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Can auto loans not be paid for bank mortgages?

Time: 2017-01-22         Source: Southern Wealth Network         Author: Southern Wealth Network

As we all know, in handlingCar mortgage loanWhen the loan agency for the mortgage of the car is also required. So, auto loans have not paid for bank mortgage loans?

Mortgage loan refers to the borrower to a certain collateral as an item to ensure that the loan to the bank. It is a form of bank lending that typically includes bills of lading, bonds, stocks, real estate, and bills of lading, stacks, or other documents that demonstrate the ownership of the goods. When the loan is due, the borrower must return it in full, otherwise the bank has the right to dispose of the collateral as a compensation.

According to Xiao Bian learned that if the borrower's car loan has not been paid off and is currently in the process of repaying loans, then it is impossible to apply for a mortgage loan because the loan has not yet been paid and the vehicle is mortgaged to the bank and can not be handled Mortgage registration procedures, can not handle the mortgage loan.

If the borrower personal qualifications better, with a stable job and income, repayment ability, good personal credit, then may wish to passPersonal unsecured loansTo get cash flow, unsecured loansLoan lineGenerally about 10 times the monthly income of borrowers, if the borrower's personal credit is better, then the loan amount will be increased.

In addition, because automobiles belong to consumables, devaluation is fast. Although borrowers' cars meet mortgage loan conditions, banks will not be able to accept them easily in order to control the risk of loans. Therefore, it is better for borrowers to seek local private lending institutions Apply for a car mortgage loan.

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