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For home mortgages, 60% of people have these misunderstandings!

Time: 2017-05-02         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Nanshan

When we encounter financial problems in our life, we may prefer loans. In the face of various loan products, we will also look at our actual situation. If there are houses or cars under the name, many people will choose mortgages. loan.

But for some newcomers who have never paid for it before, because they don't know much about mortgages, they tend to fall into some misunderstandings. The following 360 series (chuqiankuai) will introduce you to the mortgage loan as an example.Mistakes in the loan.

First, you can only mortgage the property under your name

Many people have lost the idea of ​​applying for a mortgage loan because they have no real estate in their name. In fact, according to the provisions of the real estate mortgage policy, as long as the owner's consent is obtained, it is not unreasonable for the borrower to apply for a loan with the property under the name of another person.

Second, there may be no place to live

Many people think that the mortgage of the house to the bank, once the loan is not available, it is likely to be auctioned immediately to offset the debt, so that the mortgagor instantly faces the homeless dilemma. Can reality be as cruel as imagined?

Not necessarily. We have said that we have traveled on the go, but there are not many mortgage houses sold. The reason is that since the arrears are not up to the house auction, it will take about one year to complete. Specifically, if the overdue repayments reach about half a year, the bank will abandon the dunning and file a lawsuit for the housing auction with the court, and it will be a half-year waiting from the filing of the lawsuit to the court. Therefore, as long as the borrower owes the monthly payment and interest before the house auction, basically you will not be homeless.

Third, the listed real estate must be able to apply

As we all know, real estates that cannot be listed and traded are not eligible for mortgage loans because they are weak in liquidity. Does this mean that real estates that can be listed and traded can satisfy the application conditions?

Not necessarily. Because the risk control methods of different lending institutions are not the same, some pay more attention to the housing lot, and prefer the houses that are located in the downtown area. Some of them are very valued, and shops, office buildings, etc. are not accepted, only accept normal housing. So if the mortgage room you provide is not "graceful", you really have to shop around to see who can "see the right eye" with it.

For the novice, the three major mistakes mentioned above, we must pay attention to it, it is necessary to understand more before the loan, and it is also very important to choose a reliable lending institution.

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