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Why is the unsecured loan interest so high?

Time: 2017-07-05         Source: Southern Fortune Network         Author: Southern Wealth Network

Why is the interest on unsecured loans so high? What is the interest on unsecured loans? What is the next step for you to sort out the interest on unsecured loans? What is the interest on unsecured loans?

Why is the interest on unsecured loans so high?

An unsecured loan is a collateral, no guarantee, and a loan can be obtained based on the borrower's personal credit. However, the risk of unsecured loans is high, and the requirements for risk control are very high, so the bank's application threshold for borrowers is very high.

In other words, the higher the risk, the higher the interest, mainly to control the risk of lending.

In addition, the interest on loans for unsecured loans is much higher than the interest on loans for mortgage loans. Although the current unsecured loans on the market are close to four times the benchmark rate, there is no violation as long as this limit is not exceeded.

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