The mortgage market closed flat in December 2016. The first suite interest rate was 4.45%.

Thematic summaryThe average interest rate for the first home in December was 4.45%, which was the same as last month. The tightening of the country's mortgage policy led to an increase in the proportion of the first house down payment of 30%, the first house down payment of 30% accounted for the mainstream, the bank accounted for 30% of the down payment accounted for 58.72%.

National First Home Loan Policy

Changes in mortgage interest rates in major cities across the country

ConclusionThe government clarifies the development direction of the property market and gives a clear direction to the stable development of the future property market. It is of great significance for realizing the healthy and stable development of the real estate market. The supervision of the real estate market will be more stringent in the future. At this stage, the main task of the government is to control the land price and establish an effective mechanism to curb investment demand and solve the rigid demand.