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I owe a small loan of 200,000 yuan without credit, can I not return it?

Time: 2017-02-17         Source: Fusion 360         Author: light

Recently, Xiao Bian has discovered a lot of good friends. As long as the small loans are not credited, they will carry out the idea of ​​running and running.

They believe that online microfinance is not protected by law, and there is no special effective means of collection. It is just a phone call, the phone number is down, the shutdown is still just making a phone call, and nothing more. Those who have borrowed money and are not overdue will not be afraid. The family's mouth will want to pick it up, and it will not be connected to any credit information platform. Is it really like this? Do you think that small loan companies are all fools?

  A recent netizen asked Xiao Bian:I owe 200,000 yuan to the microfinance company of credit information! People do not want to return in the field, identity cards are true, the address is false, they will find me? ? My hometown is in the northeast, and I borrowed two 200,000 microfinance companies that are not credited in Jiangsu. It has been six months, but now people are no longer in Jiangsu, so do not want to return! At the time of borrowing, only the ID number is true, the address before the move has been useless, the mobile phone number has been changed, and the stranger's phone is rejected. Will the caller find me? Can't find what will happen to me? Will you be sued? It is not the head office of the loan company. It is a small branch. There is no business license yet! ! ”

Xiaobian reply:

1. Let's not say whether you can find your problem. Don't think that you will be fine if you don't do a credit investigation. Although banks are still not going to check the black list of online loans, the data will not disappear there, and they will not be allowed to check the day. It is a trivial matter not to deal with the bank. It is not possible to take the high-speed train and not be able to fly.

2. Don't know what scale your small loan company is saying. Since there are branch head offices, there is always a channel for the last blacklist, and 200,000 yuan is not too small. The lawsuit on the court is enough.

3. Step back and say that even if you do not look at the central bank's credit information, the third-party credit information will appear tainted. You will also be in trouble. Take sesame credit and koala credit as examples. If you are overdue for more than 3 months, you will not enter the collection process. When the credit immediately came back to liberation, they wanted to enjoy a series of privilege from the e-commerce business.

4. The first step for the general lending company when you are not paying back is to call your relatives and friends to harass and inform (in the case of a general loan, a phone number in your phone's address book will be saved), if not used It is usually given to a professional dunning company.

Generally, these are related to the triads, such as your 200,000. You can get 30% or more after you come back. The beginning is to go to your unit for any trouble, or to go to your home to make trouble. It was just beginning. Civilized people do not do anything in the past. For example, they depend on your home or nearby. Where do you go, where does he go, or with your family, sometimes there is also a AIDS team? I don't know if they are true, so I still have to pay back, they will blacklist your credit.

  Generally fraudulent loans are flicker others to borrow money, do not have their own identity, it really lies in the deception and cruel, use their own identity to borrow money, think of it? Or consider the consequences.

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