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The bank's wool is so good? You may not have thought about these consequences of scam loans!

Time: 2016-12-13         Source: Rong 360 original         Author: Yu Tang

Spend tomorrow's money, round today's dream. The bank allows many friends who need funds to enjoy a happy life in advance. However, the bank’s fraudulent loan case that has just exploded recently has caused the bank to suffer a major loss. 360 (fangdai123) and you talk about the consequences of fraudulent loans.

What are the possible reasons for a successful loan fraud from a bank?

1, surface performance or salary water is better

For individuals,Bank loansBefore you look at the individual's salary flow, to determine the individual's ability to repay; For companies, it is to see whether the company's performance is good. Where the actual source of money on the company's books comes from, the individual's liabilities should be clearly clarified before the loan.

2. Secured loan "A woman gets married"

In some cases, the collateral may be mortgaged several times. In response to this situation, the bank should know in advance the condition of the collateral and whether there is a secondary mortgage to decide whether to issue the loan.

3, using false proof documents

The use of false documents may be the most likely scenario for fraudulent loans. In order to get a loan, the borrower forged documents to prove his ability to repay or willingness to repay, so as to achieve the purpose of fraudulent loans. This is also the root cause of CCB fraud.

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Credit stains are hard to eliminate, refinanced or rejected

  Key points:Credit stains, denials, blacklists

When you use fraudulent documents to defraud, you will not only leave a stain on your credit history. When you apply for a loan again, you may be included in the blacklist of the borrowing bank and you will not be able to refinance.

The loan was immediately recovered and the breach of contract

  Key points:Loan recovery, liquidated damages

If your loan has already been approved but the loan has not been paid, the money will not be issued for you. If the money has already been issued, it belongs to this part of the bank's post-loan management. If you find evidence of fraudulent loans at this stage, the bank will collect a certain amount of liquidated damages in addition to the loan.

If the fraud is serious, the prosecution will inevitably

  Key points:Prosecution, imprisonment

If you have a large amount of fraudulent loans, the bank may prosecute you. According to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law, depending on the severity of the fraudulent loan scenario, you may be sentenced to a certain number of years of imprisonment or life imprisonment, and a corresponding fine will be imposed.

So, what if I don't have enough qualifications to use my money urgently?

  360 (fangdai123)Provides you with the following three methods:

1. Find relatives and friends to raise funds to solve your immediate needs

2, chooseMortgage, high credit & low interest

3, the husband and wife choose a good loan

Financial 360 (fangdai123) Tip: The consequences of fraudulent loans are very serious, light to yourPersonal credit informationLeave a taint, the bank recovers the loan and imposes a penalty; in serious cases, the bank may prosecute you and may also be sentenced to a fixed-term or life imprisonment for a certain number of years. Keeping good credit information, thinking more before lending, and choosing the right loan product based on your own situation is your best choice.

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