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Banking professionals: The principle of 6 loans and 10 loans in loans

Time: 2016-12-22         Source: Bank Information Port         Author: Bank Harbor

What are the taboos on bank loans? Professionals have come to say that the principle of borrowing 10 in bank loans does not apply. Especially in the face of corporate financing needs, the bank’s risk control will become more stringent. In the end, what kind of companies will be favored by banks? First, companies must meet six major conditions.

  1. The credibility is guaranteed.No matter whether it is the bank's credit record or the feedback from the business owners, only the conclusion that the company is creditable can be put to the bank to put one hundred and twenty hearts to cooperate with it.

  2. There are gold suction capabilities.Banks lending money to enterprises will bear the brunt of removing the companies that will be hit by extinction. The energy and money left behind will be used to “invest” potential companies. Therefore, when examining pre-lending, special attention will be paid to the company's operating growth curve. It is hoped that as long as the bank's funds are in place, the company will be able to fly into the sky, make great profits, and achieve a win-win situation for banks and enterprises to become rich together.

  3. There is asset strength.To be a charitable enterprise, the most disadvantaged people are most likely to get help and do lending business. Those with asset strength are most likely to get the heart. The use of valuable city objects as collateral is more than a thousand words and bold words of business owners. It can give banks more control over the normal withdrawal of funds. However, this article does not constitute a rigid requirement. If the company's profitability is acceptable, many banks' unsecured loan markets can open their doors to it.

  4. Asset-liability ratio science.The bank will lock the funds with a balance sheet consideration. If the company's debt ratio is close to 75%, it must provide collateral that is easy to realise quickly.

 5. Reasonable use of borrowings.The use of business loans is limited to the normal funding needs of business owners in the course of investment operations, including the purchase of equipment, purchase of purchases, payment of rent for housing, and renovation of office premises. Therefore, if the company's use of funds is not within a reasonable range, banks can only be overwhelmed and choose not to borrow.

  6. Repayment sources are reliable.All possible sources of repayment may be the trigger for triggering bad loans. In order to try to isolate all unforeseen potential risks, only companies with stable sales income, high-quality accounts receivable, and excellent product quality will be able to get the bank's confidence in the smooth recovery of funds. Willingness to take over.

Even in the face of the same type of SMEs, banks can also change the wind, and the borrowing and non-financing mode can switch instantly through the details of the discoveries. Next, let's take a look at those that will allow the banks to open the non-financing model. 10 details.

1. The application materials will not be falsified;

2. Weakness in profitability;

3. If the investment project is not approved, it will not be borrowed;

4. Borrowing money to trade stocks, buy funds, do futures or invest in real estate;

5. There has been no case of malicious overdue repayment;

6. People with complex social backgrounds do not borrow;

7. There is no criminal predecessor;

8. Old accounts are unclear, new accounts are not used;

9. With the help of the bank's money, he plans to go for the loan-breaking of "high interest loans";

10. Those who have serious bad habits do not borrow (play cards, gambling, or taking drugs).

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