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Shock! My ant suddenly lost it! what happened?

Time: 2017-06-29         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Have children encountered this situation? The ants had succeeded in using the embarrassment, but suddenly one day they were told, "Oh, no credit line." What is the situation? !

Today, the 360th Xiaobian (yichuqian360) talks to you all about why your ants took advantage of it. There are some speculations about this, and the 360 ​​Xiao Bian listed it to share with everyone.

  Possibility 1: Never used after opening

This situation gives Alipay a signal that you don’t need a loan, give you credit, and may be a waste of resources...

  Possibility 2: Prepayment

Many people are skeptical that early repayments have no loss for ants, so why should we lower or close my quota?

It is simple, although ants borrow interest, although it is low, it is also the main profit point. If you borrow 12 months in advance and pay off 6 months in advance, it means that for ants to borrow, it will be equivalent to half a year's interest. Even if some people repay the loan in advance, they need to pay a certain fee, but they have to pay more than interest. It's certainly not worth the fee.

Therefore, if you want to repay the loan in advance, you must think well.

  Possibility III: Overdue repayment

This possibility is very large. If overdue, the user's credit qualification will be questioned is not good enough. Secondly, overdue may represent the borrower's limited repayment ability, then the risk of lending naturally increases, and it is reasonable to be devalued or closed.

It should be noted that if the ant is overdue, the ant's credit limit will be reduced or closed. It will also have other impacts. For example, there will be 1.5 times normal interest rate, overdue records will be recorded in the sesame credit. In addition, the system will automatically deduct funds and collect. Therefore, it is best to repay the loan in full and on time without overdue.

  Possibility 4: Existence of irregularities such as cashing, brushing, etc.

If the account holder has violated the Alipay’s prohibition by cashing in and paying off membership fees, the system may determine that the user’s credit is bad and the loan’s risk is high. In this case, the ant suddenly fails. It is also normal.

  Possibility 5: The bound mobile phone number and bank card are often replaced

If the bound mobile phone number or bank card is frequently replaced, the system may determine that the user is not stable enough. It is speculated that the user has a security risk and then closes your ant to borrow.

However, the above reasons are all speculation, some people really do so, and some people said that the above reasons are not, so there are questions about children's shoes, or should look for Alipay ants to consult the official customer service.

Fusion 360 Xiao Bing tried to consult ants to take advantage of the official customer service, the other party gave this statement, we take a look

That is to say, those ants who use 呗 呗 suddenly disappear, are likely to violate the "system red line", as to whether they can get the quota again, it depends on the results of the "system of non-fixed assessment."

Eggs at the end of the text

This is definitely the most wonderful start-up loan plan that 360 Xiao Bian (yichuqian360) has ever seen!


Bojun smiled and thought that the 360 ​​Xiao Bian thought that this reason was purely coincidental. If there is any similarity, count him copying you...

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