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What are the shortcomings of microcredit? What is the loan overdue?

Time: 2017-05-05         Source: gold investment network         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Now buy a house, will buy a house full of land is not much. Even if the buyers have enough money on hand, often also choose the way the mortgage, the rest of the funds to do other investment. Although most of the buyers are loans to buy a house, but not everyone is clear about each part of the loan and the pit of which. So what is the truth of the loan to buy a house? What pit Follow the financial 360 Xiaobian (chuqiankuai) to learn together.

What is the truth of the loan to buy a house? What pit

1. Not everyone can lend for 30 years

At present, the maximum length of the loan for 30 years, at the same time, but also to meetBuy a house loanTerm plus the actual age of the borrower does not exceed 65 years of age requirements, therefore, not everyone can lend 30 years. For example, if you are 45 years old, then in accordance with the provisions of your loan for a maximum of 20 years.

2. There is a balance in the provident fund

Now, the use of provident fund more and more widely. In some cities, home buyers to submit relevant information after the application is successful, you can transfer the account directly into the developer account, used to pay the down payment.

However, in the payment process to pay attention, do not spend your balance run out, once your provident fund account is not a penny, yourProvident Fund LoanThere is no, can not applyProvident fund loansThe

3. buy a house before the better do not resign

Bank approval of loans requires a comprehensive consideration of the level of economic capacity of the lender, such as job stability, income stability and growth trends.

If you resigned before buying a house, it may increase the difficulty of the loan, affecting the progress of the loan. Therefore, buy a house before the better do not resign, in order to successfully get the loan.

4. Prepare a beautiful bank bill

When applying for a loan, some banks will require the applicant to issue more than six months, uninterrupted bank bills, the amount is generally more than twice the monthly demand in order to assess the applicant's repayment ability.

If you think your running bill is not ideal, you can 6 months in advance to the bank account to save money, or provide other financial proof. If you are married, you can provide couples two of the water bill, the name of the property certificate is also possible.

5. Do not necessarily use the bank designated by the developer

Some buyers worry that not using the bank specified by the developer will affect the handling of bank loans, in fact, this concern is redundant. There is usually a business relationship between the developer and the designated bank, and the use of the designated bank is also for convenience. If you do not want to go to the bank designated by the developer, you can choose other banks.

Of course, in the choice of the loan bank, you can from the loan costs and loan services to consider the two aspects.

In the same interest rate, the same loan period under the premise of the bank on the early repayment and adjust the repayment program and other aspects of the provisions will affect the cost of loans. Therefore, the lender should try to choose the amount of money in advance of the low starting point, you can adjust the repayment of the bank to the loan program. In addition, the network, procedures are simple, but also banks to attract lenders one of the powerful means.

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