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Is online microfinance reliable? These tricks help you judge!

Time: 2017-04-21         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Nanshan

Currently, individualsMicrofinanceIt is a very popular loan method. Because of this, more and more platforms have launched individual micro loan business, and the scam has come to join in this excitement. Especially in the rapid development of internet finance, personal microfinance products are becoming more and more abundant. So for ordinary lenders, how do you tell which online microfinance loans are reliable?Fusion 360Xiaobian (chuqiankuai) teach you a few strokes.

First, fraudulent fees are charged for processing fees and interest charges before the loan;

Secondly, the website is small in scale, and it is generally a secondary website established by an individual. Only the mobile phone number is used, and there are generally no scams for formal contact.

Third, fraudulent information is not available on the website of the business sector.

Fourth, the so-called award-winning certificates left by the website are all handled ambiguously;

Fifth, most of the website's images are fraudulent by stealing the pictures of existing well-known loan websites;

Sixth, generally speaking, they claim to have faster loan payments and higher lenders are fraudsters;

Seventh, promises that are lower than the interest rate of formal loan companies on the market are frauds;

Eighth, it promises to make loans in cities across the country. In reality, it is all frauds that cannot be achieved.

Ninth, self-proclaimed cooperation with the bank for lending, but after the communication with the bank, the actual customers without such cooperation are fraudsters;

Tenth, the remaining mobile phone numbers that are not in line with the local cities are all fraudsters;

Eleventh, all customers who require customers to send money to personal bank accounts are all fraudsters;

Twelfth, provide very little information to tell you easily, your audit passed, and you can check the accounts through a certain phone are frauds;

Thirteenth, the employees of some regular loan companies use professional knowledge to guide you on how to make false information to get moreLoan amountAnd then blackmailing your loan for successful brokerage fees are all liar;

The fourteenth, telling them to pay the full fee will be a fraud on the same day;

Fifteenth, using mobile phones to bind telephone banking fraud fraud are all fraud.

 Urgent money? We have reviewed hundreds of micro loan products! Concerned about the WeChat public account number "exchanging money" (ID: chuqiankuai), replying to "emergency money", no longer afraid to borrow money.

In general, fraudulent allegations are made before fees are paid for by various names. So did you learn?

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