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What are the usual methods for overdue loans? What if the loan is overdue?

Time: 2017-05-05         Source: Golden Investment Network         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Now buying a house, there will not be many local tyrants who will buy a house in full. Even if the buyers have enough money in their hands, they often choose to use the mortgage and take the rest of the funds for other investments. Although most homebuyers buy loans through loans, not everyone understands every aspect of the loan and its pits. So what is the truth of a loan to buy a house? What are the pits? Follow the chuqiankuai 360 to learn.

What is the truth of a loan to buy a house? What are the pits?

1. Not everyone can spend 30 years

At present, the maximum loan period is 30 years. At the same time, it must be satisfied.Buying a home loanThe deadline and the actual age of the borrower do not exceed the age of 65. Therefore, not everyone can lend for 30 years. For example, if you are 45 years old, then according to regulations, the maximum length of your loan can only be 20 years.

2. There must be a balance in the provident fund

Now, the use of provident funds is becoming wider and wider. In some cities, after the buyer submits the relevant information for a successful application, he can directly transfer the accumulation fund in the account into the developer's account to pay the down payment.

However, pay attention during the payment process, do not run out of your balance, once you don’t have a penny on your CPF account, yoursProvident Fund LoanThere is no more, unable to applyProvident Fund loans.

3. Better not to resign before buying a house

The approval of loans by banks requires a comprehensive consideration of the level of economic ability of the lender, such as the stability of the work, the level of income stability, and the growth trend.

If you quit your job before buying a house, it may increase the difficulty of the loan and affect the progress of the loan. Therefore, it is better not to resign before buying a house so that you can get a loan smoothly.

4. Prepare a beautiful bank water bill

When applying for loans, some banks will require applicants to issue more than 6 months of uninterrupted bank water bills, which are usually more than double the monthly payments, in order to assess the applicant's repayment ability.

If you think your water bill is not ideal, you can save more money in your bank account 6 months in advance, or provide other financial proof. If you are married, you can provide a couple of water bills, and the name of the property certificate is also possible.

5. It is not necessary to use a bank designated by the developer

Some homebuyers worry that not using the bank designated by the developer will affect the handling of bank loans. In fact, such concerns are superfluous. There is usually a business relationship between the developer and the designated bank, and the use of a designated bank is also for convenience. If you do not want to go through a bank designated by the developer, you can choose another bank.

Of course, when choosing a lending bank, it can be considered comprehensively in terms of loan cost and loan service.

Under the premise of the same interest rate and the same loan period, the bank’s provisions on early repayment and adjustment of repayment plans will affect the cost of loans. Therefore, the lender should try its best to choose a bank with a low starting point for repayment, and can adjust the repayment plan for a bank loan. In addition, many outlets and simple procedures are also one of the powerful means for banks to attract lenders.

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