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How to lend a bank personal credit consumption loan? Which ones can be loaned in one minute?

Time: 2017-02-08         Source: Hangzhou Net         Author: Hangzhou Network

In the past year of the Rooster Spring Festival, the tourism market is hot. According to the National Tourism Administration, during the Spring Festival of 2017, the Chinese spent a total of 42.33 billion yuan on tourism. And many people choose to travel in the form of consumer loans, how to lend the bank's personal credit consumer loans?

White-collar Juan is one of the "contributors". During the Spring Festival this year, she and her family traveled to Europe for a total of 60,000 yuan, but the funds for tourism were borrowed from the banks. "After the year, I applied for this credit consumer loan through ‘Yinyinrong’, I borrowed 10,000 yuan for about 1 yuan, and I arrived in one minute.” Juan said that he must improve before going out to travel.Credit card limitIt's not even enough to brush, so you don't have to worry about it now.

With the increasing demand for consumers to overdraw consumption in advance, the consumer finance market has begun to “make up”. The reporter learned that at present, various banks have stepped up their efforts to upgrade their personal credit consumer loan products. Most banks have a loan application amount of 10,000-300,000 yuan, and the loan annualized interest rate is 5%-8%, mainly used for decoration and car purchase. Large-scale consumption such as tourism and study abroad.

ComparedCredit card stagingLoans and personal credit consumer loans have the advantages of high loan amount and low repayment interest. Consumers can apply for loans through multiple channels such as offline and mobile banking, and they can get loans in one minute.

The annualized interest rate is at least 5.22%, and the amount is high and the cost is low.

In the past two years, various banks have launched a variety of innovative personal consumer loan products based on credit loans.

It is understood that the current amount of personal credit loan applications issued by various banks is mostly between 10,000 and 500,000 yuan. The loan period is as short as 6 months and the long term is 4 years. The repayment method can choose to repay monthly, or you can choose Repay the principal and interest repayment on a monthly basis.

The reporter learned that the “Citizen Loan” launched by Hangzhou United Bank provides consumer credit loan products to target customers in Hangzhou and New Hangzhou. The maximum loan amount is not more than 500,000 yuan, and the loan can be released on the fastest day.

China Merchants Bank Hangzhou Branch launched a personal small credit loan product for mass consumption, with a maximum credit limit of 300,000 yuan and a loan time of about 3 days.

As banks began to pay attention to personal consumption credit loans, some banks have also increased their quotas. For example, in January of this year, the amount issued by ICBC to release “ICBC's e-lending” was calculated based on the comprehensive situation when the consumer submitted the application, and the maximum amount was up to 800,000 yuan.

In contrast, the credit for personal credit consumer loans is much higher than credit card installments. Most banks' credit card installment quotas do not exceed 80% of the total credit card, and the maximum is no more than RMB 100,000.

Compared with the rate of 7%-9% of 1-year credit card installment loans, the cost of bank consumer loans is much lower. At present, the annualized interest rate of bank personal credit consumer loans is generally between 6% and 8%. For example, the annual interest rate of “citizen loans” launched by Hangzhou United Bank is about 6%; the annualized interest rate of “white-collar loans” launched by Industrial Bank is 6.5%; the annualized interest rate of credit consumption loans launched by China Merchants Bank Hangzhou Branch is 6.4%. -7% between.

Some banks have lower interest rates. For example, ICBC's current “ICBC financing” can enjoy a 20% discount on interest rates, including a one-year loan interest rate of 5.22%.

"The interest rate of bank consumer loans usually rises by about 50% according to the benchmark interest rate for loans set by the People's Bank of China. During the period of preferential activities, the benchmark interest rate will rise by 20%." The relevant person in charge of the Bank Card Center of ICBC Zhejiang Branch said.

Mobile banking 1 minute loan, application threshold is lowered

In the past, the threshold for applying for personal credit consumer loans was quite high. Mainly considering the nature of the work of the lender, the nature of the applicant's work must meet the conditions of the quality unit. For example, some banks require credit consumer loans to be open only to employees of state-owned enterprises, civil servants, teachers, and doctors.

Now, in the face of a trillion-dollar consumer finance market, various financial institutions have also lowered their thresholds on consumer loans to attract quality customers.

"Loans who meet the requirements of the local provident fund for one year and the monthly deposit of 1,200 yuan and above can apply, without guarantee and mortgage." Xu Kenan, senior account manager of Industrial Bank Hangzhou Branch, said.

The "citizen loan" launched by Hangzhou United Bank requires the lender to deposit the reserve fund for 24 months or more, and the monthly deposit is not less than 500 yuan.Personal credit historyApply as soon as possible. “Customers only need to provide ID cards when applying, the maximum loan amount is no more than 500,000 yuan, and the fastest can be released on the same day.” Jun Junjie, product manager of Hangzhou United Bank Business Department.

However, when applying for large personal credit consumption loans, the materials provided are more cumbersome. “Generally, lenders are required to provide ID cards, household registration books, marriage certificates, wages and social security contributions, etc.,” said Shao Jianghao, product manager of the retail credit department of China Merchants Bank Hangzhou Branch.

In addition to lowering the application threshold, the personal credit consumption loans of various banks are also mainly promoted online. From application to lending, they can be handled through online channels, which is more convenient and simple.

The reporter learned through the official WeChat public account of Hangzhou Peony Card that the customer can log in to personal mobile banking or online banking, select “credit consumer loan” in the “loan” column, click “apply loan”, you can see whether you can loan, and The maximum loanable amount can be submitted in one minute after filling in the relevant information.

Buying a car, studying abroad, large-value consumption is more suitable for applying for credit loans

Recently, Nielsen released the "White Paper on Chinese Consumer Lending Concepts and Lending Behaviors". The report pointed out that up to 43% of respondents said that even if they borrowed money or loans, they would get the goods they wanted, and the attitude of credit consumption was clear. And 71% of respondents expressed their willingness to consider applying for unsecured loans from financial institutions.

"Customers apply for personal credit consumer loans mainly for decoration, car purchase, travel, study abroad and other large-scale consumption. With the loan, the interest is calculated day by day, which is more cost-effective." Xu Kenan said.

Shao Jianghao believes that different customers have different consumer needs and different types of products. “It is easier for the general public to apply for credit card installment loans, but if there is a large amount of cash consumption demand for a long period of time, personal credit consumption loans are more suitable. Consumer demand exceeding 300,000 yuan is more suitable for bank mortgage loans. ."

On the other hand, the industry believes that although there are related loan use systems, due to the lack of strict review of bank loans, loans and loans, some practitioners or individuals have drawn bridges and there are still misuse and misappropriation. “The lender needs to explain the purpose of the fund when applying. If the misuse or misappropriation occurs after the loan, the bank can ask the lender to repay the loan in advance, and also affect the personal credit record.” Xu Kenan said.

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