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What are the channels for small loans in 2017?

Time: 2017-05-17         Source: borrow money         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Recently, a sister (yichuqian360) a friend needs 50,000 yuan of working capital, although not a lot, but also worry about his bad, usually not short of money when not feeling, this money when a penny can be stumped hero Heroes! He is worried about how to do it, his friend recommended him to applyMicrofinance, For the emergency, the micro-credit is indeed a good loan channel, then he needs a small loan 50,000 what can apply for it? I believe in reality and he encountered the same problem there are many people, we can read as a reference after a loan.

1, small loan company

For those who are in urgent need of funds for the turnover of friends, they generally choose to micro-credit company loans, because the small loan company is simple to operate, and individuals apply for small loan audit speed faster, as long as the applicant is well prepared Need to be relevant information, you can immediately apply for a. Microfinance companies have relatively higher fees and interest rates, and before considering a loan to consider these issues, to avoid the loan after regret.

2, bank microcredit

Often banks prefer to lend small loans to people with good credit and good repayment ability. Bank microcredit has its own advantages, that is, the amount of the application is not high, so the interest rate is not high. Individual application for micro-credit process is more complex, more stringent audit, generally take a long time to review down. And sometimes even after waiting for a long time, the final audit may not be passed.

3,Private lending

If your demand for money is very urgent, you can choose private lending, because it is the fastest way to get the money, and it can credit a higher amount, faster and faster. But need to remind the private loans to bear the risk is relatively large and the cost is very high, I hope the applicant carefully consider these issues.

4, credit card

  Credit card loan5 million, is a very convenient way, but the premise is that your credit card needs to have 50,000 or more of the amount, if tens of thousands is not possible from the credit card to brush out so much money, and just the hands of another credit card Of the time, you can directly through the credit card to buy their favorite things in the future installments on a monthly basis on it. And the use of both convenient and fast, but friends need to pay attention to repayment try not to stage too long, because this fee will be high. Finally, remember to repay on time every month, so as to avoid a series of problems such as dishonesty. Of course now there are credit cards in addition to this credit card loans, you need to pay fees and interest, when you need to recommend a use.

The above is a few ways of small loans, but it is recommended that no matter how much money, how urgent. Or in the formal channels of loans, to prevent being cheated or encountered usury.

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