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What should I do if the house mortgage loan is not yet available?

Time: 2017-05-08         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: Nanshan

After buying a home through a home loan, the loan will be reimbursed for a long period of time. However, because there is a lot of uncertainty in the future, it is very likely that the mortgage will be overdue. So,House mortgageThe loan is still not onHow to do?Let Rong 360 Xiaobian (luxiaodai360) to tell you the solution.

1. Apply for extension

If it is only for the time being that it is still not paid, it may negotiate with the lending institution to apply for the extension. Generally, as long as the situation is true, the lending institution is still willing to give a certain period of extension.

2. Borrow money from relatives and friends

If you have a good relationship, you can borrow money from friends and relatives to repay the loan. But you must make a good loan and agree on good interest. When the situation improves, you can return the money in time.

3. The mortgage is auctioned

If you do not have the ability to repay the loan, you can let the lending institution auction the mortgaged property. The proceeds will be given priority to repay the loan principal and interest, and the remaining amount will be refunded to you.

No matter which method you use to ease the current economic pressure, remember to repay! Do not use "scrape words", or simply do not return, it is very easy to bring trouble to oneself.

Real estateMortgageWhat are the consequences?

Real estate mortgage loans are not as serious as the consequences.

First, there will be a penalty, any loan will not be repaid on the maturity date of the loan, the lending institution will receive a penalty interest, and the real estate mortgage loan will be the same. The penalty will be charged in accordance with the regulations.

Second, it will generate bad repayment records and be included in the central bank's credit system, affecting personal credit, leading to borrowers.Refinancedifficult.

Finally, if after a number of calls, the outstanding loan still remains, the lending institution has the right to auction the mortgaged property, use the proceeds from the auction for repayment, and return the remaining amount to the borrower.

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