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Is the insurance company gone down and my money is in vain?

Time: 2016-12-13         Source: melt 360 original         Author: Jeff

In addition to buying a house, buying a car, some friends choose insurance to keep their assets worth. Some friends can not help but have a question: If the insurance company closed down, I would not pay the money to pay it?Melt 360(Fangdai123) that you care about those things.

Will the insurance company fail?

Often, where the company does not go on, the company owner often protects its property by applying for bankruptcy.

However, the people worked hard to pay their own hard-earned money to pay premium, in the absence of risk, the insurance company does not need to pay any price; once the risk, insurance companies apply for bankruptcy, then the people's hard-earned money is not drifting.

Focus on:If the insurance company goes bankrupt, it needs the approval of the CIRC.

What does the insurance company do?

Similar to the bank, the insurance company will be set up at the beginning of the depositary to pay a reserve. When the insurance company does not go on, the CIRC will come up with the money to the customer account, to reduce the loss of the people. As the insurance companies continue to grow and develop, the reserves will increase, otherwise the CIRC will limit the sales of insurance companies.

In addition, when the insurance company in the event of economic difficulties, the general will have another insurance company for its acquisition, the debt will be transferred to another company; if no company is willing to access disk, the CIRC will appoint a company to accept the debt, you can take Contract to claim. For example, if you buy insurance at company A, six months after A company because of poor management, B company mergers and acquisitions, you can hold your policy to the company B claim, so what can you worry about it.

Fusion 360 summary: Relative to the car, buy a house, buy stocks and other investment methods, although insurance can not give you a higher return, but in the event of a problem, you can give you a guarantee to make your life more at ease.

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