will not delay;

Mobile phone operators: platform by viewing the borrower's mobile phone packages, historical information to determine the user credit qualifications; the longer the phone number to use, the greater the likelihood of success under the money;

E-commerce binding: mainly Taobao, Jingdong account binding, through your online shopping records, shipping address to determine the qualification, so to maintain the stability of the receiving address is very important.

Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public number "love money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid to borrow money.

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