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Zero interest staging ≠ free staging, credit card staging is not suitable to be considered to know
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Some users are asking, the credit card official website for staging activities, staging zero interest, just the shortage of funds at hand, the number of bills is relatively large, for credit card staging appropriate?

  Credit card stagingThere are good and bad, the advantage is to ease the financial pressure, of course, is to pay more money ah Some users are asking, the credit card official website for staging activities, staging zero interest, just the shortage of funds at hand, the bill number is relatively large,For credit cardIs it appropriate?

Inappropriate, to be sure to know. Xiao Bian to ZTE Merchants credit card, for example, calculate the credit card staging is not suitable for their own.

First, the Merchants Bank credit card installment without interest only charge a fee

The use of Merchants Bank credit card for installment is no interest. In the use of phased business will not produce the relevant interest, China Merchants Bank cardholders can not worry about interest, but need to pay attention, no interest does not mean free.

Merchants Bank credit card installment to pay a monthly fee. Such as 2000 yuan 12, the monthly fee: 2000X0.66% = 13.2 yuan fee.

The specific installment service fee will be paid to the bank at the same time as the amount of the goods and the amount of the goods. Cardholder fee: 1% / month (3), 0.6% / month (6), 0.5% / month (12).

Second, China Merchants Bank credit card bill installment fee calculation method

China Merchants Bank for the card to provide 2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 18 and 24 a variety of options, the corresponding rate of each fee were 1.0%, 0.9%, 0.75% , 0.7%, 0.66%, 0.68%, 0.68%.

Fee per installment = total amount of installments × rate per period.

The total amount of the principal is amortized on a monthly basis and the remainder is included in the final installment. The amount of each installment and the fee for each period are recorded at the same time.

Credit card staging before the best calculation fee is how much, if the fee within the tens of dollars acceptable range can choose staging. Acceptable fee in exchange for relief of capital pressure to avoid overdue, so the operator is still suitable for cardholders; if the fee exceeds the cardholder acceptable range, then the cardholder can choose credit loans.

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