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The mortgage business is deserted. Bank consumer credit has set off a "discount war"

Time: 2017-02-21         Source: Dongfang Net         Author: Tai Jia

Compared with the tightened mortgage, bank credit consumer loans are “relaxed”. Not only can you apply quickly online, but the interest rates of related products of many banks are also discounted. Some insiders believe that the bank pushes credit consumer loans because the mortgage is deserted. Another point of view is that credit loans and mortgages are not a mass-scale, and risks are different. Banks still set stricter thresholds for credit loans.

Workers and peasants have strong discounts on construction

“Loan 10,000, daily interest rate of 1 yuan, 20% discount on the original interest rate...” Recently, many ICBC customers have received the special spring special message about personal credit consumption loans. According to the reporter's understanding, this is called "ICBC's e-borrowing" credit consumer loan, no need for guarantee, the longest period of two years, self-service application on mobile banking. The interest rate is 20% off, and the one-year loan interest rate is 5.22%, which is equivalent to a 20% increase in the benchmark interest rate for the same period; the loan interest rate for one-year loans is 5.7%.

Personal credit loans refer to unsecured and unsecured RMB loans issued by banks to borrowers who meet certain conditions and are used for personal legal compliance purposes, generally consumer loans. Since the beginning of the year, many banks have launched online consumer credit loans with online pre-credit and rapid lending. Traditionally, it is necessary to apply to the outlets. The new online personal credit loan is a high-quality customer with a lot of wages or financial assets because the borrowing object is directly screened by the banking system.

Not only ICBC, CCB also reduced the preferential interest rate of its personal credit consumption fast loan business to 4.56% during the Spring Festival. It is reported that the current 1-year interest rate of the product has recovered to 5.6%, which is equivalent to a 28.7% increase in the benchmark interest rate for the same period.

The Bank of China, the Agricultural Bank of China and other big banks also have similar "actions." At a bank outlet, the reporter learned that the borrowing cost of consumer credit is around 5%, and the maximum amount is 250,000 yuan. The relevant staff of the outlet said that “5% of the fee is deducted first, and now you can apply for a 20% discount.” In the mobile banking client of ABC, the reporter saw the bank’s “Jetger” credit consumer loan, the lowest loan interest rate. It is 4.785%, the longest period is 12 months, and the maximum amount is 300,000 yuan.

However, some related parties of joint-stock banks also told reporters that there is no preferential interest rate on credit loans at 6% to 6.5%. The reporter learned from a city commercial bank that the interest rate of related products of the bank is around 7.6% to 7.92%.

It is understood that before the recent "reward wars" in several major banks, the interest rate of personal credit consumer loans in the market will rise by about 50% on the basis of the benchmark interest rate, and the annualized interest rate is generally between 6% and 8%.

Consumer credit is hot because of mortgages?

Some insiders admit that banks are pushing credit consumer loans, perhaps because of the deserted mortgage business.

“One week, the whole department has only about a dozen mortgages to do.” The relevant person in the mortgage department of a large bank in Puxi described the recent work status: “Occasionally there are just a few businesses that need business, and the loan amount is not large. Everyone must actively sell, such as promoting credit consumption loans and other businesses."

In fact, since the regulation last year, the growth rate of personal housing loans in Shencheng has continued to slow down. According to data from the central bank's Shanghai headquarters, in January, local and foreign currency personal housing loans in the city increased by 11.19 billion yuan year-on-year, and second-hand housing loans increased by 2.82 billion yuan year-on-year. At the end of the month, the growth rate of local and foreign currency personal housing loans decreased by 3 percentage points. In fact, the monthly increase in mortgages at the end of last year has hit a new low. As the effects of real estate regulation continue to show, the proportion of personal loan growth and incremental growth has dropped significantly. In the quarter of 2016, personal housing loans in the first to fourth quarters increased by 91.73 billion yuan, 101.55 billion yuan, 74.77 billion yuan and 67.19 billion yuan respectively. The quarterly increase in loans showed a trend of “∧”, including a new personal housing loan of 15.47 billion in December. Yuan, a monthly increase in personal housing loans in the past 14 months, a month-on-month increase of 10.12 billion yuan and 5.17 billion yuan.

On the other hand, last year's domestic and foreign consumer personal loans increased by 18.17 billion yuan, an increase of 3.69 billion yuan. In January this year, other consumer loans increased by 3.05 billion yuan, an increase of 2.62 billion yuan year-on-year. Large banks with large business volume are affected more, so 'selling' promotion credit loans are also more active." According to industry insiders, the threshold for such businesses is higher, so the interest rate is relatively higher than that of small and medium banks. Offer.

However, some people in the banking industry believe that banks will not lower the risk of credit consumer loans because the mortgage market is temporarily deserted. On the one hand, "salvation", credit loans and mortgages are not a mass-scale; on the other hand, two The kind of loan risk is also different, so even if the bank wants to make a large credit loan, it is also done within the quality customer within the bank's risk control system.

The interest rate is low and the threshold is not falling.

It is understood that the maximum amount of a bank's consumer credit loan can usually range from 500,000 to 800,000 yuan, but only the amount of less than 300,000 yuan can be directly transferred to the lender's account at its own discretion, and the amount of 300,000 yuan or more must be required by the CBRC. With the entrusted payment, the transaction object is directly paid.

Even for the freely-dominated credit line of less than 300,000 yuan, the big banks that are "discounting promotions" have stricter thresholds for loan targets and loan quotas. Ms. Cao, an ICBC client, applied for a “CIC Interim” credit consumer loan at Mobile Banking. The final result showed that her current maximum loan amount was 80,000 yuan. "I am an ICBC card paying customer, and there are hundreds of thousands of wealth management products in this card. I thought I could borrow a higher amount." Miss Cao said.

Mr. Xu told reporters that during the Spring Festival, he applied for a fast-track loan from CCB. “The interest rate is 4.56%, which is cost-effective, but only applied for more than 10,000 yuan.” He also told reporters that the bank’s risk control and whereabouts for such loans The use is very strict and cannot be used to invest in stocks, funds, etc., and cannot be used to repay credit card loans. “After I applied for the loan amount, the credit card repayment function for the account is closed.”

According to industry insiders, at present, each bank has its own risk control standards for credit consumer loan business. Some only invite customers to provide credit consumption loan business, while others require local housing, and the amount is relatively low. There are also banks with relatively high quotas of up to 500,000 yuan, but the interest rates are relatively high, reaching 7.4%. The access is also more stringent. It is only open to public institutions and state-owned enterprises.

From the perspective of interest-bearing and repayment methods, bank credit consumer loans are mainly divided into two categories: one is to be issued to the lender's account at one time, and the lender repays the loan according to the contract. The repayment method is generally equal principal and interest, equal principal, Paying interest in installments once and for all. There is another kind of borrower who can borrow at any time during the limited period of the quota. After the loan is borrowed, the interest will be calculated, and the loan will be renewed with the loan. The general quota is limited to 3 years, and the borrowing time is usually one year. After one year of borrowing, it is necessary to pay off the principal and interest, usually in the form of the first payment.

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