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The difference in repayment methods for small loans for different groups of people is so great!

Time: 2017-04-19         Source: Home Financial Manager         Author: Nanshan

With the continuous emergence of online loan platforms, people have more and more channels for borrowing money. In order to meet the needs of different groups of people, loan products are full of tricks. It is worth noting that the repayment methods of different groups of people are not the same. Then for those applicationsMicrofinanceWhat kind of repayment method is more suitable for people? Today, we will introduce you to chuqiankuai.


A stable income

Users with stable income can useEqual principalThe method of repayment, the borrower with the repayment period increases to reduce the financial burden. During the repayment period, the principal required for the repayment of the loan shall be amortized, that is, the repayment of the principal of the same amount each month and the interest of the remaining repayment in the month, so the repayment amount per month is fixed. If the longer the repayment period you choose, the more interest you will have to pay, but it will reduce the monthly financial pressure on this group of people.

Second, high-income people

Users with high incomes can make quarterly repayments. Each quarter is divided into three months, that is, the user pays back the arrears for three months at a time, and the monthly repayment pressure does not exist. However, the financial pressure that needs to be paid each quarter is very large, so it is more suitable for people with high monthly income.

Third, low-income people

Low-income users can use the bi-weekly repayment method to return the borrower’s plan for repayment of the arrears every two weeks. This kind of repayment method can help users to save some of the use of the loan principal, so the interest paid will be reduced; there is anotherPrepaymentShortening the loan period and paying all of the money after each payment in one time in advance may not require subsequent interest, helping the user to save a lot of money. But not all lending institutions can repay in advance, so users should consult with relevant personnel before applying for loans.

The above is how the different groups of people apply for microfinance. It is hoped that the introduction of Xiaoqian (chuqiankuai) can help people with different incomes to choose their own repayment method, be able to pay off their debts on time, and maintain good personal credit. .

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