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For home mortgages, 60% of people have these errors!

Time: 2017-05-02         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: Nanshan

Life in the face of funding problems, we may be the first choice is the loan, and the face of a wide range of loan products, we will be based on their actual situation, if the name of a house or a car, many people will chooseMortgageThe

But for some of the novice who had never lent money before, because of the small understanding of the mortgage, often easy to fall into some misunderstanding. the followingMelt 360Xiaobian (chuqiankuai) on the housing mortgage loans as an example to tell you aboutLoan misunderstanding.

One can only mortgage their own property under the name

Many people because of my name no real estate, and then dispel the idea of ​​housing mortgage applications. In fact, in accordance with the provisions of the real estate mortgage policy, as long as the consent of the owner of the house, the borrower with someone else's property under the loan is also not a bad idea.

Second, there may be no place to live

Many people feel that the house is mortgaged to the bank onceLoan is not on, It is likely to be immediately used to auction the debt, so that the mortgagee instantly facing homeless dilemma. Can it be as cruel as reality?

Not necessarily. Said we have to go on the trip, we can say that the sale of the mortgage is really not much to sell. The reason, self-arrears not to the housing auction, how have a year or so to complete. Specifically, the overdue repayment to about six months, the bank will give up the reminder, filed a request for housing auction to the court, and from the proceedings to the court trial, but also a half year waiting. So as long as the house before the auction, the borrower will be owed to the interest and pay off, basically you will not be homeless.

Third, the real estate can be listed can apply

As we all know, not listed transactions of real estate, due to weak liquidity, so do not have housing mortgage qualification, then this means that the property can be traded to meet the application conditions?

Not necessarily. Because the various means of control of the various means of wind control is not the same, and some more emphasis on housing lots, favored seat in the city center of housing; some of the type of housing is quite valued, shops, office buildings and so on, normal housing. So if you provide the mortgage is not "fans", really want to shop around, to see who can "see the right eye."

For the novice, the above mentioned three errors, we must pay attention to the loan before or to do more understanding, and to choose to fly the loan agencies is also very important.

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