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Ma Yun gave Alipay a lot of benefits, and sesame scores of more than 600 have a loan interest rate of two!

Time: 2017-07-10         Source: Ghost Story         Author: rustled ghost stories

Alipay has brought a lot of convenience to our lives, which has facilitated many people. Alipay is the leading third-party mobile payment in China. In this regard, China has begun to enter a cashless society, and it is possible to go out without cash and a mobile phone.Whether it is by bus or shopping, going out to eat, and using Alipay to pay, there is also a benefit that there is a bonus, which can be randomly offset.This is often known for using Alipay.


A big reason for Alipay's popularity is the diversity of Alipay products. Among them, there are ant flower buds, ants borrowing cockroaches, ant flower buds and borrowing sesame seeds are required to be 600 or more. It must be said that ant flower buds and borrowing 呗Alipay has increased a lot of popularity,Alipay can have today's achievements, and it is indispensable to borrow and spend. The maximum amount of borrowing is 300,000, and the daily interest is 0.015% to 0.05%.. It is more convenient for ants to borrow and borrow, and to compare the cumbersome information of the bank, the service that is highly arrogant, the long queue, and whether it can be successful or not. Many people just choose Alipay if they don’t need huge funds. Banks have fewer and fewer customers, and many silver employees are facing layoffs. This bank is not happy, naturally blaming the responsibility of third-party mobile Alipay and so on.

The bank asked the mother to issue the "Measures" and "Notice" to limit the third-party mobile payment led by Alipay, and finally limit the balance, and Alipay was triple-pressed. Trying to transform and socialize and do the circle is not very successful in the end, but Alipay's internationalization road is very successful, which allows Alipay to avoid unilateral bank pressure.

The interest paid by Alipay Ants will be reduced according to your credit:

 Ant flower garden:thresholdSesame divided into 600According to your consumption index, wealth index gives you the amountUp to 300,000, interest-free within one month, exceeding the penalty.

  Ant borrowed:Sesame600 or more can be opened, up to 300,000According to your consumption needs,Minimum interest rate.

If you have a credit card, you should bind all your credit cards to Alipay. Remember to buy something with a credit card. Ma Yun doesn't like customers who don't consume. The receiving address determines that you are stable and unstable. One person replaces the receiving address. Alipay also I think you have a problem.

Now more and more third-party mobile payment, online lending, the status of the bank is not guaranteed, the layoff of employees is inevitable, but the Alipay tree is big, the bank will continue to suppress the big brands such as Apple and Samsung, so that domestically The rise is difficult, not only facing the huge international competitive pressure, but also the pressure of domestic enterprises. I believe that China will one day go to the world.

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