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High-quality assets difficult to dig each other "asset shortage" the truth in this!

Edit: kristina Source: Beijing Commercial Daily Date: 2017-07-17


In the mutual gold industry access to stable high-quality assets, become the core test platform strength standards.

In recent years, "asset shortage" is a persistent hot topic in the financial and even the national economy. Pratt & Whitney financial "universal" process has greatly expanded the target audience of financial services, but the quality of assets is still lacking, at the 2017 Langdi Financial Technology Summit 2017 Forum on China's mutual fund asset ecological forum held on July 15, regulators, Scholars, industry leaders and representatives of the capital side to discuss the ecological environment at the asset-end under the new pattern of mutual-benefit gold. They all considered that obtaining stable and high-quality assets in the mutual-fund industry has become the core standard for testing the strength of the platform.

Financial demand and supply do not match

For the asset shortage topic, in the forum of the day, the mutual gold practitioners made the common sense judgment.Letter and richWang Zhengyu, founder and CEO, asserted that "property shortage is a false proposition that in today's China market, most financial institutions find it highly competitive and difficult to obtain valuable assets, but if you look at the data, you can see that the loan service is in the national GDP Accounting for 7% of mainland China, much lower than the average level of developed countries, for example, the United States reached 22%.

What we call a shortage of assets is a problem of matching demand and supply and a problem of service coverage. China still has 500 million high-quality groups and its financial needs can not be met. In the field of small and micro loans, there is no shortage of assets, as long as you can find their own position. "

  All gather moneyXu Jian-wen, founder and CEO, also does not agree with the "asset shortage". He made a unique view on how to accurately locate the car-loan industry.

"Mutual gold industry has a long-standing misunderstanding for the user base of car loan .In fact, not all car owners are the object of car loan service. China's huge self-employed groups, that is, 20 million private business owners and 60 million individual industrial and commercial households Is the target audience for car loan. " Xu Jian-wen said that the auto-credit loan's own characteristics made it a "killer" financial product for self-employed people. "Self-employed people have a decent ability to repay and economic power. However, due to the lack of a recognized credit record, Is the bank still?Credit Loans, Are not covered by the vast majority of this group.

The advantages such as high credit line, fast lending and simple procedures matched the financial needs of this group of people. At the same time, it solved the risk control problem of low credit groups through collateral and offline risk control measures. From this perspective, the car loan market is far from saturated, P2P assets of the industry is far from being tapped clean. "

Domestic credit system needs improvement

However, due to the fact that China is still an immature credit reporting system at present, it is hard to identify and exploit high-quality assets.

Liu Shengjun, dean of the China Institute of Financial Reform, said in the forum that credit information is the infrastructure of the entire financial industry. However, credit collection in our country has been a pain point and a short board for so many years, and our financial industry has encountered great difficulties in the private sector Big bottleneck China's Internet finance has developed to the forefront of the world. Our credit information system should proceed from the national conditions and carry out more innovations.

In addition, financial institutions also need to improve their ability to tap quality assets. Hu Qilin, the partner of Sequoia Capital China Fund, believes that there are still a large number of securitized assets in the market, but the lack of data and risk judgment basis is the main cause of the current "asset shortage". The restructuring of asset management agencies needs to find data and technology finance, Realize risk pricing ability, develop differentiated products with non-standard products and improve operation efficiency.

Identify the platform for asset positioning

In 2016, the first year of mutual fund supervision, the special rectification work for each mutual fund was fully promoted. Regulatory interventions have shuffled the industry and the platform differentiation is aggravating. With the promotion of regulatory measures, the head-to-head mutual fund platform is greatly expanding its leading position. From "second-hand channels" to "own assets," Ji Min, deputy director of the Research Institute of the People's Bank of China, gives an upgrade path. Some of the mutual platforms of mutual funds are, at best, a second-hand or even third-hand distribution channel, and the platform with its own real assets will present a decisive advantage in terms of competitiveness and vitality.

Wang Zhengyu said behind the assets is the client, mutual trust platform for the assets of the perspective should be upgraded from "things" to "people." In this way, it is extremely important to cultivate a growing user base. The strategy of "low start-up and steady growth" of lending products can expand the customer base covered.

Wu An, deputy general manager and CMO of Zhong An Insurance, pointed out that the vertical financial market in China has great differences. The highly vertical market, whether it is auto loans, cash loans or asset upgrades in consumer installment markets, needs to include financial technology, IT technology And data technology complex technical system to support.

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