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Online personal microfinance fly? These trick to help you judge!

Time: 2017-04-21         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Nanshan

At present, individualMicrofinanceIs a very popular way of a loan, because of this, more and more platforms for the introduction of individual micro-credit business, and scams to scrape together the lively. Especially in the rapid development of Internet finance environment, individual micro-loan products more and more rich, then for ordinary lenders, how to distinguish which online personal micro-credit is reliable?Melt 360Xiao Bian (chuqiankuai) teach you recipe.

First, before the loan charges and interest rates are charged liar;

Second, the site size is small, generally for the individual to establish a secondary site, only mobile phone number, no formal contact is generally a hoax;

Third, in the business sector website can not check the company's information is a liar;

Fourth, the site left the so-called award certificate, all blurred, can not see the actual content are liars;

Fifth, the site of the picture is mostly misappropriation of the existing well-known loan website pictures are liars;

Sixth, generally claiming to lend faster, more lenders are liars;

Seventh, promised less than the formal loan company's interest on the market are liars;

Eighth, the commitment can be the national city loans, and in fact can not be reached are liars;

Ninth, claiming to cooperate with the bank loans, but with the bank after the actual cooperation without this customer is a liar;

Tenth, leaving the ad phone number and the local city is not in line with the liar;

Eleventh, require customers to pay money to the personal bank account is a liar;

Twelfth, to provide very little information on the easy to tell you, your audit passed, you can call by some phone calls are liars;

Thirteenth, some regular loan company employees use professional knowledge to guide you how to make false information to get moreLoan amount, And then blackmail your loan success agent fees are liars;

The fourteenth, told the full fee can be the day of the loan is a liar;

Fifteenth, the use of mobile phone bundled telephone bank to cheat margin are liars.

 Urgent money? We evaluated hundreds of small loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public number "money fast" (ID: chuqiankuai), reply "emergency money", no longer afraid to borrow money.

In general, before the loan is issued in a variety of names charged fees, there are deceptive suspects. So what did you learn?

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