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Zero interest staging ≠ free staging, credit card staging is not suitable to forget it
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There are netizens asked, credit card official website for staging activities, installments zero interest, just hand short of funds, the number of bills is relatively large, for credit card installment suitable?

  Credit card installmentGood or bad, the benefit is to ease the financial pressure, of course, is to give more money to give ah. There are netizens asked, credit card official website for staging activities, installments zero interest, just hand short of funds, the number of bills is relatively large,For credit cardStaging suitable?

Inappropriate, we must know. Xiaobian to Merchants Bank credit card, for example, calculate the credit card installment is not suitable for themselves.

First, China Merchants Bank credit card installment interest-free charge only fee

The use of China Merchants Bank credit card installment is no interest. After using the staging business will not generate related interest, China Merchants Bank cardholders do not have to worry about interest, but need to be aware that no interest does not mean free.

Merchants Bank credit card installments monthly fee to be collected. For example, 2,000 yuan is divided into 12 periods, each month to pay fees: 2000X0.66% = 13.2 yuan fee.

The specific installment payment service fee will be average to each period, the fee and the single amount of goods should be repayment together with the bank. Cardholder fees: 1% / month (3), 0.6% / month (6), 0.5% / month (12).

Second, China Merchants Bank credit card bill installments fee calculation method

China Merchants Bank provides cardholders with multiple options for period 2, period 3, period 6, period 10, period 12, period 18 and period 24. The corresponding fee rates for each period are 1.0%, 0.9% and 0.75% respectively. , 0.7%, 0.66%, 0.68%, 0.68%.

Each fee = the total amount of installments × fee rates for each period.

The total installment principal is amortized on a monthly basis and the remainder is included in the last installment. The amount of each installment and each charge at the same time accounting.

The best credit card before the installment count how much the fee, if the fee is acceptable within the scope of dozens of dollars can choose to install. Acceptable fees in exchange for alleviating the financial pressure to avoid overdue, this calculation is suitable for cardholders; if the fee exceeds the acceptable range of cardholders, then the cardholder can choose a credit loan.

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