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How long does the China Merchants Bank's mortgage loan handling cycle take?

Time: 2016-12-29         Source: Luo Ye Law         Author: Luo Ye law

Recently, users have consulted in the backgroundChina Merchants Bank MortgageHow long is the processing cycle?

In principleChina Merchants Bank LoansThe time for approval needs about 15 working days, because the middle involves assessment and other links, and each city has its own differences. Therefore, the specific loan time needs you and the local branch's account managers to do the same. If you currently have a loan requirement, you can try to contact the local personal bank at the nearest CMB counter to apply. Loan application generally needs to provide the application information:

1, identification documents

2. Marriage certificate information: marriage certificate, divorce certificate, unmarried statement, etc.

3. Information on local residence proof: A list of fixed telephone bills for any three months in the past year, utility bills such as utility bills, or other information that can prove the address

4, the proof of proof: the ownership of the collateral. If there are people who share the rights, they must also provide the rights of the co-owner to agree to the mortgage statement or require the co-owner to sign the mortgage contract. If you provide other supplementary guarantee methods, you must provide corresponding certification materials

5. Use certification materials: The loan is used for car purchase/car parking spaces: Documents that can prove the authenticity of the purchase are required, such as car purchase/car parking contract, subscription letter of intent, deposit receipt, first payment receipt, etc.; loan use is for decoration: Submit information that can prove the authenticity of the decoration, such as the property ownership certificate and renovation contract, advance payment receipt, etc.; loan use is for educational credits: required to submit proof of admission information, such as the admission notice issued by the school Book or similar proofs

6, proof of repayment ability information: We pay on behalf of the customer can provide their payroll account directly to the water; social insurance account water or personal tax payment, etc. If your loan needs to provide other information, the management office here also You will be notified in a timely manner that you can also confirm this information in detail through your handling bank when applying for a loan. The specific processing time is different from the time of mortgage registration made by the building committee of the regional mortgage. The other time is roughly the same.

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