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How can microloans be withdrawn on the same day?

Time: 2017-04-26         Source: Golden Investment Network         Author: 360 Financial consolidation

When applying for a loan, people often care most about the timing of lending. Now, many loan companies in advertising sayMicrofinanceCan you lend money on the same day? Is this true? How can microloans be withdrawn on the same day?

First of all, let's understand what are the factors affecting microfinance lending?

First, is the satisfaction of microcredit application conditions satisfied?

To successfully apply for a small loan and to make a loan, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Age above 22 years old

2. Stable work and income in the local area

3, there is a fixed residence in the local area, renting needs to provide a rental contract

4, can provide proof of repayment ability required by lending institutions, such asBank water,Proof of income, certificate of fixed assets, etc.

5, good credit record

Second, complete information on micro-loan applications

To apply for a small loan, the following documents are all indispensable: ID card, account book, marriage certificate, work certificate, proof of income, bank flow, asset certificate, credit report

In addition, the speed of micro loan lending is also related to the nature of your job, the application channels, etc. Banks applying for small loans naturally have slower lending speeds;

So, when can microfinance lend money?

For qualified loan applicants, micro loans can usually be loaned for three to five working days. On the contrary, micro loan loans are much slower.

Is it true that the loans on the day of micro-loans are true?

For a regular lending institution, it is possible to make the lending on the same day, but only if it is possible to provide a certificate of guarantee approved by the lending institution.

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