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The insurance company went bankrupt. Is my money paid?

Time: 2016-12-13         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Jeff

In addition to buying a house or buying a car, some friends choose insurance to maintain their own asset value. Some friends can't help but have a question: If the insurance company goes out of business, will the money I've paid be white? 360 (fangdai123) said that you care about those things.

Will the insurance company fail?

Under normal circumstances, in the event that the company cannot operate, the company owner will often protect his own property by filing for bankruptcy.

However, the ordinary people are struggling with their own hard-earned money to pay premiums. In the absence of risk, the insurance company does not need to pay any price; once the insurance, insurance companies apply for bankruptcy, then the hard-earned money of the people is not outdated.

The key is coming:If the insurance company goes bankrupt, it needs to pass the approval of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission.

What should I do if the insurance company cannot operate?

Similar to banks, insurance companies pay a reserve to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission at the beginning of their establishment. When the insurance company can not operate, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission will take this money to explain to the customer, reducing the loss of the people. As insurance companies continue to grow and grow, reserve funds increase. Otherwise, China Insurance Regulatory Commission will limit the sales of insurance companies.

In addition to this, when an insurer has financial difficulties, there is usually another insurer who buys and the debt is transferred to another company; if no company is willing to take over, the CIRC will designate a company to collect the debt. You can take it. Contract to claim. For example, if you bought insurance at company A, and company A was acquired by company B after half a year because of mismanagement, you can take your insurance policy and claim company B's claim. What else can you worry about?

360 summary: Compared with investment methods such as buying a car, buying a house, or buying stocks, although insurance does not give you a higher return, it can give you a guarantee in the event of a problem and make your life more secure.

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