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Good bank wool? You may not have thought of these consequences of lending money!

Time: 2016-12-13         Source: Financial 360 original         Author: Yu Tang

Tomorrow's money, round today's dream. Banks let a lot of friends in need of funds in advance to enjoy a happy life. However, the recent bankruptcy case broke the bank to eat a big loss. Financial 360 (fangdai123) and you talk about cheating can lead to what the consequences.

Bank loans from the success, what are the possible reasons?

1, the surface performance or payroll better

For individuals,Bank loansBefore looking at personal salary, in order to judge personal repayment ability; For enterprises, it is to see whether the performance of enterprises is good. Where the real sources of money on the books of an enterprise come from and how individuals' indebtedness should be examined before they are lending.

2, secured loans "a woman more than married"

In some cases, the mortgage may be mortgaged multiple times, in view of this situation, the bank should know in advance the situation of collateral, whether there is a second mortgage, to decide whether to loan.

3, the use of false documents

The use of fake documents may be the most likely case of fraudulent loans. In order to be able to get a loan, the borrower forged documents to prove his own repayment ability or willingness to repay, so as to achieve the purpose of fraudulent loans. This is also the "CCB fraud case" the root cause.

撸 Bank of wool, credit for these consequences you thought no!

Credit tainted hard to eliminate, loan again or rejected

  Points:Credit Tainted, Refused Credit, Blacklist

When you use fraudulent documents to lend, not only will you leave a stain on your credit history, when you apply for a loan again, it may be included in the blacklist of the borrower bank and you will not be able to borrow again.

Loans were immediately recovered, default fine set

  Points:Loan recovery, liquidated damages

If your loan has been approved, but not when the money, the money will not be released for you. If the payment has been made, it belongs to the bank loan management of this link, if you find evidence of fraud in this section, the bank in addition to recovering the loan, you will also be levied a certain amount of liquidated damages.

Serious credit fraud cases, the prosecution will certainly ultimately

  Points:Prosecution, jail

If you fool the loan amount is large, the bank may sue you, according to the relevant provisions of the "Criminal Law", according to the severity of the loan fraud will impose a fixed term of imprisonment or life imprisonment, and be fined accordingly.

Well, what should I do if the qualification is not enough and the money is urgently needed?

  Financial 360 (fangdai123)Here are three ways to help you:

1, find relatives, friends raise funds to solve your immediate needs

2, chooseMortgage, High amount & low interest

3, both husband and wife choose a good loan side

Financial 360 (fangdai123) Tip: the consequences of fraud is very serious, the light to youPersonal creditLeave a stain, the bank recovery of loans and impose a liquidated damages; heavy banks may sue you, will be sentenced to a certain amount of life imprisonment or life imprisonment. Maintaining a good credit, more thinking before the loan, combined with their own circumstances choose the right loan product is your best choice.

"You may never think of them, will block the road in your loan 13 stumbling block" concerned about the "financial 360 mortgage" micro-signal, reply "Wu Song" teach you to play a tiger's secret, easy loans.

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