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Unsecured loans are easily rejected by two types of people

Time: 2017-07-05         Source: 263 Fortune Network         Author: 263 Wealth Network

Unsecured loans are a form of loan that is not very demanding for borrowers. Many people are willing to choose this type of loan because they do not need to provide collateral. But not everyone can successfully handle unsecured loans successfully. Some people are easily rejected by banks when they actually apply for unsecured loans. So who is difficult to successfully handle unsecured loans? Today, Xiaorong is here to tell you about the two types of people, it is more difficult to handle the credit loan business.

1. Credit card households

The chances of such people successfully going through unsecured loans are small. In short, the credit card households have never had any credit cards and no loan records. The personal credit column of the credit report printed by the People's Bank of China is blank. Because of the credit gap, banks can't judge whether such people can repay their debts in good faith, which will have a certain impact on the successful acquisition of loans. However, some small loan companies will accept white household loans.

2, bad credit

To say that the credit gap may also apply for an unsecured credit loan, the bad credit can be properly done. Bad credit, more than 90 days of overdue, then you have been on the blacklist of the central bank, and banks and small loan companies will not agree to your unsecured loan application.

It can be seen that both credit whites and those with bad credit ratings are difficult to successfully handle unsecured loans. From this we can see that it is very important to maintain a good bank credit record in order to successfully apply for an unsecured loan. If we want to get a bank loan without pledge anything, we need to increase our credit rating so that we can apply for an unsecured loan smoothly.

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