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What is the application process for microfinance?

Time: 2017-01-23         Source: China Gold Online         Author: gold online

  MicrofinanceIt is a common loan method for people everyday, because the amount is small, the threshold is relatively low, and the arrival rate is fast, which can quickly solve the borrower's cash flow problem. So, what is the application process for microcredit?

  1. Application acceptance.

After the borrower submits the microloan application to the microfinance loan bank, the operator will introduce the borrower to the borrower's application conditions and deadlines for the microloan, as well as the borrower's conditions, qualifications and application materials.

2. Review again.

According to the relevant regulations, the handling staff shall take reasonable measures to verify the authenticity of the materials submitted by the customers, evaluate the applicant's ability to repay and the willingness to repay the funds.

3. Approval.

The final approval of the comprehensive credit line and quota of the customer shall be finalized by the competent approver according to the customer's credit rating, economic status, credit conditions and guarantee conditions.

4. Issuance.

After the loan conditions are fulfilled, the client can apply for the loan amount from the loan bank at any time according to the demand for the loan.

5. Post-loan management.

The loan bank will supervise and inspect the borrower’s income status and the use of the loan in accordance with the relevant provisions of the loan management. The inspection results shall be recorded in writing and archived and preserved.

6. Loan recovery.

According to the repayment schedule and repayment date stipulated in the loan contract, the borrower repays the principal and interest in full and on time when the repayment is due, and the microloan process ends.

7. One of the short-term micro-credits:Car MortgageApplication process, Cars provided by car loansMortgageSuccessful lending can be handled one day, and the approval amount is high.

The process is as follows: 1) application, 2) vehicle inspection, 3) evaluation, 4) signing, 5) contract, 6) mortgage and other procedures, 7) arrival, 8) repayment

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