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What are the usual methods for overdue microfinance? What should I do if my loan is overdue?

Time: 2017-05-05         Source:         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

Buying a house now, there will not be many local tyrants who will buy a house. Even if the buyers have enough money on hand, they will often choose the mortgage method and take the rest of the funds for other investments. Although most buyers are borrowing to buy a house, not everyone understands every aspect of the loan and the pits in it. So, what is the truth about buying a house? What pits are there? Let's learn together with Rong 360 (chuqiankuai).

What is the truth about buying a house? What pits are there?

1. Not everyone can borrow for 30 years

At present, the maximum loan period is 30 years. At the same time, it is necessary to meet the requirement of the period of buying a house loan plus the actual age of the borrower not exceeding 65 years old. Therefore, not everyone can pay for 30 years. For example, if you are 45 years old, then according to regulations, your loan period can only be up to 20 years.

2. There must be a balance in the provident fund

Now, the use of provident fund is becoming wider and wider. In some cities, after the purchaser submits the relevant information successfully, the CPF in the account can be directly transferred to the developer account to pay the down payment.

However, in the payment process, be careful not to run out of your balance. Once you don't have a penny on your CPF account, your CPF loan quota will be gone and you will not be able to apply for a CPF loan.

3. Better not to resign before buying a house

Bank approval of loans requires a comprehensive consideration of the lender's level of economic ability, such as job stability, income stability, and growth trends.

If you resign before buying a house, it may increase the difficulty of the loan and affect the progress of the loan. Therefore, it is better not to resign before buying a house, in order to get a loan.

4. Prepare a beautiful bank flow bill

When applying for a loan, some banks will require the applicant to issue an uninterrupted bank flow bill for more than 6 months, which is generally more than twice the monthly payment, in order to assess the applicant's repayment ability.

If you feel that your running bill is not ideal, you can save more money in your bank account 6 months in advance, or provide other financial proof. If you are already married, you can provide a running bill for both husband and wife. The proof of property under the name is also acceptable.

5. It is not necessary to use the bank designated by the developer.

Some homebuyers worry that not using the bank designated by the developer will affect the handling of bank loans. In fact, this kind of worry is superfluous. There is usually a business relationship between the developer and the designated bank, and the use of the designated bank is also for convenience. If you don't want to go to the bank designated by the developer, you can choose another bank.

Of course, when choosing a loan bank, you can consider both the loan cost and the loan service.

Under the premise of the same interest rate and the same loan period, the bank's regulations on early repayment and adjustment of repayment plan will affect the loan cost. Therefore, the lender should try to choose a bank with a low starting point for the early repayment amount and can adjust the repayment plan to make a loan. In addition, there are many outlets and simple procedures, which are also one of the powerful means for banks to attract lenders.

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