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Bank professionals tell: 6 borrowing and 10 no borrowing principles in loans

Time: 2017-11-01         Source: Bank Information Port         Author: Bank Harbor

What are the taboos for bank loans? Professionals have come to say that the 6 borrowing in bank lending does not borrow the principle. Especially in the face of the company's capital needs, the bank's risk control will become more stringent, in the end what kind of enterprises will be favored by the bank? First, companies must meet the six conditions.

  1. Reputation is guaranteed.Whether it is the bank's credit record or the voice of the company's main people's feedback, only the conclusion of the company's credibility can be drawn, so that the bank can put 120 hearts and cooperate with it.

  2. Have the ability to absorb gold.Banks lend money to enterprises, and they will be the first to remove the enterprises that are about to end the disaster. The energy and money left behind are used to “invest” potential enterprises. Therefore, in the pre-lending review, special attention will be paid to the business growth curve of the company. I hope that as long as the funds of the bank are in place, the company will be able to fly to the sky, make a profit, and achieve a win-win situation for banks and enterprises to get rich together.

  3. Have asset strength.To be a philanthropy, people who are stricken are most likely to get help, do lending business, and companies with asset strength are the most popular. It is better to use the valuable and market-oriented items as collateral, which is more than a thousand words and rhetoric of the business owner, and can give the bank a reassurance that the funds can be recovered normally. However, this article does not serve as a rigid requirement. If the profitability of a company is acceptable, many banks' unsecured loan markets can also open their doors to it.

  4. Asset-liability ratio science.The bank will give the funds a security lock through the consideration of the ratio of assets to liabilities. If the company's debt ratio is close to 75%, it must provide collateral that can be easily realized.

 5. The use of the loan is reasonable.The use of business loans is limited to the normal capital needs of the business owner in the process of investment and operation, including the purchase of equipment, purchase of goods, payment of house rent, office space decoration and so on. Therefore, if the company's use of funds is not within a reasonable range, the bank can only face the cold, and choose not to borrow.

  6. The source of repayment is reliable.All possible sources of repayment may be the trigger for bad loans. In an attempt to isolate all unforeseen potential risks, only companies with stable sales revenue, high-quality accounts receivable, and excellent product quality can enable banks to have a smooth recovery of funds. The willingness to take over.

Even in the face of the same type of small and medium-sized enterprises, banks can change the wind, and the borrowing and non-borrowing modes can be instantly switched through the details of the clues. Next, let’s take a look at the ones that will let the bank open the non-borrowing mode. 10 details.

1. The application materials are not debited;

2. Do not borrow if the profitability is weak;

3. If the investment project is not approved, it will not be borrowed;

4. Borrow money to buy stocks, buy funds, do futures or invest in real estate;

5. There is no borrowing of the malicious overdue repayment plot;

6. People with complex social backgrounds do not borrow;

7. There is no borrowing of criminal offenses;

8. The old account is unclear and the new account is not borrowed;

9. Borrowing bank money, intending to go for the "usury loan" solution;

10. People with serious bad habits do not borrow (playing cards, gambling, taking drugs).

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