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What is the water image customer service hotline?

Time: 2017-06-23         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: Nanshan

What is the water image customer service hotline?

The Water Elephant Stage is the first face-finding borrowing artifact for urban young people launched by Shanghai Water Image Financial Information Service Co., Ltd. The water elephant adopts the real-time approval mode of "biometrics technology + big data credit rating" in phases to create a network borrowing experience of "immediate application, real-time approval, rapid loan release, and loan repayment". Due to the needs of business development, water images are re-adjusted to the original customer service hotline in stages. The specific adjustments are as follows:

1. Since June 23, 2017, 400-999-8786 will be formally launched as a national unified customer service hotline for water elephants;

2. At the same time, after the new service hotline is activated, the original service hotline (400-606-1160) will be invalidated. For new and old users who need to consult lending-related business, please call 400-999-8786.

3, other phases of water quality image consultation channel will not be affected, please be aware!

If in doubt, please consult through the following channels

National unified customer service hotline


Customer service QQ


WeChat public number customer service

Micro signal: shuixiangfenqi

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