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Personal consumption loans the highest rate of floating 40% of the amount of mortgage credit "cut"

Time: 2017-06-22         Source: Securities Star         Author: Star of the securities

Near the end of the second quarter, bank liquidity tightening, credit lines become increasingly tight. Yesterday, the reporter learned from a number of banks in Hangzhou, in addition to the amount of mortgage emergency,Mortgage,consumptionLoan amountThe same tight,Some banks have risen sharplyPersonal consumption loan interest rate, The highest floating 40%, there are several banks simply to mortgage credit line "cut", Can only get up to 5% of the value of real estate assessment. A small number of small banks and even face "a credit hard to find" the tense situation, this month basically no money to pay.

After the bank loan collapsed, some eager to use money and personal and small and medium enterprises, desperation will turn to the private lending market, but the loan interest rate also followed the rise. Even with collateral, some small loan company loans are as high as 19% per year. Reporter Ma Shan

Personal consumer loan interest rates up to 40% lending cycle is extended

Recently, the loan market in Hangzhou has clearly felt the impact of money tight: interest rates rise, lending slows down.

Mortgage bear the brunt. In addition to individual banks to stop lending, most banks will be the first set of mortgage interest rates return to benchmark, or even floating 10%. "And so on the army" has been ranked two or three months later.

Hangzhou, the various banks,Consumer loans generally in the benchmark interest rate on the floating 20% ​​-30%, the highest has been floating 40%The


Some state-owned bank loan department staff revealed that last year, the bank launched a new consumer loan products, if you are on behalf of the wages of customers, the world's top 500 employees, civil servants, teachers or doctors, you can also apply for preferential interest rates ,The minimum for the benchmark floating 10%, some more qualified customers, usually can apply to the benchmark floating 20% ​​of the loan interest rateThe Recently, the credit line is scarce, let alone the interest rate discount is gone, some colleagues have heard the wind, starting from July, this product lending rate to float to 40%.

There is also a joint-stock bank with a large increase in consumer interest rates. Before the interest rate level is the benchmark floating 25%, now breath up to 40%. The loan cycle is also extended, in early May, the bank the fastest two or three days of loans, now generally need 10 working days, or even longer.

The bank profit manager of the bank, said: "The profit margins of the larger consumer loans more and more bad to do, the higher level of the entire bank credit line, consumer loans are naturally affected, the recent amount is very tight, the bank had to Raise the loan interest rate. In the case of roughly the same risk factor, customers who are willing to accept higher interest rates will give priority to lenders, and the remaining customers will have to wait in line.With the bank's scrutiny of loan customers more stringent, the amount of the loan is basically difficult to achieve the majority of customers expectedThe "

Mortgage credit amount "cut"

Banks can only get half of the value of real estate assessment

Last year in March, when a joint-stock bank in Hangzhou, the amount of credit is sufficient, launched a mortgage for the housing concessions: the credit of the lender can reach the maximum value of real estate assessment into 9%. Which means a set of real estate in the city center, if the assessment value is 200 million, the lender can credit 1.8 million yuan. The annual interest rate is still very low, 5%, the maximum loan period can apply for 30 years.

Yesterday, the reporter then to the joint-stock bank loan manager Liu asked, that this "room loan" business credit from the end of May this year, was "cut". In other words, if the lender's mortgage is a set of assessed value of 200 million yuan of the house, up to only 1 million yuan credit, than last year to reduce the full 800,000 yuan. Loan interest rate "discount rate" gone, up to 6.3%, the loan period is shortened to a maximum of 5 years.

Ms. Liu said helplessly, early last year, the credit manager afraid of loans do not let go, the lack of quality customers and housing. Now come a hundred and eighty degree change, how to do the lack of bank money, only from the amount of credit, loan interest rates, loan terms three aspects of tightening the loan business.

Part of the small bank "a credit is hard to find"

Basic credit this month is not money

Rising interest rates is second, the problem is now no money. "This time the customer's application for loans, including mortgages and mortgages, was largely pressed." A city firm said that we were much weaker than the big bank money and that the amount of the loan was already used at the beginning of the month , I heard only a few mortgages on the big list, or in May left behind the customer. This month to apply for a loan, can only wait for the first two weeks in July, the amount is estimated to rely on to grab, otherwise the loan is in the foreseeable future.


Another city firm credit firm Yujing Li said that now the amount of credit is indeed a little nervous, the basic need for 1 week approval, mortgage procedures need to take half a month, the loan will take more than 1 week, add up to a month Can the loan, if the loan this month, the loan must go to July.

A state-owned bank insiders pointed out that after the CBRC issued a unified regulation of the new regulations, the financial deleveraging, the central bank also intends to raise market interest rates forced the bank to leverage, in the monetary policy and industry supervision at the same time squeeze, the bank liquidity tight , Resulting in tightening credit lines. Coupled with the second quarter of the bank MPA exam period gradually approaching, the bank liquidity is more intense, more and more high capital costs, to promote bank lending more cautious, credit demand is so squeezed, will allow institutions and individuals Think the loan is getting harder and harder.

Small loan interest rates rise

Bank money tight, the loan becomes very extravagant. In the bank loans after the wall, some eager to use the money of individuals and small and medium enterprises, will choose to shift to small loan companies.

Mr. Jiang in Hangzhou to do business consulting a few banks, that mortgage loans are too slow, eager to cash flow, she found a Xiaoshan small loan company. Did not expect, the other's offer really so that Ms. Jiang was shocked. "An annual interest rate of 19%, compared to the end of last month rose nearly 20%.

Ms. Jiang later to several small loan companies to call,If there is a collateral, the lowest lending rate is 17%, generally more than 18%, higher than normalThe pureCredit rateIt is approaching 30%. One of the company's salesman explained that the current market no money, the bank is also short of money, the company obvious advantages, the procedures are complete, we will be able to lend the same day, the loan interest rate will rise.

Bank "money tight" also affected some of the loan intermediary business.

Xiao Fan is a loan intermediary company's salesman, by taking the total amount of loans 1% to 3% of the commission for a living. These two days, many of his customers have eaten the door, their income is almost zero. Xiaofan said that last week, I reported to the bank a few personal credit loans were beaten back, the bank did not explain too much, but said that temporarily not come down, over time to say. Not only that, many banks have business contacts that the amount of mortgage loans, need to wait in line, a small number of banks and even suspended mortgage business.

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