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Do not free loans! Teach you to identify the true and false micro-credit company!

Time: 2017-04-26         Source: melt 360 finishing         Author: 51 Credit Card Financial Advisor

  MicrofinanceAlthough the company has been popularized in our daily life, many people do not know it well yet and do not know how to distinguish its authenticity. This often leads to unnecessary economic losses. LetFinancial 360Xiaobian to teach you a few strokes!

One way to distinguish: to see the company name

SmallloanThe name of the company is generally composed of "area + name + micro-loan + company nature", and the micro-loan company can not handle business across regions. If the business people advise you that their business can be handled nationwide There is no doubt that it must be an informal company.

Discrimination method two: the external image

On the one hand, the small loan company's plaque, if used abbreviated, will have the word "small", such as "Taohuajiang Microfinance"; on the other hand, the prominent position of the small loan company will be produced by the provincial financial office "Uniform logo" bronze medal, the upper right corner of the micro-loan company-specific unified province code, you can check with the provincial financial office or local micro-loan company authorities.

Discrimination method three: the establishment of procedures

In addition to the formalities such as business licenses and other general enterprises that are required to handle the microfinance loan companies, there is an "approval of opening" issued by the provincial financial office. The name of the document is usually "Reply on the Opening of the Peach River Small Loan Company". When handling loan business, you can ask the small loan company to show the opening approval for the sake of distinction.

Discrimination method four: the interest rate size

The interest rate of a formal microfinance company can not exceed 4 times the interest rate of a bank loan product over the same period, beyond which there is suspicion of usury. Or you can also call the local financial office, Trade and Industry Bureau for consultation, to identify the authenticity.

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