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Who is more likely to get a consumer loan?

Time: 2017-04-20         Source: Rong 360 finishing         Author: family wealth plus pipe

With the change of everyone's consumption concept, early consumption has become the norm, and consumer loans have slowly entered everyone's life. Consumer loans are favored by young white-collar workers. Whether they are shopping, traveling, or studying abroad, they can apply for consumer loans. But the application for consumer loans is not simple. Here, Rong 360 Xiaobian (chuqiankuai) talks about who is easy to apply for consumer loans.

1. Borrowers with stable jobs and income

1. Work with stable jobs and not high-risk occupations, such as civil servants, lawyers, doctors, etc., are preferred lenders on loan platforms.

2. There is a stable income, and 50% of the income must be greater than the borrower's monthly repayment amount.

2. Lenders with good credit history

1. Borrowers with good credit have entered the threshold of loans.

2, there are stains but not serious credit, it is a little difficult to apply for consumer loans, but it is not without hope. In this case, try to apply for a loan at a non-bank lending institution.

3. There are serious tainted credits (more than three consecutive six). There is basically no hope for applying for unsecured consumer loans. There is still some hope that non-bank lending institutions can apply for real estate mortgage loans.

3. Lenders who can provide collateral

Consumer loans are mainly divided into residential mortgage loans, non-residential loans and credit loans. Among them, applying for residential mortgage loans is easier than non-domestic loans and credit loans, because residential mortgage loans have less credit risk to lending institutions.

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