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Microfinance for different groups of repayments actually so big difference!

Time: 2017-04-19         Source: Home Finance Manager Network         Author: Nanshan

The internet loan platform is constantly emerging. More and more people borrow money. In order to meet the needs of different people, the loan products are also full of tricks. It is noteworthy that, different groups of repayment methods are not the same, then for those applicationsMicrofinanceOf people, in the end what kind of repayment method is more appropriate? Today, by the integration 360 Xiaobian (chuqiankuai) to introduce to you.


First, the stable income of the crowd

A stable income users, you can useEquivalent principalWay of repayment, borrowers as the repayment period increases and reduce the financial burden. During the repayment period, the borrowers need to repay the principal equalized, that is, every month to repay the same amount of principal and remaining borrowings generated in the interest of the month, so the monthly repayment amount is fixed. If you choose the longer the repayment period, the need to pay more interest, but can reduce the monthly financial pressure on such people.

Second, high income people

High income users, you can make repayments in accordance with the quarter, each quarter is divided into three months, that is, users pay off one-off all three months each quarter, the monthly repayment pressure does not exist. However, each quarter need to repay the funds pressure is very large, so more suitable for high monthly income of people.

Third, low income people

Low-income users can use the biweekly repayment method to repay their borrowers once every two weeks for the borrower. This repayment method can help users save some of the use of the loan principal, so the need to pay interest will be reduced; there is anotherPrepaymentShorten the loan period, a one-time early payment of all the money after each period, you can not need the interest after the help to save users a lot of money. However, not all lending institutions can repay in advance, so users should consult with relevant personnel before applying for borrowing.

These are different groups of small loans for repayment, hoping Xiaobian introduction can help different income groups choose their own repayment methods, to repay arrears on time and maintain good personal credit loans again .

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