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How long is the China Merchants Bank mortgage?

Time: 2016-12-29         Source: Luo Ye law         Author: Luo Ye law

Recently, there are users in the background consultationChina Merchants Bank MortgageHow long is the handling cycle?

In principleChina Merchants Bank loansApproval time takes about 15 business days, because the middle involved in the assessment and other links, each city has a difference, so the specific time you need to lend and your local branch manager to understand. If you currently have a loan demand, you can try to contact the local nearest Merchants counters for personal applications. Loan application generally need to provide the application information:

1, identification information

2, marriage certificate information: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, unmarried statement and so on

3, local residence certificate: nearly three months of any three months fixed telephone payment list, or utilities list of fees and other public utility charges documents, or other information can prove the address

4, proof of guarantee information: proof of ownership of collateral. Where there is a co-owner, it is also necessary to provide the co-owner to agree to the mortgage statement or to require the co-owner to sign the mortgage contract. To provide other ancillary guarantee, the need to provide the appropriate proof of information

5, the use of proof of information: the use of loans for the car / parking spaces: to be submitted to prove the authenticity of the purchase of the use of information, such as car / car parking contract, subscription letter of intent, deposit receipts, down payment receipt; loan use for decoration: Must be submitted to prove the authenticity of the decoration of the information, such as the decoration of property claims and decoration contracts, advance receipts, etc.; loan purposes for the education of the school: to be able to submit proof of admission information, such as school issued by the "admission notice Book "or similar proof of material

6, repayment ability to prove information: I can send wages on behalf of the client can directly provide their wages on behalf of the account flow; social security account or personal tax bills, etc. If your loan also need to provide other information, Will promptly notify you, you apply for a loan when you can also through the Office of the detailed confirmation of this information. The specific processing time is by the housing mortgage in the regional construction committee to do the mortgage registration time varies, the other time is roughly the same.

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