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Female students net loan 5 thousand: to loan repayment of the arrears of 26 million father received nude photos

Time: 2017-04-11         Source: surging news         Author: surging News

April 3, Enshi farmer Mr. Zhou received a multimedia message, opened a look, he was shocked: the daughter of the nude appeared in thescreenon.

The original, daughter Xiao Zhou borrow money on the Internet, in order to pay back the money, can only keep other borrowing platform to borrow money. The beginning of 5,000 yuan of debt, just six months time, accumulated to 26 million yuan. Because not on the money, small weeks of the nude was made out.

Money is not enough flowers, female college students shoot nude loans 5,000 yuan

Xiao Zhou 20 years old, Wuhan is a vocational and technical college sophomore students. Yesterday she recalled that in October last year, she once on the public toilets, the door saw a small loan advertising.

Ghosts of the poor, she added the micro-advertising on the ads, chat with the clerk. At that time, she wanted to buy something, just short of money. After some communication, she asked to send my identity card, student card and mobile phone address book and other information.

At that time, the other side there is a request: hand luggage, take nude photos and video, jargon called "naked". Xiao Zhou said, IOU is the clerk sent the format, she just printed out to sign their own name.

She was hesitant to shoot nude. The other side to explain, because they do not understand, can only rely on these photos as a guarantee, if the money on time, will not spread out. Thinking about the amount of borrowing is not large, repayment should not be a problem, Xiao Zhouzhao do.

The first loan of 5,000 yuan, after deducting the audit fee, photo confidential fees and other expenses, Xiao Zhou get the money actually only 2750 yuan. Where is the money spent? She remembered for a long time, always could not think of it.

She only remember that the monthly living expenses of 1,000 yuan, often feel enough flowers, borrowed money, she also tookconsumptionBut the specific buy what she can not remember.

Not on the money, her daughter was sent to his father on the phone

In accordance with the agreement, the loan paid off within a week, or pay a weekly interest of 287 yuan, until the money paid up. Living alone is obviously not enough, Xiao Zhou did not dare to tell their parents, had to find friends to borrow money, but in the end no one can borrow.

In the clerk's introduction, Xiao Zhou joined a loan QQ group, find other borrowing platform to borrow money to pay off the debt. Half a year, she found a total of more than 30 borrowing platform to borrow money, remove the fee, she got the hand of the principal total of more than 80,000 yuan. But the money count interest, she had a total of nearly 260,000.

New Year period, Xiao Zhou turned off the phone, with the outside world broken contact. After the Spring Festival, the creditors are still not linked to her, to the address book group sent a debt message. Father, Mr. Zhou know that children owed money.

Female students net loan 5 thousand: to loan repayment of the arrears of 26 million father received nude photos

Female students net loan 5 thousand: to loan repayment of the arrears of 26 million father received nude photos

After receiving the message, he quickly asked her daughter how the matter, her daughter hesitant, only said that owed money, but do not say what to borrow money.

Desperation, he scored twice in nearly four million to the daughter, asked her to hurry to the money. April 3, nude sent to the phone, Mr. Zhou completely collapsed. He did not expect, daughter actually still owed money.

At the same time received nude, and her daughter's aunt, aunt and classmates. He rushed to Wuhan, 5 pm, with her daughter to the South police station police.

Unable to repay, female college students a family to escape

Xiao Zhou felt an unprecedented shame and regret. She was only with the family completely confessed, owed the principal and interest of 260,000 yuan, plus his father to help also, a total of also has nearly 160,000 yuan, also owed 10 million yuan, most of the nude as guarantee.

And all the causes of this are for the initial sum of 5,000 yuan. She said, in fact, later borrowed money, she basically did not spend, all spent on debt. Because of the students received a nude, she felt no face to stay in school, but also worried that the debtor to find the door, Xiao Zhou and his father together, left the Hubei, Shanghai to accompany their parents to work together.

Mr. Zhou said he had two children, and a son was nine years old. The couple in a plastic factory odd jobs, two people together, the monthly income of more than 6000 yuan. For the remaining 10 million, he is really unable to repay.

Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter search for "borrowing", "borrow money" and other keywords, can find a lot of the corresponding account. Chat after that, borrow a month interest rate of 8% -15% range. To 15%, for example, by 1 million, the monthly payment of interest of 1,500 yuan, and the first month of interest should be paid.

Reporters contact a number of small weeks of the creditors, and some do not know Xiao Zhou, directly hang up the phone. There is also that the debt business outsourcing out, there may be naked with the case of debt.

Xiao Zhou school relevant person in charge, after the incident, the school teacher accompanied to the police station, and arrange informed students with the public security organs investigation.

Xiao Zhou temporarily do not want to go to school, the school for its psychological counseling, and suggested that you can leave school, after things go back to school, their families are still considering.

Lawyer saying: nude contract invalid

Hubei law firm lawyer Chen Liang said that the nude as a guarantee for lending, the contract itself is invalid. Moreover, our law only recognizes the interest rate within 24% of the lending relationship, beyond the part of the law is not protected.

Xiao Zhou's loan, has been usury nature. Each loan, if the small week has returned the principal and 24% interest, you do not need to pay back the money. More interest, if more than 36%, can also be recovered through legal proceedings.

Chen Liang lawyer said that the spread of nude infringement of personal privacy, suspected of spreading pornographic material crime, can be handled by the police. Also reminded the majority of students, there are many risks of network lending, if there is a need for borrowing, but also with their parents to discuss, choose the SFC, the CIRC has a regular record of the company.

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