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What are the procedures for applying for a loan from a small loan company?

Time: 2017-01-05         Source: gold investment network         Author: Kim cast net

  MicrofinanceThe company is set up by natural persons, corporate legal persons and other social organizations, do not absorb public deposits, operate smallloanBusiness limited liability company or joint stock limited company. So, the enterprise to the small loan company to apply for a loan procedures?

Company to small loan company loan procedures:

First, the original business license and a copy of the business card of the original and a copy of the identity card.

Second, the financial statements of the enterprise, including the balance sheet, the income statement, the cash flow statement, etc., and some small loan companies require the financial statements must be audited. The balance sheet and income statement are current and last.

Third, the enterprise has a statutory issuing authority issued by the loan card, the enterprise needs to provide a general deposit account for the loan application.

It should be noted that different small loan companies have a slight gap in the requirements of the information. After the information is prepared, you can apply to the small loan company, and then wait for the audit, once the audit passed, with the small loan company signed a loan contract, you can get the money.

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