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How deep is microfinance? Will small loans credit?

Time: 2016-12-26         Source: Zhumadian News Network         Author: Zhumadian News

REVIEW: Due to the huge demand at the end of the tightening of bank credit,MicrofinanceCan be described as flowering everywhere, but when applying for loans, should also pay attention to a problem, how deep is the micro-loan water, a small loan will not credit?

"At the end of the year, the demand for small loans increased due to quick cash flow and the borrowers' demand for small loans was mainly between 100,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan." Recently, the work of the credit department of a bank in our city Mr. Zhang introduced staff. Life, many people will encounter the problem of shortage of funds, under normal circumstances, they will choose toBank loan. However, at the end of the year, some people choose to apply for loans to small loan companies in order to avoid the cumbersome procedures and procedures for bank loans. But the question is, how deep is the water? Will small loans credit records?

Microfinance credit record

Mr. Zhang introduced the end of demand for loans is large, there are two main reasons, one is the end of the year most borrowers have higher demand for funds. Banks at the end of the loan processing and issuing slower, but also on the mortgageConsumer loansQuotas and other restrictions, so the borrower will choose the convenient procedures, rapid way to lend to promote the increasing demand for small loans. Another reason is that the diversification of on-lending and microfinance lending for various types of lending APPs enables many people to use these new approaches to meet the demand for short-term financing.

However, these small loans will not credit records became the concern of many people. In this regard, Mr. Zhang introduced loans lent bank, if not overdue, usually leave a "credit tainted" in the credit records.Microfinance company loan records will not credit records, depending on whether the small loan company docking the central bank credit information interface.

According to the data, there are less than 100 microfinance companies nationwide that interface with the central bank's credit reference. In other words, most small loan companies apply for micro-loans, the borrower's loan records will not be creditedPersonal credit reportin. However, some microfinance companies have a set of shared "blacklists" of credit. If you always overdue loans, you will not be able to borrow money from this small loan company, or you may be denied access to other companies outer.

Microfinance company "how deep the water"

This reporter learned that the formal microfinance companies have been approved by the financial sector, and registered in the business sector, consumers can call the relevant departments to verify the situation. In addition, many formal microfinance companies now operate only in the area of ​​registration. However, in order to obtain business, some "liar companies" tend to exaggerate their business capabilities and claim to carry out business in all parts of the country. When a formal microfinance company approves a loan, it will communicate with the borrower in person and require the borrower to provide detailed information on production and operation and household income, and even conduct field trips to the borrower's place of residence and place of business. However, the censorship process will be much simpler.

Mr Cheung reminded the public that the amount of microfinance is increasing day by day and its forms are becoming more diversified. But many people can not think, this one may be hidden risks.

Some hair-waving companies that advertise small advertisements all claim that "low interest rates" are in fact scams. Under normal circumstances, small loans will be higher interest rates than bank loans, "low interest rates" is impossible to exist. Companies calling "low interest rates" may be charged in other ways.

And some small loan companies say it is even more absurd to "borrow money when someone is there." Because no matter what the loan, you need to submit the relevant documents to prove the borrower's qualifications. In qualifications fail to meet the requirements of the circumstances, can still borrow money, it is impossible. Basically it can be determined that this is a liar or usury trick.

Nowadays, lending is getting richer, but there are risks associated with its growth. With the advent of various lending APPs, there is such a guise in the Internet that "there is no need to meet, fax together, and the strength is strong, and the entire country lends money." In such circumstances must be vigilant, otherwise it is likely to be deceived.

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