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House mortgage is not on how to do?

Time: 2017-05-08         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Nanshan

Through the housing loans to buy a house, after a long period of time in accordance with the provisions of repayment, but because there are many uncertainties in the future, is likely to occur overdue mortgage. Well,House mortgageLoan is not onHow to do?Let financial 360 Xiaobian (luxiaodai360) to tell you the solution.

1. Apply for extension

If only temporarily not on the money, you can consult with the lending institutions to apply for extension, as long as the situation is true, the lending institutions are willing to give a certain period of extension.

2. to borrow money from friends and family

If you are good luck, you can also borrow money from friends and family loans, but we must make good use of the article, and agreed interest, until the situation has improved, the timely return of arrears.

3. The collateral is auctioned

If you really can not repay the loan, you can let the lender auction the collateral, the price will be used to repay the principal and interest, the remaining money will be returned to you.

No matter what way you mitigate the current economic pressure, remember: repay! Do not use the "drag tactics", or simply do not also, it is easy to bring their own trouble.

PropertyMortgageWhat are the consequences?

Real estate mortgage loans are not more serious consequences.

First, there will be penalty interest, any loans in the loan due date is not repayment, the lending institutions will receive penalty interest, real estate mortgage loans are the same, penalty in accordance with the provisions of the collection.

Second, there will be bad repayment records, was included in the central bank's credit system, affecting personal credit, leading to borrowersRe-loandifficult.

Finally, after repeated calls, the lender has the right to auction the mortgaged real estate, the amount of the proceeds of the auction will be used for repayment, and the remaining amount will be paid back to the borrower.

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