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Zero interest instalments ≠ free instalments, credit card staging is not suitable to be calculated only to know
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Some netizens are asking, the credit card official has online activities for staging, with zero interest in phases, just in short supply of funds, and the number of bills is relatively large. Is it appropriate to apply for credit card staging?

  Credit card stagingThere are good and bad, the advantage is that it can ease the financial pressure. The downside is of course to give more money. Some netizens are asking, the credit card official has online instalments, zero interest in phases, just in short supply of funds, and the number of bills is relatively large.For credit cardIs the installment suitable?

It is not appropriate to know it. Xiao Bian took a Merchants Bank credit card as an example to calculate whether the credit card installment is suitable for itself.

I. China Merchants Bank credit card installment payment without interest only charge processing fee

The use of China Merchants Bank credit card for installments is not interest. No interest will be generated after the use of the staged business. The cardholders of China Merchants Bank need not worry about interest, but it should be noted that no interest does not mean free of charge.

China Merchants Bank credit card installment payment will be charged every month. For example, 2000 yuan is divided into 12 periods, and the monthly handling fee is 2000X0.66% = 13.2 yuan.

The specific installment service fee will be paid to each period on average, and the fee will be repaid to the bank together with the amount of goods that should be returned in a single period. The cardholder fee is: 1%/month (3 issues), 0.6%/month (6 issues), and 0.5%/month (12 issues).

Second, China Merchants Bank credit card billing installment fee calculation method

Recruitment cardholders provide multiple choices for Phase 2, 3, 6, 10, 12, 18 and 24 periods, corresponding to a fee rate of 1.0%, 0.9%, and 0.75% for each period. , 0.7%, 0.66%, 0.68%, 0.68%.

The fee for each period = the total amount of the installments × the charge rate of each period.

The total installment principal amount is amortized on a monthly basis and the remainder is included in the last issue. The instalment amount and the fee for each period are recorded at the same time.

It is best to calculate the fee before the credit card is divided. If the fee is within the acceptable range of tens of dollars, you can choose the installment. Acceptable fees will be used to ease the financial pressure to avoid overdue payments. This is still suitable for cardholders. If the fee exceeds the cardholder's acceptable range, the cardholder may choose a credit loan.

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