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Shock! My ants by chant suddenly gone! what happened?

Time: 2017-06-29         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Children have encountered such a situation?Ants by chantingHas been opened successfully, but suddenly one day, but was told, "ah, no credit line," what is the situation? The

Today, Rong 360 Xiaobian (yichuqian360) just chat with you, your ants by chant why closed. There are some speculation about this, into a small 360 set out with everyone to share.

  Possibility 1: Never used after opening

This situation to pay the release of the signal is that you do not need loans, to your amount, may be a waste of resources ... ...

  Possibility 2:Prepayment

Many people have doubts about this, early repayment for the ants by chant, there is no loss, why should reduce or close my amount?

It is simple, the ants borrowed a low interest, but it is also the main profit point. If the borrow period of 12 months, 6 months ahead of schedule to pay off, for the ants by chanting, the equivalent of less than half a year to pay the interest, even if some people in advance repayment, need to pay a certain fee, but compared to interest Words, charge fees certainly not worthwhile.

So, do you want toAdvance repayment, Must be good.

  Possibility three: overdue repayment

The possibility of such a very large, overdue, the user's credit qualification will be questioned is not good enough; Second, overdue may represent the borrower repayment capacity is limited, then the risk of lending naturally increased, the derating or closing are reasonable.

It should be noted that if the ants by chanting overdue, ants by slap the amount of drop or closed is only one of the impact, but also cause other effects, such as the normal interest rate will be 1.5 times the penalty, overdue records will be recorded toSesame creditAmong them, the system will automatically charge and collection. So, it is best to repay in full and on time, do not appear overdue.

  Possibility of four: there cash, brush and other irregularities

If the account holder exists by paying Baohua chanting cash, brush members and other irregularities, violated the Alipay prohibit regulations, the system may determine the user credit bad, the higher the risk of lending, in this case, the ants by chant suddenly no It is also normal.

  Possibility 5: Bind the phone number, the bank card is often replaced

Bind the phone number, bank card frequently replaced, it may be determined by the system is not stable enough users, presumably users have security risks, and then close your ants by chanting.

However, the above reasons are everyone's guess, some people pro-card is indeed the case, and some people said that the above reasons are not, so, there are doubts of children's shoes, or should be looking for Alipay ants by chanting official customer service for consultation.

Financial Xiaobian try to consult ants by chanting official customer service, the other side gives this argument, we take a look

In other words, those who by the ants by chant suddenly no users, most likely violated the "system red line", as can not get the amount again, it depends on the "system is not fixed assessment" of the results.

End of the egg

This is definitely the financial 360 Xiaobian (yichuqian360) seen the most wonderful opening by chanting Raiders!


Bo Jun smile, Rong 360 Xiaobian that the reason is purely coincidence, if the same, count him copy you ... ...

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