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Shock! My ants suddenly lost it! what happened?

Time: 2018-04-19         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Have children's shoes encountered this situation? The ant borrowed a success, but one day, he was told, "Oh, no credit line." What is the situation? !

Today, Rong 360 Xiaobian (yichuqian360) will talk to you, why your ants borrowed why they closed. There are some speculations about this, and the 360 ​​series is listed to share with you.

  Possibility 1: Never used after opening

The signal that Alibao releases to Alibao is that you don't need a loan, giving you a quota, which may be a waste of resources...

  Possibility 2: Repayment in advance

Many people have doubts about this. There is no loss for the ant to borrow money in advance. Why should I lower or close my quota?

Quite simply, the ant borrows interest, although it is low, but it is also the main profit point. If the loan period is 12 months and it is paid off 6 months in advance, for the ants to borrow, it is equivalent to less than half a year's interest. Even if some people pay back in advance, they need to pay a certain fee, but compared with interest. It is certainly not cost-effective to charge a handling fee.

Therefore, if you want to repay the loan in advance, you must think about it.

  Possibility 3: Overdue repayment

This possibility is very large, and the overdue period, the user's credit qualification will be questioned is not good enough; secondly, the overdue may represent the borrower's limited ability to repay, then the risk of lending naturally increases, it is reasonable to be derated or closed.

It should be noted that if the ants are overdue, the ants will be reduced or closed only one of the effects, and will have other effects, such as a normal interest rate of 1.5 times the penalty rate, and the overdue records will be recorded in the sesame credit. In addition, the system will automatically debit and collect. Therefore, it is best to repay on time and in full, and not overdue.

  Possibility 4: There are violations such as cashing in, brushing, etc.

If the account holder has violated the Alipay's prohibition by cashing in, and brushing the membership, the system may determine that the user has a bad credit and the risk of lending is high. In this case, the ants suddenly have no money. It is also normal.

  Possibility 5: The bound mobile phone number and bank card are frequently replaced

If the bound mobile phone number and bank card are frequently changed, the system may determine that the user is not stable enough. It is speculated that the user has a security risk and then shut down your ants.

However, the above reasons are everyone's guess, some people do prove that this is true, and some people say that the above reasons are not, therefore, children's shoes with doubts, or should find Alipay ants to consult the official customer service.

Rong 360 Xiaobian try to consult the ants to borrow the official customer service, the other party gave such a statement, let us take a look

That is to say, those users who have suddenly lost their ants are most likely to violate the "system red line". As for whether they can get the quota again, it depends on the result of "system not fixed evaluation".

End of the egg

This is definitely the most wonderful opening tricks that the 360 ​​Xiaobian (yichuqian360) has seen!


Bo Jun smiled, Rong 360 Xiaobian thought, this reason is purely coincidental, if there is similarity, count him to copy you...

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