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Sesame credit points more than 580 points, these holes can try!

Time: 2017-06-30         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Often someone asked to melt 360 Xiaobian (yichuqian360), sesame seeds XX points, what are the mouth? Today, we will give you a few, sesame seeds can be applied for more than 580 pointsConsumer loansproduct.

First, the product introduction

1. Huarong consumer finance - good borrowing

Huarong Consumer Finance under a registered real name for the payment of individual users, the amount can be recycled to support the loan with the loan products.

Application conditions:

(1) Age 18-55 years old

(2) must be registered real users

(3) credit is good, there is no bad credit record

(4) Sesame is divided into 660 points or more

How to apply:

Alipay life number concerned Huarong consumer finance can register application.

2. China Post consumer finance - speed loan

Through the payment of Po can apply for the consumption of financial products in the consumption of fast access channel.

Application conditions:

(1) Age 18-60 years old

(2)Personal creditRecord well

(3) Sesame is divided into 620 points and above

How to apply:

Alipay life number concerned about the Sino-Dutch consumer finance can register applications.

3. package silver consumer finance - package you also

Package silver consumer finance to provide users with a staging loan products.

Application conditions:

(1) Age over 18 years of age

(2) sesame seeds more than 620 points

How to apply:

Alipay life number concerned about the package of silver consumer finance can register applications.

4. immediately finance - immediately wallet

Immediate consumption finance company launched a loan with the cash loan business.

Application conditions:

(1) at least 18 years of age

(2) Alipay real name authentication users

(3) sesame seeds 580 points or more

How to apply:

Alipay life number concerned about the immediate financial application.

Second, the product attributes

Next, we passedLoan amount, Interest rates and maturity and other dimensions to see these products.


1. immediately financial - immediately every time the wallet will be charged a 1% cash withdrawal fee, the maximum does not exceed 30 yuan.

2. The above data is for reference only, the specific loan costs, please refer to the personal page.

Financial 360 Xiaobian (yichuqian360) Tip: Now a lot of loan products, will be based on user credit rating, charge a different loan costs. Therefore, the borrower in the application for borrowing, must be applied to the page when the subject should prevail, if there is doubt about a tariff, you can consult the official customer service.

  Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of modelsMicrofinanceproduct! Concerned about the WeChat public "easy money" (ID: yichuqian360), reply to "urgent money", no longer afraid to borrow money.

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