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The bank’s “consumer loan” has a big bottom: the threshold is high and the quota is low.

Time: 2017-06-12         Source: China Economic Net         Author: China Economic Net

Although banks have a wide variety of products, the thresholds vary. On the whole, compared with the high interest rates of online loans or small loans of credit loans that are criticized, scandals, banks are more professional, and interest rates are floating but relatively reasonable.

"Unsecured, unsecured, as long as certain conditions are met, you will be given a speedy loan..."

In recent years, with the State Council promulgating a package of policies to boost domestic consumption, more and more traditional banks have gradually realized that the consumer credit market is a big cake, and they have launched their own personal consumer loan products.

However, recently, the reporters of the International Finance News found that most banks have higher thresholds for consumer loans, and some banks have a large discount on interest rates, and the loan quota is relatively small. .

In this regard, bankers have a "bitter" to say that the establishment of a high threshold is to put risk management work at the forefront. The difference in interest rates and quotas is due to differences in individual credit information.

High threshold

"Unsecured, unsecured, fast-speed lending", low threshold, rapid and convenient has always been a mark of many traditional banks to their own consumer loans. But in fact, after consulting the official customer service and visiting the reporters of the International Finance News, it was found that many traditional banks introduced such a pure credit loan without mortgage and guarantee that the threshold is not low.

Generally speaking, these banks will only target high-quality customers with good credit and stable income. In order to prevent and control risks, some banks only target customers who have paid wages or have financial assets in the Bank.

For example, the construction bank's fast loan requires that the loan target be a creditworthy CCB individual customer; ICBC and China Merchants Bank only have the initiative to credit the customer to apply for the eligibility loan business; Industrial Bank's latest "Xingxue loan" is special Established a “white list” to position the main customer group as a “white list” customer holding the Industrial Bank debit card; in addition to the BOC e-loan business of the invited customers, the Bank of China can also operate the credit of ordinary users. Loan business, but its entry threshold is relatively higher, local housing is one of the entry barriers, and the amount is relatively low.

In addition to restrictions on loans, some banks have clear restrictions on consumer use and consumption.

For example, CCB's fast e-loan can only be purchased on the domestic e-commerce website, using the “loan account payment” in the online banking payment, and the debit card signed by the fast loan can be used for credit card consumption at the merchant POS. ICBC, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Postal Savings Bank, and Standard Chartered Bank all require loans not to enter the securities market, futures market, and equity investment, real estate market, and may not be used for private lending, and may not be used for business operations and regulations. matter.

As for the bank's practices, some insiders said that this is just the bank's risk management work at the front end, which not only helps to improve the efficiency of lending, but also helps banks effectively control risks.

“We set multi-dimensional screening conditions, pre-approval and pre-grant credits based on the inventory of the 'white list' customer's assets, credit records, performance capabilities, existing collateral status, etc., and actively explore customer's product use intentions to achieve batch Homework, this initiative not only helps to improve the efficiency of lending, but also reserves a considerable amount of customer resources, and is an important means to effectively control risks.” Yan Xuewang, General Manager of the Industrial Assets and Liabilities Department of Industrial Bank, told the International Finance News “Compared with the existing online loan products of most banks, which are only open to some high-end quality customers,” our current consumer loan product customer base has become more extensive and more inclusive.”

Quota and interest rate vary from person to person

In addition to the slightly higher threshold, some consumers have reported that the loan interest rate of bank consumer loans is relatively high, and there is a big difference between the loan amount and the credit line of the application. What is going on here?

"The loan interest rates of bank consumer loan products are mostly floating. The specific interest rate depends on your credit information." A shareholding bank loan department told the International Finance News reporter that personal credit information will affect the final situation. Loan interest rate.

In fact, the interest rates given by banks are not very high. The above-mentioned loan department person gave the reporter an example: the annual interest rate of a certain consumer loan product of the bank is 5% to 5.7%, but the highest monthly interest rate is about 1.25%, and the monthly interest rate of some Internet loan products of the same type. Generally it can reach 1.8% or even 2%.

Some insiders pointed out that although banks have different types of products, the thresholds vary. On the whole, compared with the high interest rates of online loans or small loans of credit loans that are criticized, scandals, banks are more professional, and interest rates are floating but relatively reasonable.

As for the difference between the application quota and the final payment quota, the above-mentioned loan department explained that “the majority of the people approved the quota cannot reach the maximum amount. This is mainly due to the difference in the verification results of the credit information.”

In addition, the reporter found out that the current credit consumption credits of major banks are also different. Most banks have a maximum credit amount of 300,000 yuan. Only a small number of consumer loans have a maximum application quota of 1 million yuan, and the highest is a certain A product launched by the bank official online has a maximum credit limit of 2 million yuan.

Online consumer loans are still auxiliary

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the consumer credit market has become a “place of competition” for major commercial banks.

The China Banking Association's 2016 annual survey shows that in the survey of commercial banks' personal business development priorities, personal consumption loans have become the most important part of personal financial business for four consecutive years. The proportion of bankers who choose this is 68.7% in 2015. It rose to 71.9%. Among them, individual comprehensive consumer loans can be designed by each bank to meet the full range of financial needs of education, travel, decoration, shopping, etc. according to customer needs, thus becoming the key business of major banks.

In the rapid development of financial technology, technology-led, strengthening innovation drive, providing customers with a good and popular online consumer credit products, has also become a breakthrough for some traditional banks to accelerate the transformation of retail business.

Some insiders have suggested that although there are still some areas for improvement in the traditional online consumer loan products of traditional banks, compared with the high interest rates of online loans or small loan companies that are criticized, scandals, and bank loans, The product is still more professional.

However, Yu Chun, a researcher at the National Small and Medium Bank Research Base, said that there are only a handful of banks that are really making online consumer loans and turning them into retail business transformation tools. Most online consumer loan products are more for those traditional banks. It is a supplement.

The relevant person in charge of the retail department of Industrial Bank also believes that at present, most of the online consumer loan products of traditional banks play an auxiliary role, and each product is not competitive with each other.

"With the accumulation of practical experience, more big data will be collected, and then we will further expand the customer base." A consumer goods product manager told reporters.

In addition, the monthly minimum wage is applicable to full-time workers; the hourly minimum wage applies to part-time workers.

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