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I owe credit 200,000 small loans, can not you still?

Time: 2017-02-17         Source: Financial 360         Author: light

Recently, Xiaobian found a lot of friends, as long as the credit is not on the credit, they will be holding the idea of ​​running to finish.

They think that the Internet micro-loans are not protected by law and there is no particularly effective means of collection. They just call, the phone number is down, the phone is still off, and nothing more. Overdue borrowed money overdue people are not afraid, that the mouth of the house would like to pomp, nor any network of credit reference platform. Is it true? Do you still think small loan companies are fools?

  Recently asked a friend Xiaobian:"I owe credit 200,000 small loan companies! People do not want to return in the field, ID card is true, the address is fake, they will find me? ? My hometown is northeast China, and I borrowed 200,000 small loan companies that did not qualify for credit in Jiangsu. Still six months, but now people are not in Jiangsu, so do not want to return! When borrowing, only the ID number is true, the address after the move has no use, the phone number is changed, refused to answer a stranger call, the collection will find me? I can not find any consequences? Will be prosecuted? Not a loan company's head office, is a small branch, there is a no business license! ! "

Xiaobian reply:

1, first can not say can not find your problem, do not think it is fine to credit, can not get credit, but also the Internet blacklist. Although the bank is not going to check the blacklist now, the data will not disappear there. Can not deal with the bank is a trivial matter, can not take the high-speed rail can not fly to trouble.

2, do not know what you are talking about small-scale loan company, since there are head office branches, the last blacklist there is always a channel, and 200,000 is not small, the prosecution of the court is enough.

3, and then step back and said that even if you do not look at the central bank credit, the third-party credit reporting blemishes, you will be very troublesome, with sesame credit, Koala credit, for example, more than 3 months overdue, not to enter the collection process , Credit immediately beaten back to liberation, and then want to enjoy a series of privileges of e-commerce, the door did not.

4. General Loan The first step when you do not pay back the money is to call your relatives and friends for harassment (usually, the phone number will be saved in your phone's address book), if not used , Generally to the professional dunning company.

These are generally involved in triad or something, such as your 200,000, chase them to get 30% or more, the beginning is to go to your apartment for any trouble, or go to your home there downtown, the beginning is very If you are civilized, you will not act in the past. For example, if you are in or near your home, where you go or where you go, or with your family, sometimes do you have any AIDS dunning team I do not know if they are true), so I still have to pay off, they will blacklist your credit.

  Fool loans are generally frivolous others to borrow money, without their own identity, that is really cheat out with skill and cruel, using their own identity to borrow money, would like to? Or consider the consequences of it.

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