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What is the application process for microfinance?

Time: 2017-01-23         Source: Zhongjin Online         Author: gold online

Microfinance is a common type of loan for people every day. Because the amount is small, the threshold is relatively low, and the rate of receipt is fast, it can quickly solve the problem of borrower's capital turnover. So, what is the application process for microfinance?

  1. Application acceptance.

After the borrower submits the microfinance loan application to the microfinance loan bank, the manager will introduce the borrower's application conditions and time limit for the microfinance, and conduct preliminary examination of the borrower's conditions, qualifications and application materials.

2. Review again.

According to the relevant regulations, the handling personnel shall take reasonable measures to review the authenticity of the materials submitted by the customers, and evaluate the applicant's repayment ability and willingness to repay.

3. Approval.

The authorized creditor shall finalize the customer's comprehensive credit line and the validity period according to the customer's credit rating, economic situation, credit status and guarantee.

4. Issue.

After the implementation of the loan terms, the customer can apply for the amount of the loan at any time according to the demand for the loan.

5. Post-loan management.

The loan bank shall supervise and inspect the income status of the borrower and the use of the loan in accordance with the relevant provisions of the loan management. The inspection results shall be recorded in writing and archived.

6. Loan recovery.

According to the repayment plan and repayment date stipulated in the loan contract, the borrower repays the principal and interest in full and on time when the repayment is due, and the microfinance process ends.

7. One type of short-term micro-credit: the application process of the automobile mortgage loan, the car mortgage loan provided by the car loan without the need for the car can be smoothly discharged in one day, and the approval amount is high.

The process is as follows: 1) application, 2) vehicle inspection, 3) evaluation, 4) signing, 5) contract, 6) mortgage, etc., 7) arrival, 8) repayment

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