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Don't feel free to borrow! Teach you to identify the true and false microfinance companies!

Time: 2017-04-26         Source: Financial 360 finishing         Author: 51 Credit Card Financial Advisor

  MicrofinanceAlthough the company has been popularized in our daily life, many people are still not very familiar with it and do not know how to distinguish between its true and false, it is precisely because of this often will bring us unnecessary economic losses. LetFusion 360Xiaobian to teach you a few strokes!

Identify Method One: Look at the company name

Small amountloanThe company's name is generally composed of "geographic + name + 'micro-credit' + company nature" and the micro-credit company can not handle cross-regional business, if the business personnel to promote their business can be handled throughout the country There is no doubt that it is certainly an informal company.

Method two: external image

On the one hand, if the acronym is used in a small loan company, there will be two words “small amount”, such as “Peach Blossom River Microcredit”; on the other hand, the microfinance company’s signboard will have a prominent position in the door of the microfinance company. The “Unified Logo” bronze medal has its own unified province-wide serial number for the small loan company in its upper right corner, which can be verified with the Provincial Finance Office or the local mini-loan company's competent authority.

Method 3: Procedure

In addition to formalities such as business licenses, etc. that are required by ordinary enterprises, microcredit companies are issued with “Opening Approvals” issued by the Provincial Finance Office. The name of the documents is usually “Response to the opening of the Taohuajiang Small Loan Company”. When applying for a loan business, you can ask the microloan company to present the opening approval for distinction.

Method 4: Rate of Interest

The interest rate of a regular microfinance company cannot exceed 4 times the interest rate of the bank’s loan product over the same period. If the loan exceeds this range, it is suspected of usury. Or you can call the local financial office or the industrial and commercial bureau to consult and identify the authenticity.

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