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Female student online loan 5,000: loan repayment to owe 260,000 father received nude photos

Time: 2017-04-11         Source: 澎湃News         Author: surging News

On April 3, Mr. Zhou, an Enshi farmer, received a multimedia message. When he opened it, he was shocked: his daughter’s nude photo appeared.screenon.

It turned out that her daughter Xiao Zhou borrowed money on the Internet. In order to pay back the money, she could only stop borrowing money from other lending platforms. At the beginning of the 5,000 yuan of debt, in just half a year, it accumulated to more than 260,000 yuan. Because of the lack of money, Xiao Zhou’s nude photos were sent out.

Money is not enough, female college students take a nude photo loan of 5,000 yuan

Xiao Zhou is 20 years old and is a sophomore at a vocational and technical college in Wuhan. Yesterday, she recalled that in October last year, when she went to the public toilet, she saw a small advertisement on the door.

The ghost made a difference, she added the WeChat on the advertisement and chatted with the salesman. At the time, she wanted to buy something, just missing money. After some communication, she sent information such as my ID card, student ID card and mobile phone address book as required.

At that time, the other party had a request: taking a loan, taking nude photos and videos, and the jargon was called "naked strips." Xiao Zhou said that the loan is a format sent by the salesman. She only needs to print it and sign her name.

She hesitated for taking nude photos. The other party explained that because they did not understand it, they could only rely on these photos as a guarantee. If they pay back the money on time, they will not be circulated. Thinking that the amount of the loan is not large, the repayment should not be a problem, Xiao Zhouzhao did.

The first loan of 5,000 yuan, after deducting the audit fee, photo secrets and other fees, Xiao Zhou got the money is actually only 2,750 yuan. Where is the money spent? She remembered for a long time and never thought of it.

She only remembers that she has to spend 1,000 yuan per month. She often feels that she is not spending enough money. She borrows money and she also takes it.consumptionBut, but what she bought, she can't remember.

Still not on the money, the daughter's nude photos were sent to the father's mobile phone

According to the agreement, the loan will be repaid within one week, otherwise the interest will be paid 287 yuan per week until the money is paid off. It is obviously not enough to rely solely on living expenses. Xiao Zhou did not dare to tell his parents that he had to borrow money from friends, but in the end no one could borrow.

Under the introduction of the salesman, Xiao Zhou joined a loan QQ group and found other borrowing platforms to borrow money to pay off debts. In the past six months, she has found more than 30 lending platforms to borrow money and remove the handling fee. She has received a total of more than 80,000 yuan. But the money is calculated as interest, and she has to pay nearly 260,000 in total.

During the Chinese New Year, Xiao Zhou turned off his mobile phone and broke contact with the outside world. After the Spring Festival, the creditor still couldn't contact her, and sent a message to his address book. Father Zhou knows that the child owes money.

Female student online loan 5,000: loan repayment to owe 260,000 father received nude photos

Female student online loan 5,000: loan repayment to owe 260,000 father received nude photos

After receiving the text message, he hurriedly asked his daughter what happened. The daughter swallowed and said that he owed money to others, but did not say what he had done with the money.

In desperation, he scraped nearly 40,000 yuan to his daughter twice, and told her to quickly return the money. On April 3, nude photos were sent to the mobile phone, and Mr. Zhou completely collapsed. He did not expect that the daughter actually owed money.

At the same time, I received a nude photo, as well as my daughter’s aunt, aunt and classmates. He rushed to Wuhan, and on the afternoon of the 5th, he took his daughter to the Guannan police station and reported the police.

Inability to pay debts, female college students fleeing at home

Xiao Zhou felt unprecedented shame and regret. She was completely frank with her family this time. The principal and interest owed was 260,000 yuan. Together with her father’s help, she has already paid nearly 160,000 yuan and still owed more than 100,000 yuan. Most of them are nude photos. guarantee.

The cause of all this is for the initial loan of 5,000 yuan. She said that in fact, she borrowed the money, she basically did not spend it, and spent all her debts. Because some students received nude photos, she felt that she had no face to stay in school, and she was worried that the debt collectors would come to the door. Xiao Zhou and her father left Hubei and went to work with their parents in Shanghai.

Mr. Zhou said that he has two children and one son is only 9 years old. The couple worked odd jobs in a plastics factory. The two men added up and earned more than 6,000 yuan a month. For the remaining 100,000 yuan, he is really unable to repay.

Chutian Metropolis Daily reporters search for keywords such as “borrowing” and “borrowing money” and can find many corresponding accounts. After chatting, I learned that the loan interest rate ranges from 8% to 15%. Taking 15% as an example, borrowing 10,000 yuan will pay interest of 1,500 yuan per month, and the interest for the first month must be paid first.

The reporter contacted many creditors of Xiao Zhou, and some said that they did not know Xiao Zhou and hang up the phone directly. Others said that the debt collection business was outsourced, and there may be cases of using nude photos to collect debts.

The relevant person in charge of Xiaozhou School introduced that after the incident, the school’s teacher accompanied the police station to report the police and arranged for informed students to cooperate with the public security organs for investigation.

Xiao Zhou was temporarily reluctant to go to school. The school gave him psychological counseling and suggested that he could take a break from school and return to school after the incident. His family is still considering it.

Lawyer said: naked loan contract is invalid

Chen Liang, a lawyer from Hubei Dianheng Law Firm, said that the loan itself was used as a guarantee for the loan, and the contract itself was invalid. Moreover, our country's law only recognizes the loan relationship with annual interest rate within 24%, and the excess is not protected by law.

Xiao Zhou’s borrowings are already in the form of usury. For each loan, if Xiao Zhou has returned the principal and 24% interest, there is no need to pay back the money. If the interest paid more than 36% is higher, it can be recovered through legal proceedings.

Lawyer Chen Liang said that the spread of nude photos violated the privacy of individuals and was suspected of spreading obscene articles. It also reminds the students that there are many risks in online lending. If there is a need for borrowing, they should also consult with their parents and choose a regular company that is filed with the CSRC and the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

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