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Urgently need 3,000 yuan turnover, what ways can I borrow?

Time: 2017-08-31         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: light

There are unpredictable things in the sky, people have a good time, and everyone has a tight hand and needs to turn around. So when we need short-term capital turnover, what are the ways to find money?

The specific situation of each person is different, so you should choose the method that suits you according to your actual situation. The so-called suitable method, first of all, is the way to get the money, and then consider the interest, the repayment period, the speed of the next payment, and so on.

Today, playing Qian Ge takes the loan of 3,000 yuan as an example. What are the ways to get along with everyone, and what conditions are needed for each method.

Find friends and family to help

With relatives and friends borrowing 3,000 yuan, under normal circumstances, they can all succeed, because for those who have jobs and income, it is relatively easy to take out 3000 emergency.

But I believe that many people, like the money brothers, would rather bear the loan interest and not open their money to relatives. In addition to loving face, they are also afraid that their feelings cannot withstand the test of money.

Bank loan

If you have no problem with your credit and have a stable job, you can apply for a credit card with a local bank outlet. If the loan can be repaid in the short term, you can use the credit card to withdraw cash. When the turnaround time is long, you can choose the consumer loan of the bank where the credit card is located, such as the e-credit of China Merchants Bank and the loan with the Pudong.

Not only the bank's own loans, many loan products need to verify the credit card mailbox, so friends who want to collect good credits can apply for one or three credit cards in case of emergency.

Better quality credit consumer loans

Ant borrowing, Jingdong gold bars, micro-credit, Wanda loans, etc. all belong to this kind of loan. They not only have high quotas, low interest rates, but also support the loan-on-demand; but they all implement a whitelist invitation system, personal credit information to users and Other qualification requirements are also high.

For most people, having such a mouth is enough for daily cash flow. Friends with good credit and qualifications can pay attention to these products.

General network small loan

There are many such loans on the market, and they are used the most. The advantages and disadvantages of the network small loan are obvious. The advantage is that the required information is small, the review is fast, and the next paragraph is fast; the disadvantage is that the interest is high, the term is relatively short, and the collection quality is low after the overdue.

The most common materials (certification) required for online small loans are:

Credit card mailbox: The platform checks your credit card bill and repayment status through credit card mailbox;

Sesame credit: Sesame is a highly accepted credit system. Many of the mouths will look at the borrower's sesame seeds. Generally, if the sesame score reaches 600 or above, it will not be delayed.

Mobile phone operator: The platform judges the user's qualification by checking the borrower's mobile phone package and historical phone bill information; the longer the mobile phone number is used, the more likely it is to successfully make the next payment;

E-commerce binding: mainly the binding of Taobao and Jingdong accounts. The qualification is judged by your online shopping record and receiving address, so it is very important to maintain the stability of the receiving address.

Urgent use of money? We have reviewed hundreds of microfinance products! Pay attention to the WeChat public account "Love Money" (ID: aiwanqian360), no longer afraid of borrowing money.

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